It’s understood that in some parts of the world, the real estate market is having serious problems…

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However, as anyone living in Escazu will tell you, there are big new high-tech office buildings going up, new million dollar luxury homes, new big brand hotels, new apartment towers being built – that look as good as any top-notch building you might find in a fashionable location London, New York or Miami – Escazu is more cosmopolitan than ever.

These people and corporations do not invest hundreds of millions of dollars in their Escazu locations because they believe they are going to lose money in the future…

The new highway leading out from San Jose to the Pacific Coast at Caldera is completely finished this end and as you can see, we have our very own state-of-the-art toll booths complete with Quick Pass lanes which you can attach to your windshield, which allows you to go through very quickly and, which allows Big Brother to keep a track of exactly when you pass through…

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To begin with, the Quick Pass system confused many people who drove up and then couldn’t figure out why there was nobody there to take their money and then they had to reverse their cars back out which caused some ‘complicaciones‘ but, we’ve got the hang of it now…

Over the last couple of years, one of the best hospitals in Central America – Hospital CIMA has added two new multi-storey buildings…

The MultiPlaza shopping mall in Escazu – which is the most upscale mall in Costa Rica – has been going through an enormous expansion, practically doubling their retail space and should be open for business by the end of the year.

Next door is the luxurious and bloody expensive Hotel InterContinental which has also expanded significantly and next door to them …

The Plaza Roble office center has also doubled in size over the last year or two and some very large, new office buildings have been built nearby housing companies like the global banking giant HSBC.

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Written by Scott Oliver, author of 1. How To Buy Costa Rica Real Estate Without Losing Your Camisa, 2. Costa Rica Real Estate Scams & How To Avoid Them and 3. Costa Rica’s Guide To Making Money Offshore and the Director of Costa Rica Living & Retirement – Secrets To Happiness, a new DVD which reveals all with 14 in depth interviews…

Living in Costa Rica – Escazu still growing rapidly.

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