This is the Turrialba volcano’s strongest eruption in six years and even though we live in Santa Ana which is about 35 miles away, we’re certainly seeing, feeling, tasting and suffering from the ash which is everywhere!

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Cough! Splutter! And I have indeed been coughing for a few days.

That’s the good news!

Here’s the not so good news especially if you think that you’re safe sitting there somewhere in North America…

We’re not alone because according to there are 40 volcanoes erupting around the world right now…

Just before Turrialba erupted, there were significant earthquake swarms in the vicinity of the volcano and the exact same thing is happening at three major volcanoes in the USA right now.

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Over the past month there have been 95 earthquakes in the area around Mt. St. Helens, 36 earthquakes around Mt. Rainier and 126 earthquakes in the vicinity of Mt. Hood.

The fact of the matter is that the ‘Ring of Fire’ goes down the entire west coast of the USA, Mexico, through Central America and all the way down to the tip of South America.

What’s the antidote?

At the end of the day, I find that a wee dram or two of Ardbeg (named ‘World Whisky of the Year’ no less than 4 times out of the last 7 years) has a wonderful soothing affect on my parched throat, you should try it!

Written by Scott Oliver, author of 1: How To Buy Costa Rica Real Estate Without Losing Your Camisa, 2: Costa Rica’s Guide To Making Money Offshore and 3. ¿Cómo Comprar Bienes Raíces en Costa Rica, Sin Perder Su Camisa?

Scott Oliver's Four Books

Scott Oliver’s Four Books.

Costa Rica’s Turrialba Volcano Has It’s Strongest Eruption in Six Years.

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