What’s The #1 Non-Natural Cause Of Death For Americans in the Last Three Years?

In the list below we have included the most recent data available which is from January 2005 to December 2007 and lists countries where US tourists can be found rather than countries that the US has attacked and invaded like Iraq and Afghanistan:

Cafe For Sale In The Most Upscale Shopping Mall in Costa Rica. Invest US$150,000 and earn $5,000-$6,000 per month

If you are looking for an established small cafe type business located in ‘the’ best shopping mall, in ‘the’ most upscale geographical area of Costa Rica where there is significant upside profit potential, this should interest you.

Costa Rica Healthcare – A Trip to the CAJA

Although I have been enrolled in the nationalized healthcare system since shortly after I moved to Costa Rica last year, I did not used it for some time. I pay my $37 a month to be enrolled in the system in case of an emergency.

Winner Announced In Our ‘Identify This Mystery Critter’ Competition – Eve Kummert Wins a Costa Rica DVD Worth $29.95

If you are the first person to Contact me by email and correctly identify which Costa Rica critter is responsible for this mess, you will win a DVD.

Costa Rica Murder – Do you know the Costa Rica crime story that everybody’s talking about this weekend?

Last night (23 May 2008) a 48 year old man living in a heavily fortified home in San Vincente de Moravia in San Jose with 19 feet high walls and numerous security cameras climbs onto the roof of his own home, while his wife and two children aged 5 and 14 remain inside, and using a powerful rifle, shoots off a few rounds…

Adopt-A-Pup-Please – Your best bud ‘Princess’ is waiting for you…

Here in Arenal, Costa Rica, we have been so successful in our spay and neuter program that we now have some homeless dogs spayed or neutered, vaccinated and healthy with only one thing missing: they are waiting for that best friend to provide a loving home.

Having A Baby In Costa Rica

Many VIP Members are moving to Costa Rica to settle in and start a family so I thought I would share my most recent family experience. My wife and I recently had our second child two weeks ago.

Cost of Living at Lake Arenal – From Doug & Irene Ward

My name is Doug Ward and we are situated between two 100 acre dairy farms on the northwest end of Lake Arenal, five minutes from Tilaran which we think is the nicest little town in Costa Rica. Our property is on a mountain above the lake. We have one of the best views on Lake Arenal.

Jaco Pre-Construction Luxury Condos & Homes – Beautiful Hills

Well, as the saying goes, the picture didn’t do it justice. This was truly the case with Beautiful Hills. On a clear day, panoramic ocean views from Beautiful Hills extend as far south as Manuel Antonio!

Saving Dolphins When Not Selling Real Estate

As Keith was walking the dogs, he noticed something rather large flapping about 100 meters in front of him. At first, he thought it was a regular fish. As he ran, with the dogs in tow, he realized it was a dolphin that had beached herself.

Single American Women Living in Costa Rica

It is no longer a question of whether she will move to Costa Rica. It is only a question of when. Should she work a few more years to full retirement age? Or cash it in sooner and make the move?

More Coloradoans Coming To Costa Rica

Low-cost operator Frontier Airlines has confirmed federal approval for its proposed connection between Denver, Colorado, and San Jose in Costa Rica. With final approval from the US Department of Transportation, the new route will launch on 30th November 2007. Flights are on sale now. Round-trips are available for the introductory rate of $298 – for […]

Volunteering in Costa Rica: You can make a difference.

I had always imagined that I would volunteer in Costa Rica. When I had first arrived, all my time was taken up with the unpacking, organizing and getting all the ‘typical’ Costa Rica things out of the way.

Hookers In Jaco. VIP Member photographs included…

One of our VIP Members wrote to me last week concerned about the number of “hookers” that she heard were operating in a few bars in one of the fast growing beach towns here in Costa Rica – Jaco.

Lake Arenal Residents Say The Area Is Getting Better For ‘Foodies’

As I write this, I am waiting for some fresh goat’s milk/yogurt cheese that I made from scratch to be ready. I got the goat’s milk from one of my neighbors. I added basil, sea salt, roasted red bell peppers, and a bit of garlic to the cheese while I was making it. Can’t wait to see how it turns out!