Retirement in Costa Rica – Time to kill.

The traffic plan in San Jose is really working. It has cut traffic by 20%. In PriceSmart I had time to kill before meeting Silvia for lunch.

Costa Rica Wildlife – Against All Odds!

This same welded wire is also appropriate for aviaries for the approved project of breeding the endangered Scarlet Macaws without danger of their babies being eaten by uninvited predators. This wire will go a long way in housing many needy animals!

The Condominium HOA Meeting Procedures in Costa Rica

It is common for developers of single family lot subdivisions in Costa Rica, to represent to prospective purchasers, that an HOA will be formed to deal with matters of a common interest, in the public areas of the subdivision, and to propose to levy fees on the property owners to carry-out the mandate of such an HOA.

U.S. Expatriates and Your Medicare Benefits Insurance.

I was compelled to do the research and write this article because of the numerous amounts of e-mails I received from U.S. Expats concerned about their Medicare “A”, “B” & “D benefits and how they would apply to them once they reached age 65 and beyond while living outside the United States?

Santa is back! … but without a sleigh…..

Our buddy and VIP member, Dennis Kuzara who so generously donated 16 microscopes to our hard working country veterinary practices sees the deep need for these basic diagnostic tools. See the photos of some of the happy faces not pictured in our original “thank you” article.

Costa Rica – Local Sustainability Movement

However, I do feel the need contribute to my local pueblo’s sustainability. More education and resources need to be made available so the locals will understand that the rivers are not landfill’s and that it’s not right to litter all over this beautiful country.

Are We Loving Costa Rica To Death? Warning – Disturbing photos included but this is a necessary reminder of what we are doing to this country …

Ironically, the people developing and purchasing these home sites don’t stop to realize that the very species that decorate their pricey brochures are being displaced and disappearing so fast that ultimately all that will be left will be the ghostly images captured on those advertisements.

Costa Rica Living in the Orosi Valley Area – Part I with free video interview with Steve Riley.

What I love about Costa Rica is the wonderful retirement it has afforded us. I love living near the rainforest with the clean water, fresh air and a perfect climate. The people are the best, absolutely the best.

Falling In Love Again – This time with a Apple computer.

And what a beauty the Apple iMac is! Sleek, fast, hardly any cables – no ugly box thing under your desk because everything is behind that beautiful 24″ screen and it’s so easy to use… I can have zillions of programs open doing half a billion different things and we have not had one of the problems that we would normally have had working with the Dell and Windows XP. I just love it…

Flashing – Tangible protection for your home.

Over the years, I’ve inspected numerous dwellings in Costa Rica that had no protective flashing installed in conjunction with the roofing system and others where flashing had been installed, but incorrectly, using standard overlapping metal pieces instead of contiguous sheets of protective flashing.

Retired in Costa Rica – British couple abandon the ‘rat race’ and start small B&B

Though many immigrants are happy with the extremes of ‘tranquilo’ isolated up a mountainside, we didn’t want a two hour hike on lousy roads to get the daily essentials, and we wanted somewhere we could age with relative ease rather than adversity.

Costa Rica Closing Costs – On what basis are the property closing costs calculated?

As you can see from both the Property Transfer Tax Law and the Notary Fee Executive Decree neither refers to a “fiscal value or “registry value” as the basis for calculating the transfer taxes as was alluded to in the forum.

Costa Rica Corporations – Why Pay More For Less? With FREE online video with Attorney Rick Philps

Costa Rica, until recently, has been over-looked as one of those offshore jurisdictions where one might arrange one’s personal, corporate, and/or banking affairs.

Costa Rica Property Taxes – When Scott officially complained that his property tax bill was too low… FREE online video interview with attorney Roger Petersen.

Property taxes in Costa Rica should be a consideration for people looking to make a move to improve their lifestyles. Income taxes, sales taxes, property transfer taxes and property taxes should be carefully examined.

Offshore Health & Life Insurance in Costa Rica

Review with your current insurance Agent before you leave. If you do not have a regular agent, you can still deal with explanations, changes or new plans after you leave. A number of large companies have an “offshore” division, so if …