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House with a great big pool, there are also a smaller pool just for the kids. The location is just a short walk to a wonderful beach (only 200 meters, like a block away). The rainforest is just behind us so we can see sloths, toucans, monkeys, frogs and other animals direct from the house.

This can either be a great home or a vacation rental (or both), we already have great client reviews (about 80% of the reviews are 5 stars).

This project is divided in one 3 bedroom house and 3 free standing apartments. This house and the apartments are all inside a 3 meter high wall on an area about 700m2.

A 3 bedroom house, it has 2 complete bathrooms (sleeps 7 people). It has cable-tv (SKY), complete kitchen.

There is 2 loft apartments that has both AC, kitchen and a 32” TV with Sky. They are both about 30m2 (can sleep 4 persons in each apartment). It is built and prepared for to make a second floor on these two apartments, either 2 apartments or to make one larger apartment (on close to 90m2) in top.

Today we rent as vacation rentals these 2 apartments separate or together with the 3 bedroom house in total for up to 15 persons. And we uses the last third apartment for ourselves.

The last bigger loft apartment is nearly 50m2 + bathrooms, service and storage space.

There are 2 pools in the middle of the house/apartments, one is a smaller one for kids, 45cm deep and about 3×3 meters in size, it has its own filter and pump. There is a large and deep pool (2 meters deep in one end, starts like a beach in the other), this is close to 12×4 meters in free form (beautiful project with a Dolphin drawing in the bottom).

Also good/important things:

  • Fixed phone and 3 internet connections installed with wifi.
  • 000 liters of water in 6 water tanks.
  • 2 units of solar water heaters.
  • One old sewage system and 2 brand new ones.
  • Easy access, with decent road that doesn’t need a 4×4 drive, only 170 meters from main road!
  • Alarm and 6 security cameras installed, these are monitored by Security Company, this is probable one of the most secure houses in this area of Costa Rica…

The full land area is 1145 m2, we have a parking lot outside, today we have stones/growel on the ground for to park 4 cars, this can be either more than double the size or it can be built a house or some extra apartment here. This is totally separate from the other house/apartments so it is possible to build a house here and still rent the other houses without problems during construction.

Ten favorite things that we will miss about living in this home.

  1. Our pools
  2. The wonderful jungle nature around the house
  3. All the wildlife so close by
  4. To be so close to the beach (200 meters/656 feet)
  5. The perfect climate with nice hot days and comfortable cool nights
  6. The Caribbean beaches are so wonderful, natural pools or surf beaches
  7. The nice interaction with our rental clients from all over the world
  8. The charming area of Puerto Viejo with plenty of restaurants
  9. The interesting cultural mix of Latino/Indian/Jamaican
  10. To have our kid and his friends to join and play in our pools when the adults makes a barbeque

An Extraordinary Property Located In The South Caribbean. A 1145 m2 Land That Includes A House With Big Pool And Three Apartments All Together.! For Sale By Owner. US$430,000

We would always recommend that you have have your own attorney confirm that all is in order before you make a final offer for any land or home.

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  • TOMMY HOUGH at 10:54 am

    My name is Tommy Hough. I am a US Realtor and International Real Estate Specialist. I have lived and worked in Costa Rica for 3 years in the past. I have a client who is interested in this property. Please send me more detailed information, especially financials to my personal email at My client is planning on being in CR April 24-30 and we would like to be prepared to make offer if we are in fact interested and numbers make sense. Thank you.

    • WalkiriaMG at 3:43 pm

      Hello Tommy. This a property for sale by owner, please contact them directly via email. or If you prefer to call the owner, Hakan and Fatima’s cellphone number in Costa Rica is (506) 6260-7426.


    • ANDREA GUEVARA at 4:27 pm

      Hello Tommy,

      My name is Andrea, I’m interested in this property and like it say is FSBO I’m interested to talk to the owner
      Thank you


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