Tico Dentist Takes Big Bite Out Of Costa Rican Vacation Cost

During that trip, we toured the modern CIMA Hospital in Escazu, and a wonderful little dental office in Santiago de Puriscal owned by Dr. Franklin Mora. I remembered his high tech equipment and an impressive implant procedure he had done that very morning, complete with computerized photos of the “before, during and after.”

California Man Jim Roosakos Looks Forward To Living in Costa Rica

“In California we have plenty of beaches, but the waters are cold. The water temperature is much lower than in Central America, where it’s almost like a warm bath to go swimming. Costa Rica is what it should feel like to swim in the tropics!”

Living in Guanacaste – Getting better every year.

First of all, I purchased my home three years ago for just over US$125,000. I completely remodeled the home, which cost approximately US$60K more. Not too bad considering that I live in a community, which is approximately a ten-minute walk to some of the best beaches in the area. Which ones? Bahia de los Pirates, Playa Minas, Puerto Viejo (Pacific Coast) and Playa Conchal.

‘A Good Death’ In Costa Rica! Positive notes on Costa Rica’s healthcare system

We have asked ourselves ‘how will we cope if we develop serious illness’, and ‘would we want to die here’? – questions which I’m sure other pensionados also debate, so I hope my reflections may be helpful to some readers. Some shots of our wondrous mountains convey the mood.

Buying a Used Car in Costa Rica

Buying a car in Costa Rica can be complicated or simple. I try to think of it as not too complicated. I recently had to purchase my second used car in Costa Rica and had an overall good experience.

Costa Rica Motorcycles – Harley Davidson

I stopped in at the local Harley Davidson dealership to drool over their Buells (Hmm! That would make a good slogan …) and ‘hogs’ and asked about their rental program… A while back they they had a ‘special offer’ where you could rent a Harley Davidson FXD Dyna Super Glide from Friday through Monday lunchtime…

A Tragic Story…

Three weeks ago a very nice, attractive woman in her late 50’s moved to San Ramon. I spent several hours with her at Cafe Delicias on more than one occasion discussing her plans to get a job, find a house, get her life on track. She came here with nothing, was in debt in the […]

Costa Rica Real Estate’s Abandoned Projects – But the salesman said…

If you have read features and comments on this web site for any period of time you will have no doubt read Scott Oliver’s mantra that he only recommends, “experienced developers with a proven track record of building quality real estate”.

Costa Rica Living in Escazu – Free video interview with Marc Schweitzer originally from New York City

As far as Escazu real estate is concerned, he states that: “Escazu is not cheap” but “I paid about $300,000 for the apartment (in Escazu), in New York City it would be a $2,000,000 apartment.”

Costa Rica Flower Identification Competition – Winner will receive our Costa Rica Living & Retirement DVD worth US$39.95 – Winner announced.

When you look this, it’s easy to see where the science fictions movie makers get some of their monster ideas from… We have just planted a dozen of these in the garden of our mountain home.

President John F. Kennedy “At Home” In Costa Rica

It would appear that it was a great day – “un gran dia” for both John F. Kennedy and the Costa Rican people when he visited San Jose in 1963… The Ticos were shouting “Viva Kennedy!” and the reception was so warm that …

Dealing With Costa Rica’s Insurance Monopoly (INS) After An Accident. Part II – Pay Day

I am happy to report that after my accident about 3 months ago I successfully received my insurance settlement from INS. I had heard many horror stories about INS being a sham, not paying out claims, etc. However, I can honestly say, I received my INS settlement.

Living in Costa Rica – From San Francisco to Samara to Atenas

But pretty soon they realized that they were working all the time just to pay bills, and thoroughly caught up in the rat race. Weekends, which were supposed to be fun, soon became full of work too; for laundry, cleaning the house, going to the supermarket, the occasional home repair, car repair, or veterinary visit.

The Attaché To The President of Costa Rica Makes A Visit To San Isidro.

In May last year, tropical storm Alma wreaked havoc when the river draining the huge mountains above us dammed up with landslides and falling timber, burst out and flooded the village with a raging torrent of mud, trees and boulders.

Spanish in Spain and Latin America

Many people have the mistaken idea that the Spanish language that is used in Spain is completely different from that spoken in Latin America.