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Have you ever considered Costa Rica for dental tourism? While saving a significant amount of money, you can get professional dental services and enjoy a short vacation in a beachy paradise.

We work with Costa Rica dentists since 2003 and we know the market better than anyone. It allows us to provide unique features for our visitors:

  • Recommened by US Embassy in Costa Rica
  • Dentist to the President of Costa Rica – Laura Chinchilla
  • First licensed Dental Implant Specialist in Costa Rica, 1996
  • 50% to 60% lower prices compared to US and Canada
  • Free Airfare
  • Dental work 100% guarantee

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costa rica dental vacation charles dennard
Step out of the airport into the brilliantly colored landscape and sparkling beaches of Costa Rica, one of the most visited of all international destinations, for the perfect Costa Rica dental vacation. Completely arranged by our experienced patient coordinator, Charles Dennard, your Costa Rica dental vacation experience begins with a personal greeting and all of the help that you require to arrange both your lodging and transportation.
costa rica dental vacation dr. mario
From the airline tickets to delicious dinners in restaurants that are favorites with the locals, Costa Rica dental vacations mean that you can save 40 to 70 percent on your dental work at Dr. Mario’s state-of-the-art dental clinic. While you enjoy an amazing trip to the sandy beaches, incredible shopping and bustling nightlife of Costa Rica, you experience the best and most modern practices in dental care from routine crowns and fillings to gleaming porcelain veneers. Dr. Mario’s English-speaking staff is trained to make you feel safe and comfortable while you receive top-notch dental care on your Costa Rica dental vacation.

What is a Costa Rica Dental Vacation?

A Costa Rica dental vacation is just like your regularly planned vacation to a beautiful, relaxing and fun location with the addition of award-winning dental services by Dr. Mario and his friendly and competent English-speaking staff. Your Costa Rica vacation begins with Charles Dennard, the patient coordinator for Dr. Mario. “Charlie” is completely familiar with all of the ins-and-outs of a Costa Rica dental vacation with plenty of options for travel, fun entertainment, exceptional lodging and delicious meals. He understands your needs and is on top of creating an amazing dental vacation.

costa rica dental vacation dr. mario office

When you arrive in Costa Rica, you are greeted by Charlie and delivered right to your preferred lodging arrangements. A lovely bed and breakfast or an elegant hotel makes it simple to forget that there is any purpose other than relaxation in this Costa Rica vacation. Charlie works to familiarize you with the local cuisine, transportation, beach and jungle outings and even with Dr. Mario’s services. Whether you are in Costa Rica for a full mouth repair or routine fillings and crowns, Dr. Mario has office hours and pricing to make your smile as happy as it is beautiful.

How To Prepare For Your Costa Rica Dental Vacation

A visit to Dr. Mario’s Costa Rica dental clinic is very similar to a visit to your local dentist office. Dr. Mario’s office staff speaks English and works hard to make you feel comfortable and prepared for your dental services. The office is modern and equipped with state-of-the-art x-ray and laboratory services. Dr. Mario was trained in Miami, Florida and speaks excellent English.

dental vacation in costa rica dr. mario

Charles Dennard will coordinate your dental services. If you have recent dental x-rays and dental records, he will request that you have them available to share with Dr. Mario. Dr. Mario’s Costa Rica dental clinic has the ability to perform x-rays and examinations if you do not have recent dental records.

Charlie will ensure that you arrive at each of your appointments with Dr. Mario. He helps to arrange transportation and lodging. Any paperwork you need to complete will be available prior to the dental appointment.

costa rica dental vacation 01

Charlie will also help you to arrange payment for your Costa Rica dental vacation. Dr. Mario does accept Blue Cross and Blue Shield and many other dental insurance types. Ensure that your type of payment is accepted prior to booking your dental vacation.

Let Charlie and Dr. Mario’s staff know if you have any allergies to medications. It is important to keep a list of current medications handy for your Costa Rica dental vacation.

Do you have intense dental anxiety or fear? Let Dr. Mario’s staff know this prior to your appointment.

Quality of Dental Care in Costa Rica

Costa Rica consistently ranks among the top 10 countries for quality dental vacation services. The majority of the dental vacationers visiting Costa Rica come from the United States of America and Canada, and they choose Costa Rica because of the excellent quality of dental care along with state-of-the-art dental clinics. Dr. Mario and his welcoming, English-speaking dental staff is definitely one of the perks of choosing a spectacular Costa Rica dental vacation.

With over 180 miles of beautiful coastline and breathtaking views of the sparkling Pacific Ocean, Costa Rica invites dental vacationers from all over the world to sample delicious gallo pinto and other native cuisines, to surf some of the perfect Pacific waves and to take a moment to enjoy the natural beauty of this graceful land. Costa Rica calls to vacationers who love shopping with everything from high fashion to beach style clothing, and greets animal lovers with 615 species of animal and 10 percent of the world’s butterflies. Charles Dennard, Dr. Mario’s patient coordinator, knows all about making the most of your Costa Rica dental vacation.

