Living in Santa Ana – Free video

At 7am it’s nearly always a crisp, clear, sunny ‘great to be alive!’ morning. The temperature at this time and also at sunset, is always warm enough for me to take the dog for a walk wearing only my shorts, hiking boots with no shirt on.

Costa Rica Living in the Sierpe Valley Region for Pioneers Only – My daily commute.

Monday morning, November 15th, 2004, 6:30 am, in a Midwest City, United States of America. Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz… I awake to the thought “it can’t be morning already, it’s still pitch black outside”.

Tough Love – Read my response to someone who’s been ripped off by someone else and then gets angry at us?

After a series of emails where one of our recommended attorneys had gone way beyond the call of duty trying really hard to help someone – and certainly way beyond the call of $99 – which was what had been charged for a ‘basic’ title search, I just had to respond so … Here’s my […]

Costa Rica Retirement – Rich Living on the Cheap

I am commonly asked: Can I live in Costa Rica on $800 a month? The answer is a qualified yes. There is no doubt that living here is comparatively less expensive than in the United States, Canada and other industrialized countries.

Costa Rica’s Invisible New International Airport (??)

One of the popular ‘pitches’ goes along the lines of; “Buy now! Get
in on the ground floor before everybody realizes that they are building
a new international airport in [insert-the-town-name-here] and you will
be able to sell your land for ten times the price you paid for it!”

The “… World’s Healthiest, Longest Lived People” – Right here in Costa Rica.

These people are “the world’s healthiest, longest lived people” and researchers believe that their long life expectancy is because of the dry climate, their outdoor lifestyles full of sunshine, a low stress life, a simple low calorie diet, low in animal protein but with lots of fresh fruit, vegetables with plenty of rice, corn and beans and always a light dinner. They also drink the local water which has a high calcium content.

Doing Business in Costa Rica Can Be A ‘Challenge’

Having a working knowledge of Spanish will only take you half way. It is wise to remember that we are guests in their country. The way business is done here is a matter of tradition and custom.

Costa Rica Noni Fruit – Nature’s Healer

Noni appears to be nature’s universal antidote for almost all illnesses. It works for many different health problems. This Polynesian fruit is reliably reported to be beneficial in treating (but not curing) cancer, hypertension, Type 2 diabetes, gout, digestive disorders, infections, injuries, lung diseases, high cholesterol values, and drug and tobacco abuse.

Costa Rica Cars – To bring or not to bring. The inside scoop on whether to ship your car to Costa Rica, or buy one when you get here.

You’re moving to Costa Rica. Do you bring your car with you or buy one here? For people planning their move this is perhaps one of the most frequently argued topics.

Costa Rica Living – Family Culture Shock

Parents so often overlook the fact that not only do children react and need time to adjust to different weather, food, people on the street, classrooms, or playgrounds, but also to changes in their parents behavior and new family dynamics.

Costa Rica Cars Driving In, Out and About

Costa Rica is fascinating and beautiful, there are tropical rain forests, active volcanoes, and white sand beaches that stretch as far as the imagination.

Costa Rica – Special Moments

There are so many “moments” here. After our flight, my wife and I ride to our destination in the warmth of the midday sun.

Be Selective With Your Sources of Costa Rica Living Information

Especially when it comes to your money. Athough they have a disclaimer that is a “Warning To Our Readers Investment Alert” this newspaper accepts advertisements that most people in the developed world would laugh off as an April Fool’s Day joke

Costa Rica’s Secret To Life – It grows on trees…

The fountain of youth is in Costa Rica. Forget everything else you thought you knew about other devices designed to stretch, perk, beautify, and resist the forces of gravity pulling in evil ways on fleshy parts of your body. Drop them all! The secret to life is here! And it grows on trees! In fact […]

Two Veterinary Students From Colorado State University – Making a difference in Costa Rica.

Once more, I was reminded of that management adage on perfection being the enemy of the good – and this was very good indeed. With dedicated professionalism and the team working 12 hour days, nearly 200 pets had surgery that week. Many Tico families will be eternally grateful – and we’ll have a few less unwanted animals roaming the streets!