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    Depends where are you staying? What ridge will you be on if
    you are not staying in town Grecia.
    There is a farmers market every Friday and Sat.

    [quote=”mzcornish”]Can someone please tell me some things about Grecia? Are there any farmers markets there? Is it easy to get around by bus? Or can you point me in the right direction to find the information? Thanks in advance?[/quote]

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    Oh, ya. They dont pay you the going price AND FOR ANY STONES OR DIAMONDS IN THE JEWLERY. If, IF, I was going to sell I would go to a rep. jewller and they will give you a little less but more than these jobbers. The mail in’s are real bad on price and/or never got your jewlery. Many stories in the paper on that here in the USA.

    Keep you jewlery, it will be worth more in a year or so. It is my beleif Gold and Silver are on the rise again.

    [quote=”Scott”]That’s the deal? They pay you half the actual gold value?


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    ohhhhhhhhhhhhh YA.
    They have been in the papers and magazines for over 3 years.
    Every Jewlery Store has a guy in the front of it waving their

    They even have Jewlery parties that will weight it and pay
    you 1/2 of what it is worth. COMMERCIALS all day long. NEED
    MONEY… we will buy your jewlery and you get instant CASH.
    IT is a mail in your jewlery and we send you a check.




    in reply to: FATCA – The despicable truth for U.S citizens abroad #169184

    I am not Ignorant of the Law and I dont have to be on this chat to show my great wisdom or intelligence.
    I chose my battles wisely and the Mafia government/ IRS is not one I chose at this stage of my life. Yes, they have won and I am SOMEWHAT FREE TO LIVE OUTSIDE A PRISON.
    I have 3 good friends that went to Jail for their beliefs and Knowledge of the Law.
    These guys were TAX RESEARCHERS that worked for attorneys most of their life. They did research on Tax Laws for Attorneys to use in their cases. They started to dig deeper and deeper. Wrote letters to IRS and summons them for an answer. This was their specialty. Guess what……….. They came after them with a vengeance to shut them up.
    The only way you are going to escape is to give up your US Citizenship, or have enough money to fight THE SYSTEM like a Buffet, Soros, Bill Gates. They dont mess with them.
    I will continue to live in peace for my last years and not look over my shoulder NOT in Ignorance but for peace in my life and family. These men had children that were raised with moms that went on wellfare because they could not support the family while dads were in Jail for their STRONG BELIEFS AND KNOWLEDGE OF THE LAWS.

    Also: Here is a 80 year old man that wrote books and challenged the IRS. For 20 some years.

    They finally shut him up and he is in Jail. The Schiff Trial.
    Need I say more?

    Here is the Law:

    Sec. 61. Gross income defined

    (a) General definition – … gross income means all income from whatever source derived,

    Item 2. including (but not limited to) the following items:

    26 U.S.C. 61 (a) reads:

    “(Section 61 (a) GENERAL DEFINITION.-Except as otherwise provided in this subtitle, gross income means all income from whatever source derived, including (but not limited to) the following items:

    (1) Compensation for service, including fees, commissions, and similar items.

    (2) Gross income derived from business;

    (3) Gains derived from dealings in property;

    (4) Interest;

    (5) Rents;

    (6) Royalties;

    (7) Dividends;

    (8) Alimony and separate maintenance payments;

    (9) Annuities;

    (10) Income from life insurance and endowment contracts;

    (11) Pensions;

    (12) Income from discharge of indebtedness;

    (13) Distributive share of partnership gross income;

    (14) Income in respect of a decedent; and

    (15) Income from an interest in an estate or trust.

    By the structure of the above sentence, it is indicated that the tax is on “all income from whatever source derived.” The word ‘source1 is the object of the preposition “from.”

    The correct construction of the above clearly indicates that the taxes are NOT to be levied and collected on the “source.” Source is not to be equated with income as these terms are used in the above citation.

    The phrase “including (but not limited to) the following items: has been misinterpreted to be a phrase modifying the word “income ” not the word “source” in its sentence. The rules of English composition govern the noun which is modified; these rules are discussed below.

