There is no free ride when it comes to dental work. But if you could find an answer to your dental problems, once and for all, that would cost you 40-60% less than your US dentist, would that interest you?

In your office visits with your US dentist did he ever use the word “edentulous” while examining you? Do you know what that means? No? Let’s learn together.

Edentulous: Being without teeth. Complete loss of all natural teeth can substantially reduce quality of life, self-image, and daily functioning.

Does that definition apply to you? Perhaps being ‘edentulous’ is coming to you sooner than later.
Now is the time to make a decision about the quality of life you want. Once you reach that point of no return you have two choices. First, you could settle for the dentures that you ‘glue’ in.

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It is a choice many people make usually because of finances. They have no choice. A few thousand dollars and you have teeth again. Ay, but heres the rub. You will quickly find out the limitations of removable dentures. First, you realize that its hard to talk with them. No matter how much ‘glue’ you use they will slip. When your tongue is trying to form words you find your denture gets in the way.

You stammer, your dentures ‘click’ and your face contorts as you try to pronounce words around your removable denture. Not a pretty sight. Eating in public becomes an adventure as you navigate around the food on your plate worrying about your removable dentures failing at the wrong moment.

One misplaced bite on something hard and you find your teeth loose, floating in your mouth.

Then every night you remove your dentures and as you look in the mirror, your face, because there is no facial support structure, sags into a sullen, formless look as spittle from your lips highlights your distorted appearance. Ever seen someone without their dentures..?

Now here is the other alternative that is prohibitively expensive in the US, but with Dr. Mario in Costa Rica, it is as much as 60% less expensive than your US dentist. And if cost is still an issue Dr. Mario works with a US financial company, that specializes in medical tourism, that will finance the cost. Ok, Charlie you ask, what is this ‘magic bullet’?

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A permanent denture called an ‘All-on-4‘. This is a dental procedure where your remaining teeth,
if you are not already edentulous, are extracted. Dr. Mario then surgically places 4 implants in your upper bridge and 4 implants in your lower bridge.

Then, new custom-made acrylic upper and lower bridges are computer fabricated to exactly match your facial structure. Then custom made teeth are attached to these pemanent bridges anchored by the implants. No slipping, no sliding.

No fear of eating. No removing every night. No ghostly face to look at in the mirror. After a few weeks of adjustment you talk with ease. You enjoy your meals out and your perfect permanent smile dares someone to tell a joke.

So, start thinking now about the life you want to live and the permanent, affordable choice that Dr. Mario offers.

Dr. Mario is a Blue Cross Preferred Dentist in Costa Rica.
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