Living in San Jose, Costa Rica – Photos of new luxury apartment buildings sprouting up around the Parque La Sabana

Living in San Jose, Costa Rica – Photos of new luxury apartment buildings sprouting up around the Parque La Sabana. $500,000 buys you a luxury park view apartment that would cost you over US$5,000,000 in New York City

Living in San Jose, Costa Rica – Fun for children of all ages in Parque La Sabana photos

Living in San Jose, Costa Rica – Family fun in Parque La Sabana photos. For many people living in small homes in the city of San Jose, the weekend is an opportunity to escape into the park for some sun and fun.

The Little Theatre Group Presents The Calendar Girls.

Calendar Girls is originally a 2003 British comedy film directed by Nigel Cole. The screenplay by Tim Firth and Juliette Towhidi is based on the true story of a group of Yorkshire women who produced a nude calendar to raise money for Leukaemia Research under the auspices of the Women’s Institute.

Enjoy Costa Rican’s Caribbean Coast Even on a Rainy Day

We cannot always deliver sunshine, although we get plenty of that here. Nothing shuts down in the rain and many adventures can be had with a rain poncho, umbrella or neither depending on your sense of adventure. The rain is a necessary part of a rainforest, where an incredible number of species exist in harmony.

Another Medical Device Company To Hire 500 Employees & Invest US$40 million in Costa Rica

In doing your research into living and retiring in Costa Rica, if you feel it’s absolutely necessary to read all the sensational, bloody headlines that are published by the trashnewspapers then do so but please remember that when you carefully examine the facts, when you do an “exhaustive evaluation” with…

Earthquake Damage – Before and after photographs.

Most areas in Costa Rica have been unaffected by the earthquake and there have been no deaths or serious injuries of North American reported however, there have been many more earthquake tremors in this same area on Monday and Tuesday and local residents are understandably nervous.

Newcomers’ Diary – Single, senior, strong and adventurous! Part I

This morning I am in town at Casa de Café, the sweetest café you’ll ever see and I have ordered El Desayuno Del Dia, (breakfast of the day) – my all time favorite of two eggs, tortillas, coffee with milk, orange juice and rice and beans.

Strong Earthquake Rattles Central Costa Rica

According to the OVSICORI, the tremor had a magnitude of 6.2 and about 17 miles deep with its epicenter near Poas volcano which is 22 miles north west of Costa Rica’s capital, San Jose.

Building Homes and Living in San Isidro – Free online video interview with American builder Michael Holm.

Michael Holm, originally from California has lived in Costa Rica for over 15 years. Like many before him, he came here on vacation and ended up building a B&B in Dominical which he eventually sold in 2001

Costa Rica Living – Everyone Asks Me If I Like It Here…

A dozen children placed in my house for a weekly meeting – a playgroup of international mothers and their children – trying to have a conversation and a cup of coffee while children played.

Costa Rica Gambling – The Stakes Are High in Paradise

To be accurate, by living here as a resident, I am legally banned from placing a bet through one of the 150 or so online casinos or sportsbooks that have appeared on the Costa Rican cyber scene in the past nine years.

Costa Rica Birds – The Magnificent Quetzal

They’re still out there – some near, most far, all wide-open places waiting to expand your horizon. One of these places is the Santa Elena Cloud Forest in Costa Rica where a dense shroud of mist blankets the tight canopy.

There’s Always Something to be Grateful for in Costa Rica

The other day I worked myself into a tizzy about this or that thing in my life. The issue? I can’t even remember what it was. I was probably being served some injustice by the world.

Journey To Talamanca – Ken Beedle travels to the Talamanca area. Part I

In the years of roaming I had never thought I had stepped over the line. I had put my toes to the edge but never went pass what I thought I could handle. When I saw what was ahead of me, “oh s—!” definitely slipped through my lips.

Costa Rica Living – Susan’s Top Ten Reasons Why I Love Costa Rica

Time has flown. I am celebrating my fifth anniversary of living in Costa Rica. In five years, I have lived in three very different areas of Costa Rica – from downtown to the country…