The Other Half of the Immigration Equation – Moving out of the USA.

They are America’s most effective foreign aid program, but without the bureaucracy and waste. They share more than money. They share themselves. Taken together, they are helping to alleviate the root causes of illegal immigration. Panama City – For all the heated debate over this summer’s failed immigration reform bill, little attention has been paid […]

Protect Your Assets – The ‘Perfect Storm’ may be about to wipe them out…

Please forgive the ‘rushed’ nature of this article but the very morning I posted this this article the Dow Industrial Average ended up closing down 311 Points, or 2.3% after recovering from a 450 point drop amid record volume.

Costa Rica Car Sales – July 2007

In a study examining the most recent 2,000 car purchases from registered car dealers, the following conclusions were reached and published on 26th July 2007:

Living in Costa Rica – Do you really want it to be like back home?

Many expatriates hold regular crying sessions about the differences between Tico culture and the culture back home. They complain about the poor road conditions, the inefficiency of ICE, ineffective police protection and the lack of specific brands of appliances and televisions. But what they do not see is that the government spends most of its […]

Why they migrate – Is this what CAFTA will do for the Ticos?

In 2002 alone, 600 Mexican farmers per day were forced off the land due to NAFTA, by US agribusiness dumping subsidized food exports on Mexico. And in the past five years, more than 1,600 Mexican migrants have lost their lives in their attempts to find jobs in the USA. It appears that none of the […]

Costa Rica Luxury Real Estate. Jaco is growing up with free aerial video of the beach…

And I don’t just mean taller, although it is definitely doing that as well. What I mean is that the town of Jaco is maturing. I believe that within the next several years that Jaco will be marketed as one of the premier luxury destinations on the Central Pacific Coast of Central America.

Costa Rica’s New Airport to be Built in Palmar Sur – Budget for technical study only confirmed.

The airport in Palmar Sur has been talked about for years and the basic idea is a good one: To open up the southern zone to direct tourism with a local airport, but the new ‘international‘ airport that many real estate sales people in Costa Rica have been using to try and help close their sales is not going to happen for quite some time as we first suspected back in April 2006.

Improving Roads in Guanacaste – Part II

The roads continue to improve in Guanacaste! Ordinarily I am not happy to be stuck in traffic, but it’s fine by me if the the delay is due to road construction.

Love It Or Leave It? – You don’t have to tell me twice. 27.6.07

Yet another 4th of July approaches, a holiday on which we all commemorate America’s big, shiny image of itself by emulating what it does best: Spend lots of money to blow shit up. It appears this’ll be my last opportunity to celebrate independence. No, I’m not dying, or getting married again. (Redundant. Sorry.) Nope. I’m […]

I Remember When …

As a boomer I have memories that go back further than some can recall. I acknowledge there are many whose memories are far greater than my own. Please join me in a challenge of the minds and enjoy the process as we take the journey on how it relates to Costa Rica. I remember when […]

Costa Rica New Car Dealers

If you are interested in buying a new car in Costa Rica, you may wish to visit the following sites

Retirement in Costa Rica – Consider Guapiles and Guacimo

A wonderful thing about this country is that despite its small size, the exploration and discovery of new places seem endless. Places that both travelers and locals alike constantly drive past on their way to the typical destinations.

More Brit’s Are Coming To Costa Rica – Being able to buy a 3,228 square foot luxury home for only £155,512 is one of the reasons.

Costa Rica is a place of stunning scenery, sunshine and smiles with spring-like weather all year round, no income taxes on foreign earned income, no capital gains taxes, excellent world-class medical facilities, affordable medical plans and populated by the ‘Ticos’ who are an amiable and very attractive people.

Costa Rica Construction Sector Grew By 59% Between March 2006 – March 2007

The construction sector had a growth of almost 59% in the last 12 months, due to new construction of houses and hotels, mainly in coastal zones. Between March 2006 and February 2007, 6,167,692 square meters were built, whereas between March 2005 and February 2006 that figure was 3,880,187. Miguel Tapia, economist and financial analyst of […]

Costa Rica Water & Electricity Problems. April 2007

Well what can one say? It’s been a very frustrating time in Costa Rica as we have been plagued by a variety of electricity rationing and blackouts in the last two weeks. The company responsible is the Instituto Costariccense de Electricidad, also known as ICE.