Living in Costa Rica

Valentine’s Day on Lake Arenal

Love is in the air in Lake Arenal. And if you’ve been trying to figure out an extra special way to spend Valentine’s Day with your sweetheart, perhaps a romantic getaway is what you’re thinking. Since the beaches are stifling and hot this time of year, we invite you to check out where it’s beautiful and breezy.

5 Romantic Things To Do This Valentine’s Day in the Playas del Coco Area.

You have your sweetheart here in Costa Rica and around the corner is the most romantic day of the year. Here are 5 things you can do that will make your day special.

A Very Romantic Valentine’s Day in Jaco, Costa Rica.

If you are still looking for something else romantic to do for Valentine’s Day then head down from Villa Caletas to the Los Sueños Resort abd Marina and explore the beautiful Marina Village.

HGTV’s Beachfront Bargain Hunt Show To Feature Playa Junquillal in Costa Rica.

escape their fast-paced lives in Denver, Colorado, for permanent relaxation in Guanacaste.

Make Sure You Protect Your Property in Costa Rica – And Your Heirs – When You Die.

This article is a true life story that is happening right now to a client of one of the agents that works in my group. My associate asked for my help and if I would meet with his clients. For Privacy reasons, I will only refer to him as the Client and have full permission to write about this.

Zika Freakout: The hoax and the covert op continue. 2/4

The Zika virus, now being blamed for the birth of babies with very small heads and impaired brains, has been around for a long time—late 1940s, early 1950s—and suddenly, without warning or reason, after inducing, at best, mild illness, it’s producing horrendous damage?  This is called a clue.

5 Ways Your Life Will Change When You Come to Playas del Coco, Costa Rica

Costa Rica gets under your skin and you will see the world in a whole different light. We hope that it is everything you ever dreamed it would be and here are some ways we believe your life will change when you come to Costa Rica, specifically to the beach in Guanacaste.

Ten Wonderful Free Things We Enjoy In Our New Home In Brasil de Santa Ana, Costa Rica. Free video.

In Brasil de Santa Ana we love being close to Ciudad Colon, Santa Ana and also the capital city San José but it’s just far enough away from…

Priceline Ranks Costa Rica #1 Most Affordable International Destination For 2016.

Costa Rica has begun 2016 with a BANG! For those of us who live here full time, it is evident that the amount of tourists that are flocking to our little slice of paradise has increased dramatically over the past few years.

“My Name is Shawn and I Am A Surfaholic!”

My story is one that you hear frequently among expats in beach communities of Costa Rica. In 2004 I set out on a surf trip to Costa Rica for a month and by the end of my vacation I had my house for sale in Los Angeles and I was…

Living Near Lake Arenal Video With Brad and Beverly Sheatz.

“Hi. My name is Beverly Sheatz. This is my husband Brad and we’re here at our clubhouse in Vistas Del Lago, located on Lake Arenal with the beautiful lake scenery behind us.”

Warning: Rodney Carbguif And The Rescheduled Costa Rica Real Estate Technology Conference.

We are always happy to recommend people that do good jobs for us and the VIP Members of however once in a while, we come across a someone like Rodney Carbguif who acts in a ‘very unprofessional manner’ he said in a typical British understatement.

Qualmless Living in Costa Rica

New Year’s Eve and the town is going crazy. Wow, another year in Pura Vida Land. Bring on the dancing girls and put the champagne on ice!!! This time of year is a little bit of a double edged sword, because there are so many people visiting, and the place is a mad house.

“All Of The Signs Point To Something Nasty Up Ahead.”

A good percentage of those sophisticated investors (including the head of the Costa Rican Stock Exchange) who contacted me, eventually hired me to help create a globally diversified, fully-hedged, low-risk, multi-currency portfolio.

This New Yorker’s Experience With Emergency Health Care in Costa Rica

I know you have probably read many time over how good the medical care in Costa Rica is! Well I am here today to right this because of the great health care I received a while back while living here. If you do not mind I would like to tell you my first hand experience.