Puerto Viejo and Southern Caribbean Coast

Costa Rica Culture on the Southern Caribbean Coast – Arte Viva

There are over 55 nationalities living in harmony here. That means this is an extremely multi-ethnic environment. This is a place full of artists, may they be musicians, chefs, painters, potters, etc. Whether one is from Costa Rica, Italy, France, Argentina, Peru, Chile, Switzerland or North America, their talents help make Arte Viva an event you don’t want to miss.

New Flights From San Jose – Limon on the Caribbean Coast.

This is the first time in 20 years that commuter flights have been offered to and from Limon. Those who live on the Caribbean Coast of Costa Rica are patient people.

Costa Rica Caribbean Real Estate – Guapiles

Second caution is that by not using a known real estate agent here, you may be buying land that is not even owned by the person selling it, and this has happened many times. I highly recommend caution when purchasing land here.

Costa Rica Map – Caribbean

Costa Rica Map – Caribbean

Caribbean Real Estate in Costa Rica

In many ways, the Caribbean side of Costa Rica stands apart from the rest of the country. For many years, this area was virtually isolated – a situation that went two ways. Many Ticos have a deep-rooted distrust of the Afro-Caribbean settlers, and the Caribe
ìos developed a strong identity very different from the rest of the country.