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    that’s why


    is the way to go

    [quote=”Scott”]The big – and EXTREMELY negative – news out of Nicaragua this week is the recent multi-million dollar property seizure:

    [ ]

    Any North American “investor” considering buying or investing in any kind of real estate in Nicaragua will most likely change his/her mind after seeing this news and..

    Any North American who has already bought real estate in Nicaragua will now have a great deal of difficulty selling at an attractive price…



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    I have all cypress floors that are sealed and varnished.. no problems

    your right about those bamboo floors

    really beautiful

    [quote=”GEEGEE”]We are building our second main home here in Grecia. We are about 5,200 up. We will have two fire places. I see in a lot of the upper end homes in Escazu with WOOD FLOORS. I want to do a wood BAMBOO floor in one room. We live in Florida and
    I put Bamboo down all over and love it. WE would be bringing
    a container with the wood and glue.
    We have heard to much Rain and dampness. We have dehumidifiers,golden rods in the closets and will have a fire place to take out dampness.

    What is your experiences. Back before tile, didn’t most of the
    homes here in C.R. have wood floors?



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    I don’t agree with alot of what sprite sais

    but sorry chummy he is right on the money.

    if you are too blind to see this then shame on you

    keep doing what your doing..

    But I AM pointing out to anyone complaining about unjust war and confiscatory taxes they are dealing with a criminal U.S. government which uses force and threat of force to enslave them and to take the fruits of their energies. They should know they are living in a tyranny which is fast becoming world wide and Costa Rica is no refuge. They should know that bowing to that tyranny only makes it stronger and I believe that the intended end game is a world which will be much less acceptable to them than the one in which they now live.


    You just can’t help yourself can you? If I had your attitude I would never move to CR and live in peace. You won’t and you can’t. Where is that Sprite forum?[/quote]

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    I understand your point of view and it is a very personal thing.

    you can never go head to head with the IRS or any government entity NOT because its not legal or whats right or wrong. but they have the force to shut you up and throw you in jail

    so the 2 other choices??

    teach yourself and model your infrastructure to mimic the large corporations and leverage this so your playing in the same game as they are.

    or just opt out

    this is easy if you move out of the Police state (U.S.) and locate your physical body elsewhere

    if you live in the U.S. this is more difficult

    it’s is possible though

    like I stated I have not paid taxes in 25 years

    and it’s this stance I have taken has allowed me to live free in an unfree world.

    i also wanted to state that I will NOT be getting social security as I plan on creating and maintaining a debt free life and will have enough money to live happy for the next 35 years. god willing of course 😀

    [quote=”costaricabill”][quote=”GEEGEE”]Question for you:
    What stand have you made to challenge the IRS, other than perhaps not pay taxes and hope that you dont have to defend yourself? Have you gone up against the IRS and they declared that you in fact are correct and dont have to pay taxes on your wages?


    Sprite: gg’s lengthy explanation (whether you agree with her or not) is followed by the 2 very simple, very logical questions above.
    Are you going to answer them and demonstrate to us that you believe in what you say and write in your epistles, or is this another case of [b]”Do as I say and not as I do”?[/b]


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    i have to agree with your views on this

    and also GG’s

    i believe this is a very personal thing deciding to comply or not

    some feel its not worth the mafia coming afterwards.

    me I choose a different path

    as I set up my structures the same way large corporations do

    and in the end

    I pay ZERO taxes

    and this gives me great pleasure

    how else can one stay sane in an unsane world

    I opted out of the system

    and I sit and watch as all the minions run around in fear of the big goverment

    truth is

    you can beat the goverment.. not just head on.

    you have to think nimble and be like water (bruce lee)

    I have not paid taxes in 25 years.

    well.. let me rephrase

    I pay taxes obviously

    on all goods and services plus property etc

    not just personal taxes

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    the problem here with lawyers is that you need to always hire 2

    one to do the work and the 2nd one to check on the work of the first one


    and i mean sometimes

    its even prudent you hire 3 :D:D:D:D:D:D:D

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    you have no idea how this pains me to say :shock::shock::shock::shock::shock:

    but I have to agree with you 🙂

    [quote=”sprite”][quote=”maravilla”]Freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose. . . .

    The US is a tyrannical gov’t. It operates on fear and we have plenty to fear.[/quote]

    If you all continue to pay the unconstitutional income tax, and all the other IRS BS, you deserve what you get..and what you lose.

    in reply to: FATCA – The despicable truth for U.S citizens abroad #169176


    here is a funny observation

    it now has actually become much easier to open accounts in the states than any other country as all banks around the world scramble to implement these silly rules making them over compliant and over sensitive if this makes any sense.

    we have a few different unrelated LLC accounts in various U.S. banks that we do business with and they are all tied to different paypal accounts.

    we mitigate risks by keeping them all separate.

    i didn’t know you read sovereign man.. :D:D

    he is pretty good but keep in mind he is also in the doom and gloom business and makes a pretty good living doing so.



