Hiring an experienced Real Estate Advisor (Broker/Agent) before buying properties is an absolute must because they are familiar with a wide array of opportunities and know how to achieve value-added plus their knowledge in some listings, it is essential in making decisions regarding property investment anywhere – especially when you are thinking of investing in this lovely and protected area of Puerto Viejo and its surroundings!

Before you hire any Realtor/Agent anywhere, make sure that you check his/her professional experience, local expertise and references from previous clients.

In an ideal scenario, your real estate advisor will have good skills to negotiate at the moment of an offer.

The main objective of a real estate agent will be to assist the client (buyer) in understanding thoroughly all pros and cons, with their tangible experiences. Furthermore, a real estate advisor will play a prominent part in advising their clients to buy a home or to rent at a fair price.

The best real estate agent is the one who explains all the methods and procedures associated with real estate in simplified manner.

Dealing with trusted people is quite mandatory when buying properties – In other words, REFERRALS OR RECOMMENDATIONS are the keywords when you are thinking to chose your Realtor for a safe investment in real estate, in Costa Rica.

Thus, the role of Real Estate Property Advisors is critical as they will assist and direct decision worthy of a solid future.

The Caribbean coast of Costa Rica has become a favorite destination for many buyers, due its excellent location, historic charm, abundance of exotic wildlife and recreational activities, the area around Puerto Viejo is becoming one of the most visited destinations in Costa Rica – Primarily due to its famous beaches (Cocles, Playa Chiquita Punta Uva among others) and its harmonious diversity of cultures.

Another reason why investors are so attracted to this area is due to climatic conditions that many people believe is simply spectacular. Weather conditions in the South Caribbean coast of Costa Rica are uniquely balanced generally sunny, with the tendency of gentle rains at nights.

The average price for a nice home $200,000 in 2016, approximately and $60,000 for a lot. However, the prices of this beautiful houses and lots are not static as the market is growing.

So, my final advice, find professionals to guide you, no matter what – in order to maximize the potential in your investment.

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