From planning a comprehensive dental service to getting those much-needed fillings, the quality of care in Costa Rica is on-par with any dental care in the United States or Canada. Most materials are FDA approved and many are imported from the United States or Canada. Dr. Mario’s state-of-the-art facility offers the same name-brand materials and important services that you expect in your local dental clinic.

The World Health Organization consistently ranks Costa Rica as one of the best countries for overall longevity and stable health care, and with all there is to do in Costa Rica, a dental vacation is the perfect combination of “fun and practical.”

Over 40,000 people visit Costa Rica each year as dental vacationers with an eye for big savings. Even with the addition of airfare, lodging and meals, dental care in Costa Rica is often 40 to 70 percent less expensive than in comparable clinics in the United States or Canada. Dr. Mario’s English-speaking staff make it easy to forget that you have flown to a foreign country for a dental vacation, and the friendly and fun atmosphere and breathtaking natural beauty of Costa Rica are definitely worth the trip.

Common Reasons to Choose a Dental Vacation in Costa Rica

There are plenty of reasons to take a Costa Rica dental vacation with quality dental care ranking right up among the most important. Many people choose a Costa Rica dental retreat because they do not have dental insurance in their home country and the dental care that they require is extremely expensive. Some dental vacationers choose to travel to Costa Rica because they appreciate the quality of dental care, and that same high quality care is not available to them near their home. Another common reason to travel to Costa Rica for dental care is to experience the beauty of the country with its towering mountains and volcanoes, sandy beaches and laid-back atmosphere that invites relaxation and joy.

costa rica dental vacations 02


Price is definitely a major concern when you are preparing for an important surgery or for major dental care. Dental reconstruction or even a simple set of dentures can cost $10,000 or more, even when your dental insurance is involved.

Traveling to Costa Rica to see Dr. Mario and his well-trained staff means cutting those dental care expenses by 40 to 70 percent in most cases. Even with the added cost of airfare, lodging and meals, traveling to Costa Rica for a dental vacation saves you money. Combining a wonderful vacation with Dr. Mario’s convenient and modern dental services makes sense when it comes to saving money and enjoying the trip.


Spectacular scenery and amazing entertainment are both a bonus when it comes to spending time in Costa Rica on a dental vacation. The quality of dental care in Dr. Mario’s state-of-the-art clinic is designed to make dental patients feel comfortable and safe while they obtain all of their necessary dental treatment. From simple x-rays to a complete dental restoration, Dr. Mario has FDA-approved materials and equipment that make a trip to his office almost exactly like a trip to your local dentist’s office. Consistently ranked among the top-10 dental vacation destinations in the world, Costa Rica’s advanced health care system ranks well for patients who require dental services.


costa rica dental vacation beauty

When you are planning a dental vacation, Costa Rica should be at the top of your list for quality dental services along with money-saving prices. From towering mountains to over 180 miles of spectacular coastline, Costa Rica calls to travelers from all over the world. Dr. Mario’s modern and comfortable dental clinic pairs perfectly with a Costa Rica dental vacation. Charlie Dennard, Dr. Mario’s patient coordinator, knows all of the best restaurants and the fun entertainment options for your Costa Rica dental vacation. He has that local knowledge that makes settling into a new country for a dental visit a breeze.

Costa Rica Dental Prices

The prices for standard dental services and even cosmetic dental procedures in Dr. Mario’s high-tech and modern dental clinic make taking a Costa Rica dental vacation an excellent choice for saving money and creating a fabulous smile. Starting with a simple consultation and a full set of x-rays, you pay just $50. Sitting in the dental chair with one-on-one attention from a dentist with world-class training ensures that you get the best dental services for your money.

When your dental service needs become more complicated, Dr. Mario has the equipment and the skill to meet and exceed your expectations for quality dental care. Metal crowns begin at just $450 with Zirconium or porcelain crowns beginning at $550. The savings when you choose a Costa Rica dental vacation ranges from 40 to 70 percent when compared to the same services in places like the United States or Canada.

