There are many qualities that clients typically would like in their recommended Realtor in Costa Rica.

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Most people probably went to high school or coach Little League with their local real estate agent in North America, but coming south of the border to a foreign country brings a whole new slew of trust and quality concerns.

  • Everyone wants honesty, which sadly is sometimes hard to come by in this profession anywhere in the world.
  • They want professionalism; emails to be answered promptly, passion for the business, a friendly disposition, and someone who legally works in the business full time.
  • Lastly, most clients prefer a Realtor who speaks fluent Spanish in order to offer a richer experience during the property tour and to ensure clean negotiations with local sellers.

The first two are givens and Spanish is helpful, but other characteristics become a bonus when the first three requisites are met. Having an agent who can give the real estate buyer solid examples of true values in their area of Costa Rica is vital to finding well-priced properties.

Additionally, when looking at homes for sale, it would be fantastic to have an agent with the construction knowledge to be able to inspect the physical integrity of the property with the client. These qualities are a bit harder to find in an agent.

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It’s for these reasons and others outlined below that having a Realtor with construction experience will be a huge advantage when viewing homes in Costa Rica.

Five Reasons To Hire A Realtor in Costa Rica
With Construction Experience.

  1. On-the-Spot Inspections: As mentioned above, if your agent has the ability to determine the physical quality of the home during your viewing, it is a priceless time and money saver.
  2. Replacement Value: Sure, there’s some retail mark-up on spec homes built and sold for investment, however, having an agent who knows the cost of construction will help clients determine the seller’s bottom line price.
  3. Renovation Tips: Not only will an agent with construction experience know where the problems in a home may be, they will also be able to comfort the client’s concerns with accurate repair guestimates should they love the home “except for that one thing that has to go.”
  4. Zoning and Permits: Anyone who has built even one home in Costa Rica has been through the equivalent of a college-degree’s worth of education. To have an agent seasoned by this experience, they’ll be able to thoroughly explain basic property rights, the permit process, and what zones allow what activity.
  5. Patience: Last but not least is that an agent with construction experience will likely be very patient while catering to your needs. The process of building a home for an outside party is far more taxing than pampering every need of a nervous home buyer.

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Although, many Realtors in Costa Rica may dabble in real estate investing, you’ll hit a home run should you find one in your desired area who has gotten their hands dirty in actually building many homes in Costa Rica.

Why Realtors in Costa Rica With Construction Experience Could Make And Save You A Small Fortune
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