Retired in Costa Rica … Ken Beedle’s journal today about estranged cat and things.

Mainly she has had food issues. In humans it is called bulimia, in cats it’s eat and puke. For once, she is not the problem. Not only has she readjusted to Costa Rica and chasing the Carmella the Bouncing Poodle around she has made friends with the entire family.

Journey To Talamanca – Ken Beedle travels to the Talamanca area. Part II.

We stood outside and watched while fireworks crew went about entertaining us. The deep mud and water were cold. About 9pm I wandered out into the darkness and slipped into the sleeping bag clothes and all. I pulled my parka up around my ears and fell asleep occasionally waking because my sock covered feet were cold.

Great Electrician in San Jose

Berlin has spent quite a few days in my new apartment installing the lights. He has always arrived on time, he works hard, does a good job and cleans up afterwards and charges a fair price.

Top 25 Adventures on the Osa Peninsula – I dare you!

Easy access is available via several domestic airports in the Southern Zone and once here you are sure to feel outnumbered by wildlife such as monkeys, dolphins and scarlet macaws. Tourism remains its “bread and butter”; however, a twist on tourism is what makes this place special.

Costa Rica “Pura Vida” – What Is It?

If you live here, you’ve heard people joke about “Poor Evita!” However, since many of our readers do not live in Costa Rica, indeed many have never visited but dream of doing so, let me state categorically that…

A Story to Tell – Ken Beedle drives to Panama. Part I

I am returning to Paso Canos with the original document. It was not in the hands of some agent in Limon but in our file in the office. If Silvia had a gun I would have been meeting my Maker or limping for the rest of my life from a bad shot.

Costa Rica Simple Living

Over 25 years ago my husband, young daughter, infant son and I moved to Costa Rica from Oregon, looking for a simple lifestyle in an affordable rural community.

Mexico and the War Against the Drug Cartels in 2008

Mexico’s war against drug cartels continued in 2008. The mission President Felipe Calderon launched shortly after his inauguration two years ago to target the cartels has since escalated in nearly every way imaginable. Significant changes in Mexico’s security situation and the nature of the drug trade in the Western Hemisphere also have occurred over the […]

Retired in Costa Rica … Ken Beedle’s journal today about shopping.

Patience… She has been in checkout for over 15 minutes. The line was only three people deep! What is taking her so long? Maybe they caught her shoplifting!

Dogs in Costa Rica – A happy ‘tail’ about Rico.

They are a long way from home and are in totally unfamiliar territory. They think surely there is some mistake. Surely their owner is coming back for them?

Costa Rica Golf – Paradise doubled.

Golf in Costa Rica is paradise doubled: golf all year-round and choose from championship courses set within some of the most beautiful surroundings in the world.

Costa Rica Residency – December 2008

We’ve had all sorts of gossip flying with regards to the proposed changes to the Costa Rica residency laws and many of our VIP Members have asked me to comment. However as you all know I am NOT an attorney and residency is certainly not my area of expertize however, I believe that one of […]

Sink Plugs, Cricket-On-The-Beach, Guy Fawkes Night and Halloween in Costa Rica

Phillip’s team have bonfire construction down to a fine art, even covering the edifice in plastic as storm clouds hovered overhead. Her Majesty’s resourceful Ambassador, Tom Kennedy, ‘sculpted’ Guy’s head ~ the black hair, heavy eye-brows, Gordon Brown look-a-like of course entirely co-incidental!

Costa Rica – 2008 Construction Growth

He also stated that during the last two months, an additional ten thousand construction jobs have been lost. This will bring the total number of construction jobs lost during 2008 to forty thousand.

Retirement In Costa Rica What We’re Thinking

We have considered buying a small place in the mountains where we could spend the winter but have decided it would be better to rent at first to see how we like it…