Its beach time on the Southern Caribbean Coast!

Just as the daily rains are picking up steam in the Central Valley and Pacific Coastlines as the green season gets more intense over the next few months, here the seas have flattened down, the waters have become crystal clear and the sunshine at its fullest from Cahuita to Puerto Viejo and Manzanillo and the many neighborhoods and beaches in between.

Its a known fact that the weather is generally less predictable on the Caribbean Coast, although we have no lack of sunshine with over 300+ sunny days a year, but in September and October, it consistently and quite predictably gets real nice here and I mean REAL nice!

The surfers put the surfboards away, office hours are sometimes cut short and everyone takes out the snorkeling gear and a quick bike ride down to anyone’s favorite beach – and there are plenty to choose from!

September and October of every year is when the sea flattens out as flat as a pristine lake.

The waters become crystal clear and reflect countless hues of blue and greens with the reflection of the sun on the white, orange and black sands and coral reefs spotting many beaches.

The tides are an annual low, so plenty of beach space – which tends to get reduced during some of the winter storms.

And the lush vibrant jungle borders every beach – with monkeys often sharing the shade!

Pictures often speak better than words, so we’ll let you decide for yourself!

The Best Weather On The Southern Caribbean Coast Is When?

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