Pricing for cosmetic dental services include porcelain veneers beginning at $450 and Zoom laser whitening starting at just $350. A complete list of Dr. Mario’s extensive dental services and the pricing is available below:

Consultation w/X-rays $50
3D Tomography $235
Cleaning $50

Exposed Root $50
Erupted/Surg $100
Wisdom Ext $200
Wisdom Surg $250
Root Canals $380
Post and Core $125

Provisional $75
Metal/Pore $450
Zirconium/Pore $550
Monolithic Zirconium Crown over Implant $650
Bridge ea Tooth $650
Zimmer Implant $850
Bone Graft $350 and up

All on 4 Permanent Dentures
All Acrylic Bridge $8000 each
Cast Metal Bridge $9800 each
Titanium Bridge $13800 each
Zirconium Bridge $15800 each
Cosmetic Dental
Porcelain Veneers $450
Porcelain Inlay/Onlay $350
Zoom Laser Whitening $350

How to do a Dental Vacation in Costa Rica the Right Way

To do a dental vacation in Costa Rica the “right way,” you definitely need to begin by contacting Dr. Mario’s patient coordinator, Charles Dennard, using the contact form below. Charlie has all of the information that you need to create a perfect dental vacation while you get all of your necessary dental work completed on a schedule that suits your needs.

Beginning with helping to arrange your travel needs, Charlie stands by you as your trip evolves step-by-step. He knows of the best local hotels and bed and breakfasts, making it simple to arrange your lodging while he lets you in on the secrets to the top local restaurants and shopping areas.

Charlie stands by to arrange each day’s travel if desired, and he even meets you at Dr. Mario’s office to talk about your dental procedures. He can be a helpful go-between in case you have dental anxiety, and he’s knowledgeable about both Dr. Mario’s procedures and the local area. Having a dedicated patient coordinator on your side gives you peace-of-mind as you travel to Costa Rica for your dental vacation. Doing a dental vacation the “right way” means not worrying about where you will stay, what you will eat and how you will find the dental office in a foreign country.

Visiting Costa Rica on a dental vacation means so much more than low-cost dental care. You have the opportunity to visit some of the most spectacular national parks and sparkling beaches in the entire world. You have time to enjoy shopping and recreation as you finish your dental services, and you have a variety of options when it comes to simply celebrating life in all its beauty.

FAQ About Costa Rica Dental Vacation

1. How much will I save if I have my dental work done in Costa Rica?
On average, Costa Rica dental vacation travelers spend about 40 to 70 percent less on dental procedures than their US or Canadian counterparts. Even with the expense of travel, lodging and meals, the average Costa Rica dental vacationer still saves money.

2. Why should I even consider going to Costa Rica for dental services?
Having access to dental care that is world class is definitely the best reason for considering travel to Costa Rica to visit Dr. Mario’s dental clinic. Many people live in an area where there is little access to modern dental services. Traveling to Costa Rica means plenty of opportunity for fun while you save money and enjoy excellent dental care.

3. Can I talk to Dr. Mario before my Costa Rica dental vacation?
Yes, you can talk to Dr. Mario before you come to Costa Rica for your dental vacation. You have access to Charles Dennard, Dr. Mario’s personal patient associated throughout your entire planning stage and through the entire trip. Charlie can probably answer most of your questions before you even purchase an airline ticket.

4. Do the dentists and the staff speak English?
Yes. When traveling to Costa Rica for a dental vacation you will find that most dental clinics employ staff members and dentists who speak English fluently. Dr. Mario and his staff are among those who speak English.

5. Is my dentist in Costa Rica board certified?
Many of the Costa Rica dental vacation travelers are worried that the dentist they choose might not have the same type of education or standards as a dentist in their home country. Dr. Mario was trained in the United States and is board certified.

Schedule Your Costa Rica Dental Vacation Today

Schedule your Costa Rica dental vacation by contacting Charles Dennard using the form located on this website. Charlie is Dr. Mario’s patient coordinator and he even answers his own telephone. From scheduling your flight to setting up each appointment with Dr. Mario, Charlie is right by your side for the entire Costa Rica dental vacation. You do not have to worry about finding a great restaurant or a clean and comfortable hotel for your stay in Costa Rica because Charlie has all of those details covered.

dental vacation in costa rica dr mario

Working closely with Dr. Mario makes it simple for Charlie to ensure that all of your dental procedures are just what you need to set up a smile that will make you celebrate. Dr. Mario has a pleasant and well-trained staff who speak English and who are absolutely dedicated to giving you the very best Costa Rica dental vacation possible. Dr. Mario is a graduate of the University of Miami Dental School and even did his residency at Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami. He has been practicing dentistry for over 20 years, and has a spectacular state-of-the-art dental clinic with modern equipment.

Dr. Mario is up-front about his pricing and offers a huge selection of services that you would find in your local dental office. From basic x-rays to complicated cosmetic procedures, your Costa Rica dental vacation is definitely going to cost less than the same procedures in the United States or Canada. Dr. Mario’s clinic is even approved by most Blue Cross and Blue Shield dental plans, so you can use your dental insurance when you travel to Costa Rica.

With low-cost and high quality dental services, amazing customer service that makes you feel safe and comfortable and access to some of the most beautiful scenery in the world, your Costa Rica dental vacation experience becomes one of those occasions that you want to remember for a lifetime. Simple, safe and convenient dental care with Dr. Mario and his staff makes it (almost) fun to get that dental work done.

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