Costa Rica Financing Secrets Revealed – How mortgages in Costa Rica are different? Part II

Most inquiries come from North Americans who’ve received financing previously but never in a foreign country. Consequently, their investigation of financing in Costa Rica generally revolves around understanding how it differs from their prior North American transactions.

Swimming From Panama to Nicaragua – Now in Esterillos Oeste, Costa Rica.

Long distance swimmer Renate Herberger, on her quest to swim the entire Pacific coast of Costa Rica reached Esterillos Oeste this past week.

Costa Rica’s Multinational Investors and Where They’re Located

Given the current state of the North American economy, Costa Rica’s decision to promote its natural and sustainable resources worldwide, is now paying off big time with many new and large development projects are propping up the Costa Rican economy.

Costa Rica Fishing – The undiscovered, freshwater treasures of Lake Arenal

And that is the excellent fresh water fishing in the 50 square mile Lake Arenal. A long kept secret by the local fisherman living around the lake, it is only now being discovered by the aFISHionados that crave the hard fighting, great tasting bass fishing so prized in other parts of the world.

US Real Estate Investor’s Experience Investing in Jaco Luxury Condos

After selling a staffing business in Atlanta, Georgia I was anxious to explore new challenges, so I began to dabble in real estate. The local real estate markets just didn’t intrigue me and I started to do as much due diligence as I could about the oft talked about exploding real estate market in Costa Rica.

Costa Rica Stands Out in an Ever-Flattening World

Long to live in the tropics? Has your dream of waking each day to the beauty and recreational promise of lush forests, dramatic mountain vistas and unspoiled beaches been stayed by concern over practicalities? It’s time to rethink your options. Nowadays you can have your cake and eat it too.

Costa Rica’s New Telephone Numbers – 20th March 2008

Effective 20th March 2008 all telephone numbers in Costa Rica have changed. Please add 2 to all land-line telephones and 8 to all cellular telephone numbers. Every telephone number in the country will have an additional digit placed before the current number, but after the country number, as follows: Land-line telephone and faxes: Add a […]

Costa Rica Mortgages – Income verification and medical exams.

Mortgages are easier than ever to come by in Costa Rica but, unlike some places you really have to go through some hoops to get things done. This is not good news for those of us who don’t like BS and paperwork, but it is good news for the overall stability of the banking sector in Costa Rica.

Costa Rica Lawyers & Law – The Four Parties in the Criminal Justice System

Costa Rica has several independent police departments each charged with different duties. The largest police contingency, the Fuerza Publica is under the control of the Ministry of Police and Public Security (Ministerio de Gobernacion, Policia y Seguridad Publica).

Costa Rica Retirement – From Cuba to the US and finally to Jaco.

Recently I had the pleasure of interviewing Tania and Alfredo, new local inhabitants of a new luxury condo development in Jaco, Costa Rica. I wanted to meet with them and find out what it was that drew them to this beautiful country to commence their retirement.

Costa Rica Attracting Enormous Foreign Real Estate Investors – What are you waiting for?

When the ICT declares projects tourism friendly, the developers receive tax exemptions and other attractive benefits. The list of new multinational companies includes: Ritz Carlton, Hyatt, Hilton, RIU, St. Regis, Aman and Mandarin Oriental.

Mavis Biesanz – A piece of gold found in paradise

Golden people. This is what I call people who grace my life, ring my ears with laughter, look me in the eye, and offer respect and love. This was Mavis Biesanz. Mavis Biesanz was an ground-breaking author. She wrote many books, including: “The Costa Ricans,” published in 1988, and “The Ticos: Culture and Social Change […]

Mortgages in Costa Rica – Major Shifts Announced at Expo Construccion 2008

The weakened dollar and pessimism surrounding its’ future, however, is motivating many Costa Rica resident borrowers to favor mortgages in colones over dollars (a new phenomenon).

The Toucan – A mystical bird.

I get such seriously injured animals I mentally began to brace myself for whatever medical challenge I may be facing. With saddened faces, they told me he was critically injured and had a very infected wound.

Costa Rica Hospitals & Healthcare – Giving Birth

When I found out that myself and my husband Keith were expecting, I was overjoyed. I had no qualms of having a child here and looking forward to being a new mom. Of course, I had no expectations – since I had no children, so everything was a new experience.