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Many of our VIP Members were trying to find affordable Costa Rica condo homes and apartments but were unable to find them because all the marketing for these homes is in Spanish. Meanwhile, Spanish speaking developers who were building quality, affordable homes were asking me how I could help them find English speaking buyers. So it was a simple decision to help bring those buyers and sellers together – people looking for new, quality homes in Costa Rica at good prices and the developers who were building them. What’s In It For Me? You Ask. Now you can easily find Costa Rica condo homes and apartments for sale by experienced developers – that I know personally and trust – who have a proven track record of building quality real estate in Costa Rica.And you know that before they appear here, these projects have been thoroughly researched by me and checked on by an attorney so you are way ahead of the game in doing your Costa Rica real estate homework before you even get on the plane.

Making Good Relationships Better – The Repair and Re-Pair Way to Happiness

It’s tough to be happy with life when you’re unhappy with yourself. It’s tough to be happy with your relationship when you’re unhappy with your partner. That parallel is deliberate. When a critical aspect of a situation is disappointing, the entire arrangement is also likely to be disappointing. Can such disappointment not only have similar […]

Sharing the Secrets and Recipes for Living Longer, Healthier & Happier

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Born and raised in Costa Rica, Melissa Guzman has always had a passion for great food. Originally from a small, traditional farming town in the mountains of Cartago, she grew up with many traditional recipes that were shared together with friends and family. After getting married and moving to the beach, she discovered the other […]

Oh! You Don’t Know What You Got…

wlcr feature you don't know what you got till its ogne

…till it’s gone… Ever notice that you’re occasionally unaware of happiness until it’s gone? “And I thought routine household chores were a major pain, until we had a huge hurricane and flood. Now that I’m rebuilding, I didn’t realize how good I had it before this mess. Didn’t realize how happy I was. What I’d […]

Top 20 Green Living Bloggers of 2017

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Gotten your Green on yet?  These 20 Green Living Bloggers have certainly made me more aware of how living green can turn your life around! Reading through them can give you a tremendous feeling that if everyone did just one or two things to improve their environment, it would have a big impact on the […]

Top 25 Eco-Brokers to Know

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Today’s prospective homebuyer is not only looking for suitability in comfort and design, but is now moving toward realizing a vision for a home that is more financially prudent than ever before. Including “Green Homes” in local housing inventories is a trend that has been on the rise for years, increasing competition in the market. […]

Top 30 International Retirement Blogs in 2017

Top 30 international retirement blogs in 2017

We listed our favorite blogs about international retirement. These sites will inspire you to take action on your dreams and turn them into concrete plans.

Top 30 Most Inspiring Expat Bloggers in 2017

We have listed 30 of the most inspiring international bloggers. Bloggers in our list write about living abroad as an expat or living a traveling lifestyle.

25 Top Incredibly Talented Wedding Photographers in Costa Rica

25 most talented photographers in costa rica

Are you planning a wedding in the gorgeous scenery of Costa Rica? Costa Rica is one of the top 3 destination wedding sites because of its stunning beauty, dreamy tropical beaches, modern amenities, and friendly people. Photos of your special day are priceless because they’ll bring back memories of your special day years later. Your […]

10 Things You Absolutely Need in Your New Green Home

10 Things You Absolutely Need in Your New Green Home

2018 is shaping up to be a big year for residential Green Building with the industry expected to double by then. Whether you’re building or upgrading, we explore some of the latest trends in sustainable home design so you can start prioritizing your eco-upgrades.   Share this Image On Your Site Please include attribution to […]

10 Valuable Wedding Photography Tips You Need to Know

10 Valuable Wedding Photography Tips You Need to Know

Stunning wedding photos are a crucial part of every wedding because they will be looked at years – or even generations – later. They bring back the memories and feelings of your special day, so wedding photography is one aspect that you want to get right. Check out these 10 valuable tips to make sure […]

Creating Automatic Forms in MemberGate

MemberGate has a built-in feature that will allow you to automatically accept and process input from any form you create. When visitors to your site complete the form and click the submit button, the information in the form is automatically emailed to you (or to any email address within your site. Creating and using automatic […]

Adding an email form to any page

It is easy to add an email form to any page – and you can even pre-load the subject of the email and who the message will be sent to. Here’s how.

Creating a multi page article with page breaks

Sometimes you will want to break up a long article into several pages, with automatic navigation between the different pages. Here’s the quick and easy way to do just that

Using an on-line spell checker to check your articles

You probably know that a few misspelled words in an otherwise well-written article can hurt the credibility of the author and the web site. Worse, it can make an intelligent person seem semi-illiterate. Here’s a Free solution to the problem.

Adding a Pull Quote to your articles

Use the Pull quote to make important text really stand out. It’s easy to do in MemberGate