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US Woman Pays $3,600 for Expert Dental Work in Costa Rica That Would Cost $14,000 in the USA

In the article they discuss the case of Shelia Liner who had broken, damaged front teeth for many years and even with dental insurance she was quoted around $14,000 to fix them. She didn’t have that money: “I just thought I’ll never be able to have it done,” said Liner. In the end Sheila found a dentist in Costa Rica who did the dental work for her for just US$3,600.

Staying Healthy in Costa Rica – Hospital CIMA is one of the best…

When someone is considering living, working or retiring in a Less Developed Country (LDC) like Costa Rica, you must carefully consider the economic, political and social issues as well as health care and the cost of living.

Giving Birth (Again) at Hospital CIMA in Costa Rica

I am happy to report that my second experience giving birth to another baby boy was equally as great as the first time around at Hospital CIMA in San Jose.

CIMA is affiliated with Baylor Medical Center in the USA. It’s as modern as a US hospital… but you are treated better. CIMA is located in Escazu, a suburb West of San Jose and a popular area for ex-pats.

Costa Rica Open MRI – Hospital CIMA in Escazu

There are very few open MRIs in Costa Rica, in fact, one of them is in one of the most modern, high-technology hospitals in Central America, just five minutes from San Jose – Hospital CIMA.

Costa Rica Dentist – Or, how I got dental implants in Costa Rica, saved a bundle, and learned to laugh again.

My toothy adventure began last February. That’s when my dentist gave me final warning: “The only way we can save what little gums you have left is with dental implants. And soon!” But the cost was prohibitive.

5 Easy Steps to Secure the Correct Overseas Travel Medical Insurance Policy

A worry free travel experience is what we all aim for, unfortunately many times it ends up with accidents or illnesses that are completely unexpected and if you are not prepared it could cost you dearly. Enjoy your trip carefree and seriously look into a Travel Medical Insurance policy.

U.S. Healthcare Reform – Wake Up Americans!

I’m sure all of you have been following the health care debate here in the USA; especially those U.S. expats… Tax the Rich and give to the Poor… kind of like Robin Hood, Right?

U.S. Expatriates and Your Medicare Benefits Insurance.

I was compelled to do the research and write this article because of the numerous amounts of e-mails I received from U.S. Expats concerned about their Medicare “A”, “B” & “D benefits and how they would apply to them once they reached age 65 and beyond while living outside the United States?

Costa Rica Family Doctor – Free online video with one of the “best, most caring Doctors we’ve ever encountered.”

Unlike all the other Central American nations, Costa Rica has many highly trained, fully bilingual medical professionals who’s personal goal when they see you is more along the lines of “What can I do to help you get better?” rather than …

Costa Rica’s Socialized Medical System – The CAJA – Does Have It’s Limitations!

Many of our VIP Members have had great experiences with the remarkably affordable Costa Rican state medical system (which normally costs less than $50 per month per retired couple), but the speed and level of attention very much depends on where you are physically located. Service in the bigger cities tends to be slower, depending […]

US$20,000 Saved with Costa Rica Medical Care

For quite some time, I have researched Costa Rica in many aspects. Medical care being a primary concern for me. I have read books, internet articles, spoke with others that have been there. After I spoke with Dr. Eduardo Loyola (who was recommended by Scott at WeLoveCostaRica …

Costa Rica Hospitals & Healthcare – Giving Birth

When I found out that myself and my husband Keith were expecting, I was overjoyed. I had no qualms of having a child here and looking forward to being a new mom. Of course, I had no expectations – since I had no children, so everything was a new experience.

Costa Rica Face Lift – Trading Faces Under The Volcano.

Costa Rica Face Lift – Trading Faces Under The Volcano. How I Traveled to the Land of Pura Vida and Found My New Face Waiting. I’d just turned 65, and had declared no national holiday…

Quality Dental Care in Costa Rica

For the last six or seven years I have been wearing dentures. Part of the time when I was not wearing them at all was because they caused me so much pain when I wear them! I could list the negatives of dentures here but anyone who has them already knows! The best advise I could provide would be to do whatever it takes to keep your original teeth.

Costa Rica Surgery – Demand Increases 56%

Luis Kaver, a specialist in dental esthetics, confirmed that 30% of his customers are foreigners looking for quality and speed and Otton Fernandez Lopez, an odontologist indicated that most patients have a high degree of confidence because many Costa Rican medical professionals studied and graduated
from schools in the USA.