En 2005 escribí un artículo titulado “Por qué Costa Rica, por qué Ahora”! el artículo describió la variedad de los factores compuestos que fueron directamente responsables del mercado increíblemente activo de bienes raíces nosotros disfrutabamos y como resultado, el enorme crecimiento que experimentábamos de inmediato en nuestra área y hasta cierto punto, la mayor parte de la costa pacífica de Costa Rica….

Une Famille Française Au Paradis – Costa Rica.

Depuis mon plus jeune âge, je suis un Francophile auto-proclamé. J’avais de l’attirance pour tout ce qui était Français. Au collège, quand tout le monde choisissait l’Espagnol comme deuxième langue, j’ai choisi le Français.

Costa Rica Budget Home Builder — Relax you are in Paradise Part 5

The next time you see or meet the subject of this newsletter you should shake his hand and give him a BIG Thank You.

Creating content pages that extend over multiple pages

It is easy to build content pages that extend over multiple pages. Here’s how.

Adding a ‘Latest Articles’ banner to a Portal or Department Page

On many sites, including this one, there is a banner below the body text of the portal page, just above the teaser columns, that looks something like:  Latest Articles If you want to add a banner like that to any of your pages, departments, or portals, here’s how. All you have to do is place […]

Costa Rica Travel – Poas Volcano National Park

Few volcanoes allow you to drive all the way to the rim. Poás does – well, at least to within 300 meters, where a short stroll puts you at the very edge of one of the world’s largest active craters (1.5 km wide). The viewing terrace gives a bird’s-eye view not only 320 meters down into the hellish bowels of the volcano, with its greenish sulfuric pool, but also magnificently down over the northern lowlands.

Ni-Fu Ni-Fa Delicatessen Is Here in Costa Rica! Paradise for steak lovers.

If you are ever in the mood for a delicious, melt-in-your mouth, butter like Argentinian styled fillet mignon or other carnivorous delights then you just gotta’ visit the new Ni-Fu Ni-Fa Delicatessen on the highway at Cariari.

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Adding an email form to any page

It is easy to add an email form to any page – and you can even pre-load the subject of the email and who the message will be sent to. Here’s how.

It´s Martini Time — The Story Of Ginger Restaurant And Sailing Around The World (Almost)

We are pleased to have as our guest blogger Anne Hegney from Ginger Restaurant. Anne and her husband Bengt are long time Playa Hermosa Residents, highly involved members of the community and as you will learn — Very Successful at “Retiring” into their dream professions in Costa Rica. Here is their story — ENJOY

Costa Rica

Roger This will be three separate articles with the three different videos when we have the transcripts ready, in the meantime, I wanted to give you the opportunity to review each of the three videos. To watch this short video, please click on the small white triangular Play button in the middle of the screen […]

Corredores de bienes raíces de Costa Rica – lo que Usted Necesita Saber

Corredores de bienes raíces de Costa Rica – lo que Usted Necesita SaberCorredores de bienes raíces de Costa Rica – lo que Usted Necesita SaberCorredores de bienes raíces de Costa Rica – lo que Usted Necesita SaberCorredores de bienes raíces de Costa Rica – lo que Usted Necesita SaberCorredores de bienes raíces de Costa Rica […]

Living Longer and Healthier in the Blue Zone of Costa Rica

Blue Zones are where people live significantly longer lives. There are longevity hotspots in Japan, Italia, Greece, Costa Rica and even in California. Some of the factors contributing to longer lives in these areas include:

Save the Monkeys — Salve Monos

Our Guest Blog today is with Karol Allard and Michael Cushman.  They have been coming down to Costa Rica for years and finally in 2003 purchased a property in Playa Hermosa.