Puriscal is located some 45 km (30 miles) west-south-west of the capital city of Costa Rica, San Jose.

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Please note that if you’r reaching for your map of Costa Rica, depending on the map that you are looking at, Puriscal could be listed as simply Puriscal, or Santiago, or Santiago de Puriscal.

This village is a district center of an agriculture based economy. Most all shops and services are available locally, however, San Jose is an easy 50 minute express bus ride away.

Many local residents commute to San Jose for jobs, preferring to raise their families in the peaceful mountains. Elevations in this area range from 800 to 1,200 meters (2,600 to 3,900 ft), which keeps us in a spring-like climate, away from the torrid heat and humidity of the low lands, and away from any pollution in San Jose.

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Some areas here have Pacific Ocean views or magical night vistas of the Central Valley lights.

Why Live in More Rural Areas Like Puriscal?

  1. Friendly people: Ticos who want to be your friends and neighbors.
  2. A mostly middle class, family oriented community, with few at either end of the economic scale.
  3. A small, but growing English speaking population which means that prices are still very reasonable.
  4. No tourist attractions in the immediate vicinity.
  5. An agricultural based economy with about 30,000 people in the immediate Puriscal area.
  6. Shops and services meeting 95% or more of most North American’s needs.
  7. By car or express bus, only 50 minutes from Multiplaza and Escazu.
  8. There is a brand new public hospital in Puriscal and several doctors and dentists in town and we should remember that one of the best private hospitals in all of Central America, Hospital CIMA is only an hour away in Escazu.
  9. A lower cost of living and lower land prices than the more popular expat areas.
  10. An extremely low crime rate in Puriscal. There are hardly any few tourists flashing expensive toys, and no concentration of wealth which would attract undesirables.

A Typical Puriscal Landscape Video In 30 Just Seconds.

In evaluating areas like Puriscal, it’s important to remember that one of the reasons that prices are so reasonable is that there are few gringos here.

This means that the Puriscal homes for sale will normally be homes that were built for Tico families and their requirements and your needs may be quite different.

Living in Puriscal – A More Rural Area
Appeals To Two Kinds of People

  1. People who are happy to buy a basic Costa Rican home and then upgrade it to the usual American standards or …
  2. Real estate buyers who wish to buy a spectacular piece of land in Puriscal and then build their own home.

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There are many good international schools in Costa Rica however, they are located an hour away on the west side of San Jose.

Having said that, I honestly cannot think of anywhere within an hour or San Jose that has land for sale at these low prices.

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