My Very Positive Experience While Obtaining Substantial and Excellent Dental Work Performed By Dr. Mario in Escazu, Costa Rica.

These are my experiences while obtaining substantial and excellent dental work performed by Dr. Mario in Escazu, Costa Rica, where dental tourism is almost as commonplace as amusement park tourism in Orlando.

Supporting Local Gringo Artists. Nathan Miller is “thrilled” with Costa Rica.

There’s something to be said for supporting young local artistic talent. Through a collaboration with the Hidden Garden Art Gallery, we are fortunate to have the work of Nathan Miller on display and available for sale in our real estate office.

In 1993, Noam Chomsky Revealed The Zika Secret

More often than we suppose, a piece of forgotten history illuminates the present moment like a stroke of lightning above the landscape.

So What Else Are They (the IRS) Lying About?

In the runup to April 15’s tax-filing deadline, the IRS has once again published a list of what it calls its “Dirty Dozen” tax scams.

Historic Preservation in Costa Rica: The rebirth of a community

Costa Rica is not as wealthy architecturally speaking as it’s neighbors to the north like Nicaragua or Guatemala, but Costa Rica has “little jewels” dotted through-out the country that deserve to be protected and polished so they can shine again!

A Guide to Costa Rica Fiesta Street Food

Here are some of the finger-licking street food options you can expect to find people selling out of carts; usually somewhere in between the bullring and carnival rides.

Hip & Knee Replacement Surgery in Costa Rica: Is there an age limit?

Generally when you think about someone who is having a hip or knee replaced, most likely you think of an elderly person. In the past that would have been true because most often these procedures were primarily for those people over the age of 60.

Falling In Love With Your Breath.

It’s the first thing you take and the last thing you will do before you die…

The Opportunities in Old Quarrels. Keeping your relationship happy after you move to Costa Rica.

Most intimate relationships start with such high expectations. We all look forward to great rewards from our partner and life together: jointly solving life’s relentless problems, sharing burdens and joys, enjoying deep friendship and intimacy, all because of what we give to each other- undying love.

Where Should I Live in Costa Rica? Free video.

What about the rest of Costa Rica? All of Costa Rica is beautiful except for our two ports. But most people don’t live in the port of Long Beach or the port of Miami. So it’s kind of irrelevant.

Costa Rica Hotels For Sale. Top ten ingredients you need to be a successful hotel owner in Costa Rica

If I had a nickel for every person whose Costa Rica vacation transformed their life into a hotel owner, I’d be retired right now. There are countless hotels for sale in Costa Rica and in many cases, these hotels are being sold by foreigners who were not adequately prepared for managing a hotel in their home country, much less in a foreign country…

“Living in Costa Rica Costs Us Half of What it Cost Us To Live a Similar Lifestyle in California.”

All told, living in Costa Rica costs us half of what it cost us to live a similar lifestyle in California. But, your mileage will vary. Come on and give it a try for a few months and see what you come up with.

Crime in Costa Rica – No trouble in Tamarindo during 11 years living here… With free Tamarindo video.

As I read Mr. Wilkinson’s letter regarding his family’s experience in Guanacaste, I asked myself “where are they living?” The article led me to believe that it’s beachfront or near the beach in the Tamarindo area. If that is the case, his experience has been so different from ours that we seem to be talking about two different worlds.

“Don’t just do something, sit there!”

Over the last 30 years I’ve read hundreds of books about the many different belief systems regarding death and the process of dying and my little brain feels most comfortable with Sogyal Rinpoche’s masterpiece: The Tibetan Book of the Living & Dying.’

Is This Only For “Tax Cheats” and “Moochers”?

The number of people bidding adieu to the red, white, and blue for the fourth quarter of 2015 came to 1,058. For all of 2015, the total came to 4,279. This was an all-time record, beating the former record set in 2014 (3,415 expatriates) by 25%.