    I already said your right

    what else do you want em to say

    that I love you to… geeeezz

    I think i have finally come to the realization that you just like to hear yourself speak ( metaphorically speaking of course)

    why don’t you ask scott to set up a seperate forum called sprite

    this way you can just post and answer your own posts and have these vibrant conversations with yourself.

    throw up some adsense ads and you may even make a few sheckles

    [quote=”sprite”]Clewis, Snekly,

    It is curious. Why are civil, controversial discussions so upsetting to you and a few others? I believe in staying on topic here as well and the topic is Costa Rica. But who are you to decide what things in this wide world do NOT pertain to Costa Rica?

    Scott and whomever he chooses to assist him will remove remarks and topics which are not appropriate to this theme. Meanwhile, you can whine and protest and pester him about this matter. I am sure he has better things to do but maybe not. Wouldn’t it be easier to just skip the stuff that so terribly distresses you?[/quote]

    in reply to: need a chiropractor #164857


    it kills me to see you writing about your pain. :?:?

    my suggestions

    inversion table

    these 3 items will assist greatly

    [quote=”Scott”]Great feedback – thank you all….

    I actually visited Dr. Sashe yesterday and tried out his spinal decompression device which he says is perfect for what ails me…

    Apart from the horrendously twisted neck which we can’t seem to adjust, I also had a laminectomy done at L4/L5 in the Royal Marine Commandos 30 years ago…

    Pura vida!

    Will go and check out that “back revolution” thing now …

    Muchisimas gracias y Feliz Dia de San Valentin…




    One has to truly wonder how real any of these studies or if these ratings actually mean anything except what we perceive.

    what is reality and truth anyway???

    are these guidelines supposed to be just what thet are guidelines???

    do they truly represent any actual “Truth” or are these numbers influenced anyway to benefit certain entities

    just a recent article was claiming that the ICT’s tourism growth number were waaaay off and misleading to the actual numbers clmaining by actual tourism operators

    so who would you believe

    the agency whose job looks good to reflect and justify the gross dollars wasted on silly advertising??

    like that stupid sloth promo.. :D:D:D

    or the actual small business owners at the street level????

    me personally I would believe the small business operator before I believe anything any agencies say.

    It’s funny… how many agencies government and private that are mostly from the United States

    remember the nobel peace prize mr obama won :D:D:D:D:D

    [quote=”crhomebuilder”]According to La Nacion.
    Standard & Poor’s maintains the credit rating of the long-term debt of Costa Rica, but warned that the absence of adjustments that enable the country to an improvement in the fiscal area could degrade the notes in the future.

    According to the agency, despite the approach of reform, political disagreements about tax adjustments limit the options of fiscal consolidation and weaker governing, which could result in an obstruction of economic performance.

    The rating agency also noted that the growing fiscal deficit could reach the equivalent of 5.2% of gross domestic product (GDP) this year, a figure consistent with the forecast of 5.5% announced by the Central Bank in its macroeconomic program .

    S & P maintained its long-term sovereign rating of BB for Costa Rica’s foreign currency. However, in the case of local currency (colones), the evaluating firm changed its rating to BB from BB +, but noted that it is not a reduction but an adjustment for changes in methodology.

    Economist Alberto Trejos said that “the permanence of the sovereign rating of BB is positive, given the international environment and internal complications affecting the country. However, Costa Rica must be vigilant and we must decide in what direction to take the country.”

    Rodrigo Bolanos, president of the Central Bank, said that with the rating agency confirmed the proper growth of the economy, but said that is subject to the risks of a fiscal deficit.

    Juan Carlos Pacheco, the Deputy Minister of Finance, said that the S & P adjustment provides an opportunity for the country to solve the fiscal problem, giving the benefit of the doubt that reducing the deficit will be achieved over the coming years.—Poor-s-advierte-riesgo-al-pais-por-su-alto-deficit-fiscal.aspx



    your right







    [b]it is what it is????[/b]

    what kind of comment is that???

    you made a specific statement regarding what i said and I asked what did you mean by it and this is the answer??

    [b]it is what it is???:(:(:([/b]

    Ladies and Gentleman

    [b]lets give a standing ovation and a big warm welcome to Mr Clewis Clap clap clap yeaaaa!!!![/b]

    anyway like they say back in your neck of the woods

    whats that saying??

    oh yea

    [b]have a nice day???[/b]


    its must be oxygen deprivation or something because I have no idea what you meant by your statement??:shock::shock:

    [quote=”clewis”][quote=”smekuly”]Your right Maravilla

    Ron paul SHOULD absolutly be the president of the United States

    BUT he will not win

    he does NOT fit the cosmetic look of a president and his age is an issue

    I think he may be the last honest man in politics

    oh well.. truthfully whoever wins does NOT matter since aside form the entertainment value of watching these morons. they have no effect on me.

    lets see how many changes happen here in costa rica


    Oh my…When do Costa Ricans vote? Absentee Ballot? Oh sorry they don’t vote for the US President.:shock:[/quote][/quote]

    Sorry smeluky but it is what it is..take some time and think really hard..Maybe someone could enlighten you my friend.[/quote]

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