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10 Wild & Wonderful Animals in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a lush and green paradise teeming with rare and beautiful wildlife. There are an incredible range of habitats here, squeezed into a relatively small country…

What Exactly Is A Dental Vacation? Free airfare or free B&B + 40% dental discount = Dental Vacation

Well now, that sounds like quite a combination. In fact its an unbeatable combination.

Great Attractions for Couples in Costa Rica

There is no question about it; Costa Rica is the perfect destination for a couple’s getaway. This beautiful country is brimming with fun and romantic things to do and breathtaking sites to see.

Are You Curious About Getting Your Teeth Fixed in Costa Rica?

Your dental insurance is essentially worthless or non-existent. As you scratch out your cash assets, including your credit card balances, you realize that, on paper, it can’t be done…

The Importance of Travel Medical Insurance when Traveling Outside Your Home Country

Bailing out of the upcoming cold weather and heading South, way South, may be a perfect solution to avoid the winter headaches; however, leaving without having a solid Travel Medical policy or Air Evacuation plan in place can cause you a lot more than shivers and migraines!

My A+ Experience with a Blue Cross Preferred Costa Rica Dentist and My “Guardian Angel” Charlie Dennard.

Then fate got involved… A few days later, I received a call from a guy named Charlie Dennard. That single phone call changed my life dramatically.

Ask Your Favourite Costa Rica Dentist Dr. Mario! Get your free dental consultation with Dr. Mario in Person or by telephone.

So, you moan to yourself again as you remember that you have to get to the dentist to have that long overdo check-up. But then you remember why you have put it off for the last several years.

Was It Your Dentist Who Killed A Lion Recently? Come to Costa Rica where hunting is illegal and the dentists are affordable!

The American Dental Association reports that the average gross business for owner dentists in 2013 was $646,440 for a general practitioner and $857,110 for a dentist who specializes.

The Importance Of Having A Professional Compared To A Salesman As Your International Health Insurance Specialist…

As you know, since 1992, our company has been insuring expatriates, local nationals and multinational corporate executives all over the world!

How A Special Dentist in Costa Rica Saved My Mouth and My Sanity!

About four years ago, my dentist here in the USA broke the bad news. “Your mouth is in terrible shape,” he said. I had a fifteen year old bridge spanning seven front upper teeth. The problem was, three of the teeth were missing underneath due to sports injuries and the other four gave me such pain, half my face was intermittently numb.

Insurance News For Expats in Costa Rica

I have some great information to share and a little heart to heart advice this month… both professionally and on a personal level, (meaning each of us).

Facing A Dental Disaster? Dr. Mario to the rescue!

Once your teeth have reached a certain point of decay there is a point of no return. You cannot necessarily see or feel that tipping point but there is one. It is remarkable how we can live with teeth that are not only unattractive but downright embarrassing.

Your Dental Coordinator Charlie Dennard: Your companion, counselor and guide.

My name is Charlie Dennard and I am the patient consultant for Dr. Mario in San Jose, Costa Rica. I live in San Jose and I have been working in the field of dental tourism with Dr. Mario and his staff for the last 5 years.

Shopping For A Dentist in Costa Rica. Beware the bait and switch!

The cost of dentistry in the US has motivated individuals, some whom have never left the state where they were born, to hop on a plane and fly to Costa Rica to receive state-of-the-art dental care with a 40% saving over their US dentist.

Super Dental Savings In Costa Rica. Check out our complete price list and remember that you may be entitled to a free airfare up to $1,000. Valid until 1st October 2015

There are not many times that you will have this ‘perfect storm’ of lower oil prices, off season rates for hotel, rental car and airfares.