Time for a Revolution – A concerned American in Costa Rica speaks out…

America faces immense challenges in the future and we must address them from a severely weakened position in the world. The U.S. dollar is the weakest it has ever been, our national debt is higher than it’s ever been, the war in Iraq is draining us economically and morally …

Costa Rica Construction – Understanding EIFS Materials & Methods

My intention for writing this article is to share knowledge, experiences and solutions for new problems that have developed throughout Costa Rica since EIFS construction methods have begun to be used by general contractors in the last few years.

Responsible Developers and Builders in Costa Rica

Upon entering the site, I discovered 11 attractive buildings sprouting from a huge and well landscaped location with excellent views of the surrounding mountains.

Costa Rica Minimum Salaries – New increase goes into effect 1st January 2008

On 1st January 2008 the recently approved Consejo Nacional de Salarios (CNS) 5.10% increase in the minimum Costa Rica salaries in the private sector
will take effect.

Costa Rica Real Estate Focus on Jaco Beach – FREE online video.

According to the Costa Rican Tourism website: “… it’s estimated that for the end of 2005 the country will have experienced the stay of 1,671,000 visitors.” The majority of those visitors fly into Costa Rica’s capital city, San José and, the closest major beach town to the capital city is… Jaco beach

Costa Rica Taxes – What needs to be done after the closing?

Quite often, buyers of real estate in Costa Rica think that after the closing, specifically the payment of the transfer taxes and related fees to the attorney and commissions to the real estate broker if applicable, everything is done regarding the deal.

Costa Rica Wildlife – Anteaters

Dusty particles invaded my eyes, filled my nose and entered my mouth, inducing an uncontainable and energetic coughing fit. Adding insult to injury, little things began to nip and bight at my face; they crawled down the back of my neck and one or two ventured into my ears.

Costa Rica Retirement Residence – José Pujol Martí

The retirement residence José Pujol Martí (Asociacion Española de Beneficiencia Residencia José Pujol Martí) was built 17-years-ago by Costa Rica’s Spanish community. Just a half hour drive northwest of San José, it stands on the grounds adjacent to the Spanish Country Club, in the small Central Valley town of La Rivera de Belén. Privately run […]

Costa Rica Cats & Dogs – McKee Project Animal Rescue

The McKee Project Costa Rica is doing incredible work in the Central Pacific area of Jaco and the surrounding communities. The Foundation is primarily an animal rescue organization which takes dogs and cats off the streets and assists in finding them homes.

Entertainment on the South Pacific – A Roar of Greasepaint and A Smell of the Crowd in Dominical

It is the kind of place where you can kayak past crocodiles, hike the rainforest with any of several species of monkeys chattering overhead, catch some waves on a prime, uncrowded beach, and then head home to shower and dress for… an evening of live Broadway revue? A full-cast production of South Pacific? What is going on here?

Costa Rica Weather – October 2007 heavy rains cause problems – Photos

Costa Rica has suffered serious flooding in certain areas like Parrita, San Ramon, Esparza and Cartago which has collapsed many roads, bridges and caused landslides which have unfortunately resulted in many deaths.

Costa Rica Living in Heredia – Lifestyle in Tirol

Climbing the lower flanks of Barva volcano above bustling Heredia, towards Monte de la Cruz is like entering the Austrian Tirol. The paved winding roads are edged in mature pines; picturesque wood-built chalets and grazing dairy cows are glimpsed between the trees that eventually give way to the cool mountain forests of ancient oaks, firs, cedars and resident quetzals.

Costa Rica Living With Children in Heredia – Education

Not all of our clients are planning to retire in Costa Rica. We have clients from different parts of the world who arrive to start their own businesses or, work for another company already based here in Costa Rica.

Costa Rica Living in the Sierpe River Area – Free video interview with Trevor Cameron

In the early morning you will hear howler monkeys and most likely have views of mist on the river and mountains in the distance. Sierpe is peaceful, quaint, safe, friendly and one of my favorite towns in the entire world.

Swing of the Sickle

This magnificent short story by Susan Carmichael is an emotional rollercoaster, the most powerfully moving article available on this website – Although close to tears by the time I finished reading, it should remind us how lucky most of us are to be alive and healthy… Scott Oliver.