    Participles are verbal adjectives which modify nouns. “Including” is a participle. The verb “include” was converted to a participle by adding the suffix ‘ing’ for the purpose of describing a noun. The use of the word “including” in Section 61 (a) creates a participle phrase.

    There are two types of participle phrases: restrictive and non-restrictive. The restrictive phrase appears following the noun it modifies without commas. A restrictive phrase is an inextricable part of the sentence because there are no commas. The non-restrictive phrase can be inserted or hooked-on to the sentence and is separated by commas. It is parenthetical; it contributes to but does not change the meaning of the basic sentence. The non-restrictive phrase can be eliminated with out changing the basic sentence. That is the purpose of setting it apart with commas.

    In examining the opening sentence of Section 61 (a), the preceding noun of the participle phrase, “including (but not limited to) the following items..,” is the word “source.” Adjectives always modify the noun immediately preceding when the word or phrase is placed with intervening commas. Restating the entire sentence by the accepted rules of English composition, it says:…Gross income means all income from whatever source, including (but not limited to) the following items derived…”

    By changing the modifier “including (but not limited to) the following items..,” the taxing agencies have sought to increase revenues by taxing the source listed (1)-(15), supra. The clear language of section 61 (a) supra, places a tax only on the income derived from the listed sources, not the sources themselves. I suspect that similar violations of the rules of English composition have, in fact, created new law contrary to the express intent of Congress as written in this instance in the Internal Revenue Code.

    Furthermore, the Sixteenth Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America states as follows:

    The Congress shall have power to lay and collect taxes on incomes, from whatever source derived, without apportionment among the several States, and without regard to any census or enumeration.

    The language of the Sixteenth Amendment is clear in the English sentence construction. English or language mechanics is something that even the IRS and the U.S. Attorneys cannot change. You will see that the source of your livelihood is not the intended object of taxation. The tax is on income only. The source of that income is not the subject of that taxation. Let us take a similarly professional look also at the Sixteenth Amendment.

    By its structure, the Sixteenth Amendment indicates that the tax is on “incomes”, from whatever “source” derived. In this instance, the word “incomes” is the object of the preposition “on.” The word “source” is the object of the preposition “from.” In no way can this be construed to make the “source” the object of the preposition “on.” The introduction of the comma to separate the two prepositional phrases further widens the gap between the meanings of the objects, “incomes” and “source.” In so stating, with the use of “on” in one instance and “from” in the other instance, it negates any confusion that might lead one to believe that the tax would be levied and collected on the “source.” The “source” is not to be equated with ” income” as these terms are used in the Sixteenth Amendment.

    Therefore, it can only be assumed from the above discussion that IRC Section 61 (a) lists sources of income; and the Sixteenth Amendment itself has authorized a tax only on income, but not on the sources of income. Because compensation for services, including fees, commissions, and similar items are defined by 26 U.S. C. 61 (a) (1) as a “source” of income, the Sixteenth Amendment and the Internal Revenue Code have not authorized a tax on compensation for services or any of the other sources listed under 26 U.S.C. 61 (a).

    Question for you:
    What stand have you made to challenge the IRS, other than perhaps not pay taxes and hope that you dont have to defend yourself? Have you gone up against the IRS and they declared that you in fact are correct and dont have to pay taxes on your wages?



    And now we get down to the real issue at the heart of the real problem: how to deal with fear when confronted with tyranny.

    Those who are most enslaved by tyranny are those who cower in fear of it and those whose obedience is based on ignorance. Ignorance can be easily cured. Fear is another matter.[/quote]

    in reply to: FATCA – The despicable truth for U.S citizens abroad #169182

    In my reading this is what I believe to be true.

    I believe the 16 Amendment is constitutional, and has the right to tax the subject of which the 16th amendment referees to. Which is a corporate tax on foreigners. It no-where authorizes a head-tax (capitation tax). It no-where authorizes a tax on labor, only on profit. If you read the law, after the 16th Amendment passed, “it created no new tax”. What was taxable before the 16th Amendment was taxable after the 16th Amendment, and what was NOT taxable, was still NOT taxable after the passage of the 16th Amendment. It conferred no new tax, only clarified the existing tax, done in a language in such a way as to fool most of the people, most of the time…Do they have me living in FEAR and Pay their TAX….YES.

