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Costa Rica Dentist in Arenal – VIP Member recommends Dra. Tatiana Ortiz

Rising costs of dentistry in the U.S. has reached an all time high with no relief in sight. Many people are forced to go without or are going deeply in to debt to get much needed dentistry.

Costa Rica Hospital for Mothers’ Day?

Mother’s Day on August 15th is a H-U-G-E day in Costa Rica and to celebrate Moms from all over the country will be visiting the best hospital in Central America

Costa Rica Dentist in La Fortuna

Ana had finished her studies at Ulacit University, obtaining a master’s degree in Oral Surgery under the tutelage of well-known dental surgeon Dr. Jorge Cubero Malavassi.

Costa Rica Dentist – Avoiding Pain

Last Sunday I started having a severe toothache. I had not required the services of a Dentist in Costa Rica up to this point, so I had to ask for recommendations.