People often ask me what I like best about living in Escazu. By now, I have a number of answers that I spit out about the amenities, the schools, the economy etc. But what I really like best is living without excessive heat or air-conditioning.

Cosmopolitan & Ultra-Convenient – Living in Escazu Video.

All of the stores and restaurants you see in the video below are within easy walking distance of the homes and apartments located in Trejos Montealegre de Escazu, probably one of the most convenient communities in the Central Valley area.

I can open my sunroof almost every day on the way to my office and the crisp, yet tropical, mountain air is a treat every day. At my house, I sleep with the windows open, and we always have a breeze. I need a down comforter a night. During the day, the temps are in the mid 80’s (upper 20’s Celsius) and I never sweat.

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Costa Rica was rated as one of the happiest places in the world to live, and many people were citing healthcare and education as the root of this happiness, but I suspect that much of the satisfaction of living here is a direct result of the weather in the Central Valley where over half of the population lives.

Furthermore, as utilities costs will inevitably rise in the decades to come, I am glad to be in a spot where $100 per month covers my four bedroom house today and I won’t be held hostage by a utility company in order to get a good night’s sleep tomorrow.

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Good real estate is always about location and weather and in Costa Rica it’s all about location and microclimates. The country has 12 climactic zones. Santa Ana is just 5 minutes from Escazu but it is significantly warmer because it is 800 feet lower and often does not get as much of a breeze.

Some people prefer the balmier climate of Santa Ana, and I am glad to offer choices to my clients. In the tropics you pick your climate by picking your elevation. Temps fall 3 degrees Fahrenheit with every thousand foot increase in elevation and humidity falls proportionally as well.

I tell my friends that you heat your pool in Escazu and you air condition your house in Santa Ana… Isn’t it nice to be able to choose?

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Written by VIP Member Martin Gill.

Living in Escazu, Costa Rica – Where the climate suits my clothes… Free video.

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