Estate Planning in Costa Rica For Canadians

The simple answer with respect to the Canadian drawn Will, is that as long as it complies with the formal requirements of drafting and execution in the jurisdiction where it is drawn, it will be held to be…

A Bougainvillean Symphony of Colours.

After moving into my penthouse apartment on the tenth floor of a new building in San Jose, I bought some large decorative pots for the terrace just off the living room and planted some different coloured bougainvillea plants.

Retired in Costa Rica. Floral joys and baby joys!

An orchid collection was on our ‘wish list’ when we arrived and thanks to generous friends giving us cuttings, and some purchases from an expert local grower, we’re up to a modest 17 already. What’s really special though is that now the garden is maturing, several epiphytes, including three miniatures, have just appeared ~ nature’s free gifts; each new discovery such a pleasure.

Lonely Extremist No More

The report, which is just a summary of a much larger, classified document, warns that people with certain opinions about abortion, immigration, gun control, taxes, and other issues bear watching by local and federal law enforcement. Perhaps coincidentally, the people holding these suspicious opinions tend not to be Democrats.

Costa Rica Bird Identification Competition – VIP Member wins our Secrets To Living Happily In Costa Rica DVD worth US$39.95

The area where we are building our vacation home is quite famous for being a location where you can spot a wide variety of Costa Rica birds so we are always on the lookout for a new species to identify…

I’ve looked through my bird book but am not sure what it is …. Could swear it had a little white patch on it’s head too….

How Do Import Taxes Work in Costa Rica?

The system is supposed to be ruled by laws that set up: a) customs organization and, b) a list of all imaginable products, or at least general categories of products. Those products are given a “taxable value” and a percentage of such value is …

Some Jobs Lost in the USA Moving To Costa Rica – Hewlett Packard (HP) alone is looking for 3,000+ more staff.

The 2009 New Year’s job market has started off aggressively with thousands of well paying jobs being advertised in the La Nacion newspaper. These jobs are primarily in the technical field, graphic design, with companies searching for bilingual professionals, information engineering and finance experts.

Animals in Costa Rica – I am not alone… Guardians of mercy are out there

I have been in Nuevo Arenal since 2000 working with animals in distress both domestic and wild. Having no veterinarian located in our little pueblo, I answer emergency calls all the time.

Costa Rica’s Rapidly Growing Population of 100+ Year Olds.

There are currently over 937 people living in this little country called Costa Rica who are over 100 years old. This percentage of the population has grown by 300% since the year 2000 when only 231 people who were over 100+ years old were counted.

Butterfly Garden in Atenas

When asked what the motivation was for building a free butterfly garden, Eddy says, “The idea of CaféTico is to offer tourists and residents a central place to meet friends and chill out, read a book or get on-line in a tranquil and fresh environment surrounded by the gardens.

The Seaside Disappears and a Festival of Arts Arrives!

The walkways were lined with stalls selling the best of Tico crafts and indigenous Indian arts ~ here ladies from our near bye Boruca community with traditional weaving and carved products. Lots of wood carvers, artists and jewelry makers gave demonstrations of their …

Wild & Wacky Sea Creature

The is the remains of a marine creature more than four meters long (13 feet) which was swept in by the tide to Puerto Caldera, in Puntarenas, close to the Los Chicos restaurant.

Basic Animal Care For Rescued Animals

Veterinarians are trained, qualified and equipped for most kinds of animal emergencies and wherever possible, it would be best to take a rescued animal to a veterinarian, but when that’s not possible, this advice should help you.

Costa Rica Kitesurfing

Kitesurfing bring together many skills from other extreme sports and generate a new level of excitement beyond the scope and influence of any one traditional watersport.

Panama’s Murder Rate Nearly 50% Higher Than Costa Rica

Clearly Mr. Craig has not done that because if he spent more than 60 seconds online, he would have discovered that the murder rate in Panama is about 50% higher than Costa Rica.