    WHY, you ask if you really believe they dont have the right or authority? BECAUSE, if they want you they will
    find a way to put you in jail and make your life miserable.

    IT is not worth it to me. So I pay the MAFIA government.
    I have seen the IRS, go after the small guys to make examples out of them to scare the bigger fish. NO not fair, but until then I will be on their payroll till our government makes the changes, IF EVER.

    I like the Tea Parties… :).


    [quote=”sprite”][quote=”DavidCMurray”][quote=”sprite”]If you all continue to pay the unconstitutional income tax, and all the other IRS BS, you deserve what you get..and what you lose.

    in reply to: FATCA – The despicable truth for U.S citizens abroad #169172

    WHY doesn’t the IRS just put a gun to all our heads?
    IRS has nothing on the MAFIA OR CORRUPTION.

    IRS IS GOING WORLD WIDE with their threats.

    USA is the only government that follows you for the rest of you life. NO other country DEMANDS they you pay taxes in
    a country you are no longer living in. Just the USA.

    I read where USB is not going to cooperate with them.
    And what just burns me more is that the USA blows our taxes
    like it grows and trees and they want to tax us more for silly spending and wars.

    NOW they are following a US citizen everywhere.

    WE do not have FREEDOM DO WE???


    [quote=”Scott”]The “despicable truth” emerges about FATCA

    According to the IRS, “FATCA requires certain U.S. taxpayers holding foreign financial assets with an aggregate value exceeding $50,000 to report certain information about those assets on a new form ( Form 8938 ) that must be attached to the taxpayer’s annual tax return.”

    “Here’s the kicker. Foreign banks who thumb their nose at the US government and do not enter into the information sharing agreement face a steep penalty: a 30% tax will be withheld on US-source income that goes to, or through, their bank.”

    Taken from: [ ]

    Please also see…

    Why FATCA is Bad for U.S. Citizens Living in Costa Rica and America, Why it Should be Repealed and What You Can Do Now!

    [ ]

    FATCA Is NOT For Fat Cats – The Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act for U.S. citizens.

    [ ]

    Financial privacy is officially dead!



    in reply to: Costa Rica – Lowest homicide rate in the region. #166607

    I guess they have way to much PURA VIDA on their hands.

    Crime is everywhere, I dont know about killing ones self. The States are no better nor worst in C.Rica in my opinion. Like the states, it all depends where you live.


    I leave my home here in the states for months and dont have a problem….. Same in C.Rica. Precautions and being smart.
    I wouldn’t be telling anyone in this chat or any other place that I am going on a trip next week to say, Manuel Ant. or Jaco….

    That is NOT SMART and a big mistake on face book and these internet chats, especially when you are paranoid of people stealing from you already.

    I prefer to be more positive than paranoid with where I am
    living and the people I am living around.. Good neighbors that look out for one another is my choice.

    I know you have to address all issues but just a fyi, not my favorite in your discussion form. 🙂 :).

    Thanks, gg 🙂

    [quote=”Scott”]Crime might be of “no importance” to you GG but crime in general is one of the most discussed topics in any Discussion Forum about Costa Rica living…



    in reply to: Costa Rica – Lowest homicide rate in the region. #166605

    Sorry Scott,

    Information I think I could live without or of no
    I dont think your readers are in the Drug Trade.


    in reply to: Moving company #164711

    WE live in Palm Beach,Fla and Zeller comes to our front door and packs the container for you. This is a service that was great for us. WE did not have to take it to Tampa. IT depends also where you live and the cost will vary.
    YES, we priced them both and Arden was about $1,000 more for shipping from Palm Beach, but both I hear from friends they do a good job. Arden seems a little better with here immediate replies.

    [quote=”vanderlinden”][quote=”costaricafinca”]Changed my post, since I misread your post.

