Puerto Viejo and Southern Caribbean Coast

Should I Hire A Real Estate Advisor Before Buying A Property on the Caribbean Coast of Costa Rica?

The main objective of a real estate agent will be to assist the client (buyer) in thoroughly understanding all the pros and cons of …

Real Estate Investors in Cocles, Playa Chiquita, Punta Uva and Manzanillo Delighted About New Water Pipeline.

After eight years of waiting, construction of the new water Aqueduct has started. ¢ 6 million (US$ 11,278) is being invested to supply pure drinking water to 20 communities with a population of over 14,000 in Limon Province in the Canton of Talamanca, Costa Rica.

Tropical B&B For Sale 250M From One Of The Most Spectacular Beaches on the Southern Caribbean Coast Only US$399,000.  New restaurant plans also approved for this location.

Private, Gated, Half Acre+ Garden Property is located just 250 from Playa Punta Uva, which has been rated as One of the Top Ten Natural Beaches in the World” (Outside Magazine/Travel and Leisure) Presently operating as 4 & 5 Star rated Inn

Costa Rica Living On The Southern Caribbean Coast. Top 19 reasons to live on the Caribbean Coast with free video.

Unspoiled nature and virgin beaches. Some of the prettiest beaches in the world. More like Jamaica, less like Costa Rica with Caribbean culture with food, music and lifestyle.

Costa Rica Realtor On The “Naturally Spectacular and Remarkably Affordable” Southern Caribbean Coast José Tercero Suazo.

José Tercero Suazo has lived in Costa Rica for 35 years and lives with his wife, his son and daughter in Cocles on the sunny Southern Caribbean Coast of Costa Rica.

Costa Rica Beach Real Estate – Pacific Coast Vs Caribbean Coast Real Estate For Sale – Supply and Demand

As a Wall Street trained, professional investment advisor for nearly 20 years, I can’t help but see similarities between the financial markets and ‘life.’ The vast majority of people never make serious money investing in the market however, a small percentage do…

Love Lobster, Snorkeling & Perfect Caribbean Weather? Costa Rica’s secret season on the Caribbean.

But what most people do not know — even many Costa Ricans, is that there is also “secret season” in Costa Rica! A season also defined by locals as the “perfect season”, or lobster season, or snorkeling season, or just time to enjoy life – season.

Family Outing to Puerto Viejo on Costa Rica’s Southern Caribbean Coast. With free video.

My daughter, daughter-in-law and I visited the Jacquar Rescue Center, located in Playa Chiquita, just south of Puerto Viejo, while they fished. The Rescue Center was started not many years ago by Sandro, an expert in poisonous snakes and his wife, Encar, a biologist.

The Great Green Macaw Makes A Comeback on the Southern Caribbean Coast of Costa Rica.

These birds mate for life and take about 10 years to reach breeding age. Fortunately, the Talamanca area of the Southern Caribbean has a large amount of remaining almendros that are able to support a large population of macaws. Hopefully we will see macaws in them in the future!

Militarization of Central America and the Caribbean: The U.S. Military Moves Into Costa Rica

To make sure that you are getting the answers to the questions and concerns you might have about living and retiring in Costa Rica, please take 30 seconds and let me know below what exactly is your #1 concern about living in Costa Rica?

What’s It Like Living on the Southern Caribbean Coast? Free video interview.

After spending 12 years in the pharmaceutical sector they realized that even though they were successful, had a lovely home and nice cars, they had become “stuck in the daily routine of work, work, work and work” and moved to Costa Rica “for an exciting new change in our lives.”

Puerto Viejo Gets A New Road! Southern Caribbean homeowners amazed and happy.

If you have lived more then just a few months in Puerto Viejo (or probably any where else in Costa Rica) over the past 10 years, I’ll bet you can’t count on your own two hands and feet the number of times that we have heard the good news:”the road will be fixed soon!”

Cahuita Costa Rica Real Estate – Homes & Condos in Cahuita

cahuita costa rica real estate homes and condos

Casa Los Angeles is a charming three bedroom residence located just 150 meters from the black sand beaches of Playa Negra, near Cahuita National Park on the Caribbean Coast. It is selling for a very attractive price.

Enjoy Costa Rican’s Caribbean Coast Even on a Rainy Day

We cannot always deliver sunshine, although we get plenty of that here. Nothing shuts down in the rain and many adventures can be had with a rain poncho, umbrella or neither depending on your sense of adventure. The rain is a necessary part of a rainforest, where an incredible number of species exist in harmony.

Costa Rica Caribbean Surf Shop Business For Sale – Includes small restaurant area and four income producing rental rooms.

Caribbean Real Estate For Sale in Costa Rica – This small surfer hotel is located right in front of one of the most popular surf breaks on the Caribbean – Playa Cocles.