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How Much Is It For The Dental Treatment I Need? Please! Just tell me, how much does it cost? Free video with Dr. Mario.

Bottom line for you and me… there is no way on planet earth that you will ever be given an answer to a direct question involving money unless you pay for it… it will cost you!

Louisiana Doctor Enjoys “Faster, Cheaper, Better Overall Experience” With Costa Rica Dentist Dr. Mario. With free video.

Being in the health care field myself, the offshore concept intrigued me so have since spent considerable time researching and educating myself on that. I did the Dental Tourism, although not much touring this time, and am quite pleased with the entire experience.

Blue Cross Preferred Dentist in Costa Rica. Dr. Mario’s brand new building and new bonuses for you – his patients!

Dr. Mario’s devotion to these principles has defined his practice for the past 20 years and he is literally building on the fruits of that success that will continue to benefit his patients.

Your Costa Rica Dentist Dr. Mario – Where you’ll find the perfect smile at the perfect price

If world-class cosmetic dentistry is a necessity for you, personally or professionally, it can be economically realized in a way that you can live with. Costa Rica offers a alternative to Beverly Hills prices.

Costa Rica’s Blue Cross Preferred Dentist. From ‘Gulp!’ to ‘Wow!’ and US$8,000 in savings!

The end of the story is that I changed my dentist and ended up with a Costa Rica dental vacation. Reading this, you may be as shocked as I was when I first pondered the idea of going out of country for dental work. That was something that seemed very foreign to me at the time.

Costa Rica Gynecologist Dr. Adam Paer. Safe and affordable abdominal hysterectomy.

There is also the option of a vertical incision but this decision rest with your surgeon and is dependent on the reason for the hysterectomy, the need to explore the upper abdomen, the size of your uterus, and if there are any scars or scar tissue from previous abdominal surgery.

Gynecologist and Obstetrician Dr. Adam Paer – Personal care when you need it the most. Free video interview.

Dr. Adam Paer completed his schooling and graduated from the University of Costa Rica’s medical school in 1989. From there he did his community service in Monteverde and his residency at Hospital Mexico. He also served five years as the medical advisor to the US embassy in San Jose.

Affordable Plastic Surgery in Costa Rica

Costa Rica has a literacy rate of over 94% and an excellent health system. Costa Rica’s health care system has been ranked 23rd by the WHO (the World Health Organization) which is the same level as many ‘developed’ industrial countries.

Getting A Face Lift For A Fresher Younger Looking You.

As people age, the effects of gravity, exposure to the sun, and the stresses of daily life can be seen in their faces. Deep creases form between the nose and mouth; the jaw line grows slack and jowly; folds and fat deposits appear around the neck.

Cosmetic Surgery in Costa Rica – VIP Member Nancy Riley gives “highest rating possible!”

I began my research into cosmetic surgery over a year ago. Costa Rica has a long history of excellent medical care and cosmetic surgery. Medical tourism is one of the main reasons people over 60 years of age visit Costa Rica.

Costa Rica Dentist Preferred By Blue Cross – Have your dental work done for less and ask about our free round trip air fare!

I begin brainstorming the problem wondering if someone was there to educate them about the dentist in the other country, especially in regards to their education and training, help them plan their trip from beginning to end, give them a comfort level about making the trip, in spite of their fears and at the same time helping them see the cost benefit and realize thousands of dollars in savings….would that make a difference? The answer was ‘why not, of course it would.’

Costa Rica Veneers – High Quality, Inexpensive Veneers in Costa Rica

dental veneers costa rica feature

There is one little catch however. Yes! If you are relatively young, say under 40, there is a good chance that the whitening procedures used by dentists will restore, to a degree, that smile (even less with the OTC stuff) that stares back at you from magazines and billboards but as you grow older…

You Want How Much to Fix My Teeth?

Take that dental plan you have received from your US dentist and let’s put it to the test. Fill out the contact form at the end of this article and where it asks for information about what you need, write ‘compare treatment plans’.

Cosmetic Surgery Especially For Men. The executive combo.

When watching TV news, reality shows or scientific programs or when reading in the newspaper and magazines, it is evident the popularity is there for cosmetic procedures.

Costa Rica Cosmetic Surgeon Dr. Oscar at Hospital CIMA – Video interview.

In this video cosmetic surgeon Dr. Suarez speaks about his education, qualifications and his 11 years of experience – with an impeccable track record – as a cosmetic surgeon in Costa Rica.