Costa Rica Crime in San Jose – Repeat offenders are a big problem. January 2008

n San Jose and surrounding areas, according to the Public Security Ministry we have a large number of criminals who commit crime after crime after crime and for some inexplicable reason are still walking our streets.

Costa Rica Building Restrictions in Residential Subdivisions

A homeowners association in a deeded subdivision is a legal entity that should be included in the developer’s initial legal documents, and recorded along with the deed upon purchase of a lot. Most professionals are accustomed to accomplishing this legal process through the condominium laws established here.

Costa Rica’s New Highway To The Pacific – 77 kilometer road to start 30 years late. January 2008

Carla Gonzalez, Minister of Transport and President of CNC pointed out that the plans and the work timetable have been approved. The Environment Ministry already authorized the construction company to prepare the land and extract the stones for the construction.

Costa Rica Bar & Restaurant For Sale in Heredia = US$86,000

The current owner has worked for years to maintain the image of a quality, classy locale making it one of the most popular spots in the area and contributing to top sales months of $20,000.

Costa Rica Sensational Cable – Exciting Things To Do at Turubari with free online video.

If you are looking for adventure in Costa Rica, then the Turubari Eco-adventure oriented theme park and a Costa Rica adventure travel company may just be what you are looking for…

Costa Rica’s New Highway To Caldera – Will cause chaos in San Jose

Bridges and highway lanes will be demolished on the ring road (circunvalación) and the route to Escazú. Construction of the road to Caldera will also affect traffic close to the capital. Construction work in San José will start in April 2008 and it will go on at least for a year. The construction of the […]

Lake Arenal Real Estate – The undiscovered jewel of Costa Rica.

Up until just a few short years ago people visiting Costa Rica had never even heard of Lake Arenal. Gradually and mostly because of the spectacular active Volcano Arenal and the nearby tourist mecca town of Fortuna with its hot springs, the tourists started driving past the lake to or from San Jose…

North American Construction Standards in Costa Rica.

Many people ask; “What are North American Standards?” These are the standard building materials and installation methods that the majority of the people from the USA and Canada are accustomed to growing up with.

Solar Energy in Costa Rica – An Interview with Jason Borner.

Canadian born, Borner moved to Costa Rica permanently some fifteen years ago and established himself deep in the Osa Peninsula near to the Panama border in the south-east of the country. This rural and isolated region is an ideal market for his kind of business.

Costa Rica Homes – What’s the best paint?

Atenas is a quaint small town conveniently located about halfway between San Jose and the Central Pacific beaches. It has become a very popular retirement town because of its tranquility, safety, and claims to have the best climate in the world.

Retiring in Costa Rica. Couples and families go from busy lives to being together 24/7

“We went from only seeing each other a couple of hours in the evenings, to being together basically 24/7”. This is what my wife Kate tells people when they ask how the transition was moving here to Costa Rica.

Costa Rica Crime – Muggings in San Jose

Although the police have succeeded in slowing down the number of muggings for short periods of time, the overall numbers do show an increase.

First Annual Coldwell Banker Mixer in Jaco is Huge Success!

Coldwell Banker co-sponsored a community mixer together with the Chamber of Commerce at the Acqua Residences in Jaco this past Friday night. There were approximately 200 people in attendance; the festivities included excellent local cuisine and music all choreographed to a spectacular ocean view sunset.

Costa Rica Living ‘Rural’ – Food Availability and Costs

We have a truck full of fresh vegetables and fruit which stops at the house every Saturday. He sells tomatoes, pineapples, apples, cabbage, carrots, bananas, avocados, carrots, potatoes, mangoes and many other items.

Costa Rica Construction – Avoiding roofing problems during the rainy season

During the rainy season here in Costa Rica the grass and plants get their greenest and moisture saturates everything it comes into contact with. We see more green mold develop on horizontal concrete surfaces and if not cleaned regularly, it can get slippery.