    I suggest you contact Charles Zeller,

    the e-mail is not correct[/quote]

    in reply to: Moving company #164708

    Yes, Charlie is very good for the shipping but not storage. We used him and our things came all to C.Rica very nicely. We are sending a second 40 footer for our 2nd house with him. BUT, I dont recommend his storage at all. We saw the boxes delivered to his warehouse very nicely, 6 months later all beat up and a few extra charges that were not disclosed to us. It took 10 days for him to answer the phone so we could have our things delivered.
    The boxes were all beat up from moving our things around a lot and more furniture damage than if we would have stored it in a single storage place and locked it up.

    I strongly suggest for storage:
    Lion Share Self Storage. They are in Rosario de
    Naranjo and 12 miles west of the airport Juan Santa Maria in Alajuela. Their phone number is 2451-8063

    They are an american couple , Larry and Nancy, with a great security and they live on the property. WE have had great service from them. They also provide airport transportation. They go to the airport with our car drop us off and come and get us. They keep our car at the storage for week, month or what ever time we need. IT is a great service for those of us that go to the USA a lot.


    [quote=”costaricafinca”]Changed my post, since I misread your post.

    I suggest you contact Charles Zeller,

    in reply to: House Raffle #162803

    I’am interested why several of you say NO way…on the $400,000 price. 3 acres, large house and seems professionally done in most American style. I’m just wondering? What are you basing the NO Way on? Price per
    meter? House per meter? And Location??? Is not a bad location and view? JUST want some insight to how you
    figure the NO WAY? OR is it a matter of cant afford it?
    I have no interest in the house NOR know the US family
    that is raffling it.
    Thanks for your future in put.

    quote=”barbaracjohnson”][quote=”cheryl4313″]Does anyone know anything about the house being raffled in the San Ramon area? It’s being advertised in AM Costa Rica, page 3. [/quote]

    That house has been for sale for a year or two. I recognize the “hammock” picture on the left and the area in the picture on the far right. I am NOT sure but I think it might have been on the puravida real estate website.

    $400,000 No way, Jose.


    in reply to: Nicaragua/Costa Rica – Border Crossing #161679

    Same in coming back in from Panama. We waited for 3-4 hours coming from Panama, because they decided to have a STAFF MEETING AT 1:00 in the afternoon. NO Kidding. WE watched then in the room laughing and then told us it would be another hour because the meeting was still going on.
    SILLY US….:) Common sense is rare here in C.R.and the Government is worse for common sense or logic. But they get
    real smart on how to hide and steal the money and how to pay off people when they want something. The Government is
    real good at getting in the money but not putting anything back into the Country for growth or advancement.
    Dont try to make sense out of it all.
    Pura Vida

    [quote=”Funmind”]Does anyone know why Costa Rica immigration at the Nicaragua/Costa Rica border was staffed with just one agent issuing visas to re-enter Costa Rica when I crossed last Saturday?
    What an embarrassment to this country. I am in good health but imagine if someone was not, or if it were raining.

    When I arrived at 9AM there were already 100 people in line, and it took me almost 3 hours to get through. I was shocked to see that the reason was that there was only one agent at immigration letting people in.

    Leaving CR they take $12 from everyone. One would think that at least $1 of that could go to hiring a few more people to handle the workload and speed up the process.

    The San Jose airport must have 30 agents, why don’t they treat the car crossing borders with the same attention?

    in reply to: Visa for Tico to visit U.S. Declined #200608

    I agree. They also have to pay to MAKE AN APPT ON TOP
    with a appointment. Just a line to make money for our

    Please let me know if there is anything we can do when
    you find out from the lawyer.


