Crime in Costa Rica – To Catch A Thief

At the end of a dead end road, located on the peaceful and beautiful Sierpe River, the small town of Sierpe has enjoyed years of very minimal petty crimes such as thievery.

Nicaragua Trip – Impressions

If that’s the case, I have to ask: Why should foreigners invest in Nicaragua? My sister tells me that there have been many articles in American publications on Nicaragua as the up and coming place. I have also read some of these in “International Living” and other places. I have to disagree.

Costa Rica Living & Culture. Those little differences

Every time I think I know the subtle and not so subtle differences in the culture I am most accustomed to and that of the Costa Rican People, I find just one more difference.

Living and Working Abroad: It can be the Most Positive Time of Your Life

For many expats who move to countries for assignments that include big houses, chauffeur-driven cars, and lots of household help, these are indeed the finest perquisites that come with living and working overseas.

Costa Rica Zoologist Needs Our Help!

It is because of this that we have been able to spay and neuter nearly 400 animals in Arenal in the past 7 years, not only making a difference in humanely reducing the population but also teaching many people how to care for their pets and that animals have feelings and value.

Costa Rica Wildlife Rescue – Another reason to drive carefully.

As I sit cuddling a frantic, crying, grief stricken baby Howler monkey in my arms, probably six weeks old, the victim of a careless driver who killed his mother; I just have to ask the question of the driver…

Costa Rica Construction – Building your own home from a distance

Before closing on a property that you intend to build on, you need to make absolutely certain that you’ll be able to obtain a building permit for your construction plans.

Lake Arenal – Home to one of Costa Rica’s best restaurants – Gingerbread

The menu is posted on a board and changes daily. Aside from the terrific food, Gingerbread includes one of the best wine selections you will find in Costa Rica.

Costa Rica Financing Secrets Revealed – How mortgages in Costa Rica are different? Part I

Only two years ago there were no conventional financing options available for foreigners in Costa Rica. Since then, several institutions have entered the market and the programs continue to rapidly evolve in pursuit of mirroring US bank offerings.

Costa Rica Residency Renewal – Physical presence in Costa Rica

Prior to the coming into effect of the new Immigration Law, in the month of August, 2006, Immigration Law Regulation #7033, provided for a minimum annual requirement of four months physical residency in Costa Rica, in order to maintain a party’s Residency status. The four month physical residency requirement, was constituted by a cumulative time […]

Costa Rica Fractional Real Estate Ownership

A new breed of vacation home ownership, called “fractional ownership,” is becoming increasingly popular with busy professionals looking to maximize their vacation dollar.

The Criminal Justice System

The criminal justice system in Costa Rica is made up of the body of laws which dictates what types of acts or offenses constitute a crime and the procedural system used by the government to charge and prosecute those offenses.

Costa Rica Mortgage – The closing and final terms. May 2007.

The valuation is done by a ‘perito‘ an ‘expert’ in valuations (not to be confused with perrito which is a little dog) and he reported back with a valuation of US$285,000 which was considered too low by the bank probably because there have been few homes sold for this price in this project for quite some time.

Costa Rica Police – Definitely NOT overpaid…

The perfect applicant should be Costa Rican, have a gun carry permit, a valid driver’s license and preferably received training in criminology…

Litigation In Costa Rica – Part II

These factors combined with the fact that the Costa Rican system does not provide for punitive damages and forces the losing party to pay the costs and attorney’s fees of the prevailing party make litigation in Costa Rica an extremely tedious and frustrating experience which should be avoided, unless it becomes absolutely indispensable. Voltaire summed up the impact of lawsuits as follows: “I was never ruined but twice: once when I lost a lawsuit, and once when I won one”.