Home is where the heart is, and for one Costa Rican man, that is 63 feet below ground.

After securing a building permit, it typically takes 7 months to finish construction on a traditional single-family home. However, for Manuel Barrantes, it took 12 years to complete his dream home.

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In looking at the final project, Barrantes accomplished what first appeared impossible. His subterranean home in Costa Rica has many of the same comforts found in a more conventional home.

Tunnels stretch thousands of feet to connect the different rooms of this 2,000-square-foot home. The concept for the home was the brainchild of Barrantes, who wanted a place that he and his family could share in peace, a home without noise or the effects of a changing climate.

Recently, Barrantes opened the doors of his underground home to a photographer, who captured breathtaking images for the world to see. Some of the highlights include:

  • Underground Home Entrances — There are several locations for entering and exiting this underground home. The main entrance is beautifully surrounded by a brick-and-mortar arch, locking red gated door, and even a high-tech security camera.

    Other entry and exit points are not quite as lavish but still impressive. From one road, you can clearly see three distinct openings. At one particular exit, beautiful green and blue stones decorate the archway while a lantern rests inside a small alcove.

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  • Bright Characters and Personality — Something else quite evident while touring the underground Costa Rican home is all the brightly colored paintings and sculptures. Although these are comprised of different characters, many relate to the “Flintstones” cartoon. Set directly against stone walls, these characters create color and whimsy.
  • Functional Service — Barrantes’ home is equipped with a fully functioning bathroom, as well as underground service for getting fresh water. Complete with toilet, sink, and mirror, this bathroom serves the same purposes as any other.
  • Sleeping Quarters — The underground home in Costa Rica also boasts three bedrooms. While not overly large, the bedrooms are extremely comfortable. Each bedroom has a bed and colorful wall art. Inside the master bedroom, the bed actually rests inside a carved-out place in the wall, which has been lined with bricks and surrounded by a softly painted pink arch.
  • Shared Living Space — As depicted by the photographs, this Costa Rican home also has a living room and mediation room. To create a space that looks and feels homey, Barrantes included a carved table, along with seating in the living room. Enhancing the large sofa-like seating and yellow table is a gorgeous floor.
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  • Interesting Décor — Probably one of the most fascinating aspects of Barrantes’ underground home is the way it is decorated. Instead of beautifully framed and hung photos and artwork, the walls are lined with free-hanging photographs, money, CDs, records, and a variety of other collected trinkets.

According to Barrantes, he is not finished with his underground project. In fact, he is currently digging as he plans to expand this incredible world. To experience the Barrantes home in Costa Rica for yourself, you can take a tour. This gives you a first-hand glimpse of the labor involved, some of which Barrantes claims required a shovel and pick.

Living in Costa Rica

Obviously, living in a home 63 feet below ground is not everyone’s dream. However, for many people, living in Costa Rica is. If you are interested in learning more about real estate opportunities in this Central American country, talk to a professional with Coldwell Banker. As we have a strong presence throughout the world, you will be in trusted hands.

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Man Finishes a Costa Rica Home 63 Feet Beneath the Ground

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