Living in Costa Rica

Costa Rica Custom Home Builder Tom Terry – Relax You Are In Paradise Part 3

Tom Terry is a pioneer of sorts in Costa Rica.  In 1993 Tom started as a Costa Rica Custom Home Builder when the engineer he hired to develop his custom homes in Playas del Coco, Costa Rica was not performing up to his high standards so he was forced to take over.

Retire To Costa Rica For A Healthier Life

There are a lot of people that would love to retire to a sunny climate but are hesitant to leave the United States for a variety of reasons. They are concerned about language barriers, how far their money will go and most of all they worry about access to quality health care and how much it will cost.

Costa Rica Home Builder Sardine Acquart — Relax You Are In Paradise Part 4

Our good friend and Costa Rica Home Decorator Sandrine AcQuart always had a passion for decorating her own house.  Lucky for us she has turned that passion into a successful full service Interior Decorating company called Elite Ambiance.



Your 897th Costa Rica Retirement Living Online Magazine for Friday, 8th July 2015.

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Costa Rica Budget Home Builder — Relax you are in Paradise Part 5

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A Life in the Costa Rica Sun. Most people don’t get SAD in Costa Rica.

Costa Rica may be one of the healthiest places on earth to retire. Not only does its climate encourage a healthy outdoor lifestyle but you get healthy benefits from the fresh air and especially the sunlight.

Costa Rica Driver’s License

My most recent travel to Costa Rica was in early June so to date I have been here over 135 days. The transito police have stopped me three times during the stay and always ask for my driver’s license and my passport.

Save the Monkeys — Salve Monos

Our Guest Blog today is with Karol Allard and Michael Cushman.  They have been coming down to Costa Rica for years and finally in 2003 purchased a property in Playa Hermosa.

Costa Rica Beaches. Why a regular walk on a Costa Rica beach could help you live longer!

Costa Rica is well known for its beautiful beaches but did you know that walking regularly on those beaches will help you live longer? Recent research is showing that walking barefoot over natural surfaces may actually extend your life.

Is This All There Is To Living in Costa Rica? Nothing More?

In the local accounting of currency input, the country still feels the impact of the global financial crisis of 2008 and more recently, of the crisis that affects the European Union.

Une Famille Française Au Paradis – Costa Rica.

Depuis mon plus jeune âge, je suis un Francophile auto-proclamé. J’avais de l’attirance pour tout ce qui était Français. Au collège, quand tout le monde choisissait l’Espagnol comme deuxième langue, j’ai choisi le Français.

Prices for each drs most popular procedures.

Please contact us for further details on the criteria to qualify for the Metabolic Surgery.

How Costa Rica’s Sunlight Could Add Years To Your Life

Doesn’t it feel great to wake up to a beautiful, warm, sunny day? Most people say their days are always better when they start with sunshine, no matter what the weather is like later. There’s are good reasons why they feel better with more sunshine–as well as lifting one’s spirits, the sun’s rays are actually good for you and can add healthy years to your life!