The house is solidly built of native Cocobolo hardwood which can no longer be harvested in Costa Rica. The downstairs encompasses the kitchen and adjoining Laundry Room, bathroom with shower, a small lockable storage room and a lovely open dining Veranda.

Upstairs contains two bedrooms, third bedroom/office, bathroom with shower and a very large open Veranda living area.

Air-conditioning is really not needed; there are large open windows and always a breeze coming through the property and home. Temperature during the day are usually 82 degrees and around 72 degrees at night all year long.

There is a deep well, municipal water is piped too the house and an above ground 800 gallon water tank which is filled by a spring. Electricity is underground from the main road 250 meters away.

There is a multitude of native fruits, Bananas, Coconuts, Mango, Noni, Guava, Guanabana and much more. The grounds keepers have maintained the grounds to maximize privacy and giving a sense of solitude.

You have your own manicured jungle! There are many animals that live here and some that use the property as a conduit to move between feeding areas, such as the Howler and White Face Capuchin Monkeys.

Blue Morpho Butterflies and many more varieties are regularly seen making their way between fruit and flowers. Squirrels help themselves to the abundance of Coconuts. Hummingbirds always find feeders and flowers to squabble over, Raptors are always present, the Oropendolas hang their nests in the trees and Iguanas eat Hibiscus.

Coral Gate (Home Creek) is about mid-way between Cahuita (to the north) and Puerto Viejo (south) on the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica.

This area has a distinctive Caribbean flavour with welcoming natives, fabulous restaurants and beaches, time absorbing ecological endeavors from Turtle nesting projects to wild animal rehabilitation, or a Hammock strung across the Veranda with a good book can enhance your life.

If you love the outdoors and summer all year long with wild nature, this is where you need to be!

Southern Caribbean Home For Sale With Your Own Manicured Jungle US$160,000

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  • james goggin at 9:35 am

    what is the lot size for property 7982

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      Hello James, thank you for your message, We just sent your requested info to our recommended realtor Jose Tercero, he will be in contact with you shortly.


  • James marx at 1:14 am

    Hello, is there access to the beach from property 7982. I would love to see some inside shots . I am James Marx retired nurse practitioner and very interested in this beautiful home. Thanks James

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      Hello James, thank you for your message, We just sent it to one of our recommended realtor Jose Tercero, He will be in contact with you shortly.


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    I would also love to see some more photos oc the house inside and outside. Very interested!

    Thank you!



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      Hello Debra, thank you for your message, We just sent it to one of our recommended realtor Jose Tercero.
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