Have you ever dreamed of retiring abroad? Sure you have! Have you already started planning your great escape overseas?

We listed our favorite blogs about international retirement. These sites will inspire you to take action on your dreams and turn them into concrete plans. No matter your age or where you are right now in your life. We also featured some blogs about early retirement and retirement planning.

1. Ahhh Cuenca!

American retired in Ecuador

Dano writes about his transition from an American lifestyle to retirement in Ecuador. He recaps some of his day-to-day experiences to highlight what it’s like to live in Cuenca, Ecuador.


2. Americans in Umbria

American retired in Italy

Susan, from California, blogs her observations about life in a small town in Umbria, Italy. Her blog features a plenty of photos of beautiful scenery and mouth-watering foods.


3. Rewired and Retired in Nicaragua

Debbie, a former teacher, writes about her life and adventures as a retiree in Nicaragua. In her own words, “Life is a beach on Ometepe Island.”



4. Bjurth

American retired in the Philippines

Barry has come to stay in his new beautiful home country. Retirement abroad has changed Barry’s life in more ways than he had anticipated, in a positive way. Read it all on his blog.


5. Why Panama

Donna & Tom have put together a beautiful website about expat life in Panama. They blog about their own experiences and offer valuable information as well. And if you happen to a green-thumb, this is your site!


6. Retired in Malaysia

U.S. retiree in Malaysia

Steve has returned to the U.S, but his blog is still an excellent source of information and inspiration.


7. Nancy and Chuck – Retirement in Ecuador

Nancy and Chuck went to visit Ecuador, fell in love with it and decided to move there. Read all about their adventures moving and living in Ecuador.


8. Retired in Thailand and Loving it

Malcolm and his wife, CieJay, retired in Thailand and “they’re loving it!” Read about their travels and their beautiful home village of Wang Pho.




9. Retirement and Good Living

“Retirement can and should be a rewarding time of life.” That is true, and the slogan of the creators of this valuable retirement site. The site offers hundreds of pages of great retirement topics and tools.


10. Retire Early Lifestyle

Early retirees traveling the world

Billy and Akaisha retired in 1991 at the age of 38 and began traveling. Since then, they have become recognized retirement experts and authors around the world.


11. Adventures in Wonderland

Retirees traveling the world together

In their sixties, Alison and her husband Don sold or gave away everything, and set off to discover the world. On their own but always together.



12. The Panama Adventure

U.S. retiree in Panama

Kris started blogging about life in Panama to keep family and friends updated. Since the humble beginning, the blog has grown to be a source of information about expat life in Panama.



13. Live in Costa Rica

Recognized retirement authority living in Costa Rica

Christopher has lived in one of the most magical places on earth for more than 35 years. His love for Costa Rica is so great that he became a citizen. Two Costa Rican Presidents have recognized Christopher as an authority on retirement topics.


14. Freedom with Bruno

Early retirees traveling the world on four wheels

Amanda and Travis quit their jobs in their early thirties and began their adventure. They bought a used Toyota 4Runner and named “him” Bruno. Then they hit the road to camp and travel their way through Central America and beyond!


15. Root of Good

Early retiree helping others retire early

Through careful saving and planning, Justin managed to retire at age 33. Read how he did it and what it takes to reach financial independence and early retirement.


16. Go Curry Cracker!

Early retirees traveling the world as a family

Meet Jeremy, Winnie & Julian, a nomadic family who retired in their 30s to travel the world. Read about their adventures in making permanent travel the ideal lifestyle.


17. Escape Artist

Financial advice site with quality content on retirement

When you are planning your great escape overseas, this site packs a lot of information. The site covers topics about finances, retirement and moving/living abroad.


18. The Roaming Boomers

Early retiree luxury travel experts

David and his wife have become preeminent experts in luxury boomer travels. Read about their travels, take part in their small group travel events, or allow them to help you plan your dream vacation.


19. Retire in Style Blog

Barbara believes that “blogging is all about a life lived in the open, just in a discrete way.” She writes about retirement out there and gives you an honest view of how a retired woman lives.


20. Retirement Reflections

Donna writes about her adventures, discoveries, and reflections as a retiree. She has a unique way of including statistics and facts in her posts. Donna is also very open to interact and connect with her readers.



21. The Retirement Café

International best-selling retirement authority

Ernie is an international best-selling author of several books including three retirement-related books. His blog offers up-to-date information on retirement topics.


22. Retire 2 Thailand

Hugh blogs about retiring and living in Thailand. His blog has become a sizeable source of quality information about life in Thailand.


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