Pets in Costa Rica – Jaco McKee Foundation continues excellent work

The McKee project and events like the Esterillos spay and neuter clinic show how much many expats are giving back to the communities they live in and how they are working side by side with Ticos to help make Costa Rica an even more spectacular place for all of us.

A Tiny Friend – With beauty and brains?

Always curious, the little bird would fly ahead and wait for his slow human friend to catch up. During the walk, the little hummer would draw attention to anything novel that the artist may otherwise overlook stopping to hover above: a family of quail chicks, some baby skunks, and even a rattlesnake lying motionless next to the path.

Ocean View Beach Front Real Estate in Jaco – Value and financial security

The Central Pacific continues to see solid sales throughout the area, however there is one particular spot in the market that I continue to steer clients towards…

US Lender Finally Offering Mortgages in Costa Rica

International lenders have been in various stages of planning and executing initiatives to enter the Costa Rica for quite some time.
Many lenders had plans to launch their programs by last Christmas, however, experienced major setbacks and strategy shifts as a result of the “mortgage meltdown”.

Our Costs To Live Well in the Central Valley

This retired couple are friends of mine living in the Central Valley area and this is what they emailed me for their overall cost of living for two people in Costa Rica.

Costa Rica Cost of Living in Escazu & Santa Ana

If you were a Costa Rican interested in living in the USA, would you start by looking at brand new homes in Beverly Hills? Or, maybe a Donald Trump type apartment on 79th Street and Park Avenue in Manhattan?

Suicides in Costa Rica – A tragedy anywhere.

Suicides are a tragedy anywhere in the world but I must confess to being somewhat shocked at the numbers that I accidentally came across doing some research this morning…

Costa Rica Dentist in Liberia – VIP Member recommends Dr. Eric Bussing D.D.S.

Like many Americans, they had seen TV stories about how much cheaper medical care can be done in Costa Rica.

Costa Rica Spanish Language Blogs

A ‘Blog’ is short for weblog. A weblog is a journal (or newsletter) that is frequently updated and intended for general public consumption. Blogs generally represent the personality of the author or the Web site. Creating your own ‘blog’ can be quick, easy and just about free in today’s cyberworld and yes! Costa Ricans have […]

Gas prices in Costa Rica

According to official statistics from the Energy Information Administration, the US average price per gallon for the 10th June 2008 across the USA is now $4.039 per gallon with prices lower on the east coast $4.019 than the west coast $4.325

Costa Rica Family Doctor – Free online video with one of the “best, most caring Doctors we’ve ever encountered.”

Unlike all the other Central American nations, Costa Rica has many highly trained, fully bilingual medical professionals who’s personal goal when they see you is more along the lines of “What can I do to help you get better?” rather than …

The Opportunity of a Lifetime Comes by Every 7 Days

Whether you’re an arm chair expat or perpetual bed and breakfast tourist in the earlier stages of expatriation, you may at some point wonder, did I miss the boat?

Dogs in Costa Rica – “The Low Life Canine.” As described by the high brow feline

“It’s a good thing his family feeds him commercial food, for if he actually had to catch prey for a living, he would starve to death! They would hear him coming from New York! We felines, on the other hand, pride ourselves on our graceful and silent stealth and cunningness.”

Costa Rica Living with Confrontation – Just not accustomed to it in Costa Rica…

Needless to say, this little old lady did not know whether the dogs were about to attack her or not however, since they were barking quite viciously, she was understandably afraid.

VIP Member Comments On Crime in Costa Rica

US crime and Costa Rican crime are two entirely different animals. The crime in the US is usually very brazen while the crime here is “sneaky”. What I mean by sneaky, is that a Tico may walk up to your house and greet you with the ole Pura Vida and ask for work or try […]