As you know, since 1992, our company has been insuring expatriates, local nationals and multinational corporate executives all over the world!

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During these many years I’ve seen many product pushers come and go, especially in the local markets…One year they are selling appliances, the next they are selling Amway, the next year they are selling insurance!

This is a very dangerous trend; remember, NOTHING can replace your health and the service and advice you get from your healthcare advisor when you are in dire emergency times… that’s why I pride myself as an Insurance SPECIALIST that doesn’t peddle policies:

What I do: I propose Customized Strategies, Solutions and continued Customer Service throughout my relationship with my clients 24/7. I assist them in implementing quality and affordable programs that will be there in their time of immediate need. I answer all questions until they are comfortable to make a decision.

Example: In May 2015 I had a client who had to go to the hospital for some chest pains; on a Sunday I received a call from my client on my cell phone… I immediately contacted the on call services for one of the main companies we represent – a Lloyds of London carrier.

I got the ball rolling and on Monday morning I contacted the main office in Miami and they did an awesome job assisting the client and his wife, navigating them through anything they needed… reimbursing claims and dealing with the hospital directly if required… making it a seamless and comforting encounter during a very trying and scary time…

This is what my client sent to me to forward the company that serviced them:

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“Hello John,

Since you are the representative that markets WEA as a health insurance program, I wanted you to know that our claims with them is now completed and we received superior service from the management at Lyncpay. Sulma Torres, V.P. of Administration; Yenlys Hernandez, Claims Services Supervisor; and Rose Lopez, Claims Team Leader all responded to our concerns very quickly.

In response to our concerns they refunded us the approximately $492 the hospital charged us for using a credit card to pay our bill. They determined that the $250 emergency room charge did not apply in David’s situation. They expedited the payment of the claim so we did not have to wait too long to pay down our credit card. They also wrote letters of apology and I wonder how often companies do that.

In all my communications with them I felt I was working with individuals who listened to and really cared about my concerns. I think you can feel very confident about recommending WEA and Lyncpay to individuals needing health insurance.

Sincerely, Gloria.”

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Note: I can share many, many stories and times that I’ve done this over the years and this is the difference of being aggravated because you can’t find your agent or you are on the phone with the insurance company when you are in hysterics, trying to explain what’s going on in a major emergency…

It’s MY JOB to be the conduit to the insurance company, to take away the initial stress and worry that comes along in possible tragic and immediate emergency situations.

This is what separates a professional from a salesman! Shoot me an email and I’ll be happy to advise you and answer any questions or concerns, even if I don’t make you a client.

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Before You Buy Travel, Health or Life Insurance…

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If you are considering new insurance coverage or your policy is coming due, and would appreciate expert help in choosing what’s best for you, your family and maybe your company, please click on John McGee’s website here and get a customized insurance quote today!

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