Costa Rica Retirement on Social Security – Advanced Retirement 101 with FREE video interview with George Lundquist.

As my experience with our lives here continues, we become even more convinced that we have chosen the very best way to enjoy the time we have left. We are now 70 years old and except for a few more aches, pains and lapses of memory, living physically and mentally more comfortable than ever.

Handmade Furniture in Costa Rica – Sarchi is a good place to go…

We were approaching the last stage of building our first vacation home (since sold) in a rural area of Costa Rica and had been visiting different places to finalize the furniture for the kitchen.

Retired in Costa Rica – Avoiding negative thinkers …

“To all Ticos, My wife and I bought a condo here in Santa Ana and have lived here for 18 months. Let me stated categorically that we love Costa Rica and we love the people. We have lived in the U.S. states of Connecticut, Minnesota, Texas, Kansas and Florida. I am annoyed by those who […]

If You Are A U.S. Citizen Who Owns A Costa Rican Corporation – You’d better be filing IRS Form 5471.

U.S. citizens who move to, or acquire property in, Costa Rica often find it necessary or convenient to form a Costa Rican corporation to own their local real estate. Many such persons may not know that IRS rules require reporting the formation of the Costa Rican corporation and annual filings thereafter on Form 5471, even if the corporation earns no income or is dormant.

If You Join Twitter Does That Not By Definition Make You A ‘Twit’?

Maybe I should join Twitter and “tweet” people? But if I join Twitter does that not by definition make me a “twit”? Forgive me! But I’m British and the word “twit” immediately springs to mind which – depending on the dictionary you choose – means “a foolish, contemptible person.”

Costa Rica Real Estate Investment – Free video of US Investor Henry Kaufman interviewed by Scott Oliver.

When a successful real estate investor like Henry Kaufman starts investing millions of dollars in Costa Rica real estate, it’s a sign that confidence among sophisticated US investors has most definitely returned and I was delighted to receive an invitation to interview Henry Kaufman in Santa Ana, Costa Rica on the 27th July 2009

Costa Rica Scams – US Judge orders the extradition of Gerald Joseph Latulippe to face fraud charges.

Forrest told me that his partner would supposedly use investor’s money to buy companies in trouble, rebuild them and then sell them for a handsome profit. Not being a shy wall flower type of person, I pointed out …

U.S. Healthcare Reform – Wake Up Americans!

I’m sure all of you have been following the health care debate here in the USA; especially those U.S. expats… Tax the Rich and give to the Poor… kind of like Robin Hood, Right?

Costa Rica Living Culture Shock

Culture Shock is a temporary psychological disorder that occurs in individuals adjusting to life in an unfamiliar culture. It happens when they find that their previous methods of doing and perceiving result in …

Costa Rica Living in Jaco – Jill’s story and why we should be so grateful.

The highlight of the evening was meeting their friend Jill an elegant, classy, gray haired British woman who casually shared a few tidbits of her days in a Nazi concentration camp during much of World War II.

Growth Brings Positive Change in South Pacific Zone

When I first ventured from my home state of California to Costa Rica’s South Pacific coast I was immediately reminded of one of my favorite places in the world: lush mountains, luxurious stretches of caramel beach, scenic waterfalls, plentiful wildlife, waterfalls, superb surfing… it was just like a tropical Big Sur!

Internet Scam Offers Buyers Area Real Estate

It seems that buyers have been plunking down large sums of money on the internet to buy lots in what appears to be a non-existent subdivision development in the Margarita-Sixaola area.

Costa Rica Crime – Murder rates in perspective.

It is fascinating that when there’s horrific crime news in Costa Rica that the local English language newspapers feel that it is their ‘journalistic duty’ to share all the gory details but when there’s news that some might consider good new about crime in Costa Rica, where one can put things in real perspective, then nobody wants to talk about it.

Motorcycles & Potholes – A lethal combination.

Tell me again why you want to ride a motorcycle in Costa Rica?

Costa Rica Fine Art – Are there any famous Costa Rican artists?

Costa Rica is a very young country, and as a result of is relatively recent independence most of the areas which a country normally utilizes in order to create its own culture still very young.