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Dental Implants in Costa Rica. “I saved enough money to pay cash for a new SUV and a great vacation in a beautiful country as well.”

In fact, it was necessary to repeat the same scans in Costa Rica because the U.S. pictures were inadequate and wholly inferior as a basis for the extensive implant procedures. This was just another example affirming my decision to go to Costa Rica for quality dental care.

All-on-4 Permanent Denture Bridge Promotion. Come to Costa Rica and save 30-50% Over US Prices.

Hello VIP members, an early Merry Christmas and Happy New Year greetings from myself, Dr. Mario and all his staff.

Dr. Mario Can Save Your Teeth – Free video

Your current dental health may be at the penultimate stage between saving your present teeth or having them pulled for a type of denture such as the ‘Snap-On’ or “All on 4′.

Teeth Clenching and Gum Disease: Two Baby Boomers Snap-Shot Testimonials

Take a moment to read the two short patient testimonials, with photos, who have been treated by Dr. Mario for these conditions and read below for your own self-diagnosis.

Why Visit Costa Rica For Dental Care? To Save A TON Of Money, That’s Why!

Ok, as a starting point you will save a ton of money on your dental work in Costa Rica but let me give you other reasons as well. Costa Rica has been nominated the ‘happiest country in the world’ and there are many reasons for this.

Need To Find A Great Dentist in Costa Rica? Call Charlie! He Knows…

Yes, hundreds of VIP members of who read my articles have traveled to Costa Rica to receive the kind of safe and affordable dental work that you yourself need right this moment.

Driving in Costa Rica – What’s All the Honking About?

That familiar early morning sound drags me from sleep again — is it the dawn’s chorus from brightly colored song birds, the low rumbling roar of howler monkeys beginning their daily fruit foraging? Nope.

All on 4 Implant Dentistry in Costa Rica. Let our Blue Cross Preferred dentist take care of you and you save 40%!

This new surgical procedure has become very popular because now we can treat many edentulous patients in a more economical and efficient way to obtain the best result for the patient in the shortest amount of time with less trauma.

Driving in Costa Rica – Road to Adventure

We had laughingly rejected the GPS system when the rental company offered it to us as we picked up our fun 4×4. “Who needs one of those?” said my confident other half, John. “We’re on a Costa Rican adventure!”

7 Lifesaving Secrets” that Ex-Pats Must Know Before Purchasing Private Global Medical Insurance

For most Expatriates, purchasing a quality private global medical insurance policy for you and your family can be quite intimidating and confusing…

Affordable Costa Rica Car Rentals With Free Cellphone, Cooler, Baby Seat, Roof-Rack and Map. (800) 601-8806

For most of us the idea of leaving the house without our cell phone is unthinkable now. We are accustomed to be contactable and able to contact anyone wherever we may be. We believe that your vacation should be no different so we provide our customers with a free cell phone for the duration of your car rental so that you have the reassurance of knowing that one of our highly qualified representatives is on the other line should you need us.

Costa Rica Dental Vacation

costa rica dental vacation

For the next four months, ending at 6am EST on the 1st November 2014, Dr. Mario is offering VIP Members of a special 40% discount off the price of any U.S. dental procedure plus a free one week stay at Casa Laurin B&B, a Trip Advisor Travelers Choice Award winner for 2013 and 2014. Call Charlie Dennard For More Details Today! (678) 736-4136 – In Costa Rica (506) 8645-5846

One Day Dental Implants: The dirty little secret they don’t tell you!

If you ever have gone on the internet looking for one or multiple dental implant(s) you will find dozens of clinic’s in the US advertising for the ‘One Day Implant’ or ‘Same Day Implant’, or ‘New Teeth in One Day’….and that of course is partially true.

Dr. Mario: The ‘Perfect’ Dentist in Costa Rica.

Ok, first let me address all of you readers shaking your heads as you read this article, thinking to yourself,” There ain’t no such thing as a ‘perfect’ anything.’
Well, prepared to be enlightened

5 Reasons To Plan Your Dental Vacation in Costa Rica Now!

His practice encompasses all of the disciplines of dentistry and he guarantees complete satisfaction. His practice is about 80% American and Canadian and he himself performs over 1,000 implants a year. His dental skills and ability to educate you as a patient will satisfy even the most skeptical and give you a high level of confidence about the outcome.