Like so many people you suddenly find yourself blindsided with major dental work that’s going to cost you tens of thousands of dollars involving multiple dental visits with different specialists over several months.

Your dental insurance is essentially worthless or non-existent. As you scratch out your cash assets, including your credit card balances, you realize that, on paper, it can’t be done. So you go to your computer looking for an answer to what seems to be a hopeless situation.

Is there any way to beat this ‘system’ that holds you as a financial hostage?

You start your searches looking for alternatives. Then you read about a dentist in Costa Rica, Dr. Mario, who guarantees to save you a minimum of 40% on your US or Canadian dental costs and pay for your airfare.

Hold the phone! Can this be true?

You have some questions on your mind:

  • Who is this Dr. Mario and where did he go to school?

    Dr. Mario went to University of Miami School of Medicine graduating as a oral surgeon. He did his residency at Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami,FL. He was the first licensed implantologist in Costa Rica. He has been in private practice for 22 years.

  • Ok, so does he have any recommendations by anybody I would recognize?

    Dr. Mario is recommended by the US Embassy in Costa Rica. He was selected by the US insurance giant Blue Cross Blue Shield/SC as a preferred provider, one of only 3 in Latin America. He is a member of the American Dental Association, the ADA.

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  • How can he be so much cheaper than my dentist? Does he use inferior dental materials?

    Good question. There are 2 main reasons he is so much less expensive than your dentist. First the wages of skilled dental employees is substantially less than the US.

    For example, in the US, a dental hygienist would earn between $35-50,000 dollars.

    In Costa Rica $12-15,000 dollars. A starting dentist in Costa Rica will earn under $30,000 dollars his first few years. Dr. Mario, his wife and baby, lived above a McDonalds in downtown San Jose his first 2 years in practice.

    Also Dr. Mario does not pay hundreds of thousands in malpractice insurance costs as US dentists have to as mandated by government and professional guidelines. Costa Rica is not a litigious society.

    As far as dental materials only those recommended and approved by the ADA are used.

  • That’s good to hear but how old is his equipment?

    Dr. Mario recently opened a $3 million dollar dental facility with the latest German and American dental technology.

  • I am going to need a lot of implants. Does Dr. Mario do that?
    Dr. Mario has performed over 8000 implants with a 97% success rate.
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  • So what happens if something goes wrong when I get back home?

    Dr. Mario guarantees his work 100%, but you should have a local dentist for any emergency.

  • Will Dr. Mario take my US insurance?

    Not as payment but we will give you the paperwork to submit to your insurance company. The vast majority will pay on your claim as Dr. Mario’s practice is known internationally.

  • That’s interesting. What if I want to talk to him before I come down? No problem. Dr. Mario will call you at no charge.
  • What payment does he accept? Either cash, most credit cards or personal check.
  • What does this guy Charlie do? Charlie will help you plan your trip, schedule your appointments, accompany you on your first appointment and take you to dinner as his guest.
  • So how much is he going to cost me? Nothing. Dr. Mario pays for his services.
  • Ok, so how do I get started? Just fill out the contact form below and Charlie will call you within 24 hours.

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Dr. Mario is a Blue Cross Preferred Dentist in Costa Rica.
For World Class Dentistry at Affordable Prices
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