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The President’s Dentist. Costa Rica Dentist Dr. Mario’s Excellent Dental Adventure!

Dr. Mario has been in private practice for over 20 years providing high quality dentistry at an affordable price to patients coming from the United States and Canada. The average savings is 40-50% over US and Canadian dental costs.

Is Your Dentures Situation Hopeless? Here’s why you should consider permanent dentures called ‘All-on-4’.

Have you finally reached the point where you have no viable alternatives to fix your teeth? You have spent years, and paid thousands of dollars to your US dentist, just to hold things together. Now all the very expensive quick fixes no longer work. What to do?

Political Detoxification. Escape to Costa Rica where you can live in peace!

As a Costa Rican and a Canadian with many American friends and immediate family living there of both political stripes, I feel compelled to try to redirect focus to a more neutral state of mind.

Living in Costa Rica: WAY healthier!

The healthiest and happiest people on the planet live right here in Costa Rica. No… Ponce De Leon did not eventually find his elusive …

Dental Implants in Costa Rica With Dr. Mario. Here’s what to remember…

We talk about dental implants, getting dental implants, asking what does an implant cost etc,etc. For most people dental implants are an answer to restoring your smile, being able to eat again or the permanent replacement for lost teeth…

7 Lifesaving Insurance Tips For Expats in Costa Rica – Get Instant Access To Your Free Report!

My family and many of our VIP Members have been delighted with the wide range of affordable insurance products offered by our recommended insurance expert John McGee.

Expatriate Private Medical Insurance: How To Keep Premium Costs Manageable!

Relocating to another area of the world outside your country of citizenship, by yourself or with your family is a challenging yet adventurous task. There are so many details, “and the devil is in the details”, that must be addressed… where to live, schools for the children, safety issues, shopping locations, new activities, hospital locations, transportation, and …

Dr. Jacobo: All Star Bariatric Surgeon in Costa Rica

What do you call a man born in Indiana, raised and educated in the country of Panama, studied medicine in Costa Rica, specialized in Bariatric Surgery at Cornell University in the US and returned again to Costa Rica to practice Bariactric medicine? Focused.

Costa Rica Health Care and Hospitals – Hospital CIMA in Escazu. Free online video.

As a Registered Nurse Costa Rica health care is a topic close to my heart and recently I had the good fortune to visit beautiful Costa Rica to check out Costa Rica health care – the Doctors, Surgeons, Dentists and a Costa Rica hospital.

All On 4 Costa Rica Permanent Dentures – High Quality All On Four Free Airfare

This is the question. Do you want a full set of beautifully white custom fabricated teeth that are permanent and never come out? The “All on 4” permanent denture is the answer! No more emergency trips to the dentist when a tooth breaks or fractures. No more annoying partials that come loose at the worst times.

Orthopaedic Surgeon in Costa Rica Dr. Rodrigo Sequeira: Master of Orthopaedics

Like many doctors in Costa Rica medicine is a family affair. Dr. Sequeira’ father is a retired gynecologist and his older brother is a Ear, Nose and Throat specialist, who is a tremendous influence on him. A mixture of adulation and sibling rivalry no doubt.

Costa Rica Dentist Dr. Mario’s 2016/17 Dental Prices For All Procedures

Every year Dr. Mario adds new procedures and new staff to his dental practice. Unlike the US where you have to go to the different offices of each specialist, making multiple expensive office visits and paying exorbitant fees for lab tests you have an alternative.

The Four Main Bariatric Weight Loss Surgeries Performed in Costa Rica With Prices.

Having performed over 3,000 weight loss surgeries, Dr. Jacob is without doubt one of the most experienced bariatric surgeons in the entire region.

Getting Your Residency in Costa Rica. Tips on how to get more Yes’s and less No’s!

When you want service from the above-mentioned sources, always wear appropriately colored socks, lace up shoes and a collared shirt with sleeves. In other words, age-appropriate, smart, multi-tasking separates. Best to stay away from bold patterns.

Fast, Efficient and Affordable Dental Treatment with Blue Cross Preferred Dentist Dr. Mario in Costa Rica. Ronnie Marks saved 50% and he and his wife had a “blast” on their Costa Rica dental vacation. Free video of Dr. Mario’s new surgery!

I have calculated, based on the cost estimates from the local dentist in the U.S., that after including the cost of our return visit for both my wife and I, I will have saved over 50% on the cost of this procedure and will have have visited Costa Rica twice.