    [quote=”alewis”]Well Geegee, sounds like you all did a WONDERFUL thing for your Tico child. That is a lot more than just the offer of a visit. However, the problem remains the same. Our daughter, who is a lawyer, talked with an immigration lawyer today and there may be some recourse. I am not sure about it yet but I do know that woman should lose her job, period. It is imperative that people who work with the public at least be nice, which she clearly was not. I too intend to write a letter, (I don’t know to whom yet) to complain about the treatment our friend received. Perhaps if enough people complain the US will make some changes. Not that I am holding my breath—-Thank you for your story-at least we are not alone. And yes, our friend had to work a long time to earn the money he had to pay and will never see again. If you are turned down you should get your money back since they aren’t doing anything anyway.[/quote]

    in reply to: Visa for Tico to visit U.S. Declined #200606


    To get back on your real topic.

    We had a very similar experience. We some what
    adopted a 14 year old kid here in Grecia. He had quite
    school because of family funds/hard times and could not afford him bus/lunch and uniforms for school. We insisted he go back and we would support his education. Long story he finished school with honors and learned the english language with our tutoring him and some english classes. We told him to finish school and we would have him stay with us for 2 weeks and take him to Disney. HE worked hard is a good, honest kid and we became good friends with his family and helped them out.

    WE went through the whole process including standing in the
    4 1/2 hour line at the USA Embassy with all the papers in hand and went up to the window with him. The american embassy Nazi( dont get excited all you readers, just an expression of action and stance she took) told us to go sit down she did not need us up there. IN 20 seconds our tico son turned around with tear in his eyes and said she said NO. I went up to the window and she said, he is a risk. I said for what?

    She said, he has nothing to keep him here. I said, we live here, he has family, sister and brothers.

    She said, “I said NO” I said, we will put up
    a $10,000 bond to gaurantee his return. She said, I said
    NO. I said, Let me speak to your supervisor. She said,
    I am as far as it goes, now leave you are taking up my time”. I said, Excuse me, I am paying your pay check and
    I want 5 minutes of your time and a reasonable explanation.
    This is a 17 year old kid that only dream is to go to Disney Land. You are telling me he is a risk? We allow
    a lot worse in than this kid. She said, DO I have to call
    security or are you going to leave? I said, NO, but you have not heard the last of me. I called the US embassy. I asked for a second review for this kid. I called the US Embassy in Washington and wrote 5 letters. TO NO avail.

    This is a money making agency called the US embassy. They take in 6 figures everyday and just reject these poor people of all HOPE. I dont know a one that was in line
    with us that got a EXCEPTED.

    So dont feel bad. I went to the top and got a well the
    decision was made, BUT HE CAN TRY AGAIN. I said, does
    he have to pay the fee again….OF COURSE HE DOES….WE
    These people save months salary to try to get a visiting
    visa to nO AVAIL… SAD.. SAD..

    You offered your home and hand and that was a kind thing you did.

    OH, and our Tico son…. Well because he speaks and understands English so well is making over $950 a month for a USA call center in S.Jose. So see, a good
    deed goes a long way. Mind you he has been denied again, but can work for a USA call center for a 1/3 of the wages that the company in the USA would have to pay.

    The point is he is not a risk. IT is all about the MONEY at the USA Embassy… our Government.


    [quote=”alewis”]We have a Tico friend whom we met while zip lining last summer. He showed us all around Manuel Antonio, etc. We liked him so much we issued an invitation for him to come visit us for a week in February. We have no ulterior motive, nor does he. We wrote a letter explaining the situation for him to take with him to his interview. He did take care of all the requirements and was still turned down.
    they didn’t even read the letter.

    I suppose he would have been more acceptable to somebody with a turban on his head (apologies to anyone with a turban who takes offense.) Is there anything we can do to help him. It makes me so angry we have lived here (US) paid our taxes and never been in trouble and we request a visit from a friend and are denied.

    Is there anything we can do from our end. He doesn’t want to live here, he just wants to visit. The interviewer said it was because he didn’t own property. This is crap. Any ideas anybody?[/quote]

    in reply to: CR IRS wants into your bank accounts #172940

    I believe this is the same conversation we had a few days ago when Les, said we need to pay our fair share.
    I have to agree with you 100% here. AS I said, we pay our
    fair share on every item you purchase there is an huge tax
    added on.
    U.S. has stepped in to C.Rica, banks, taxes, traffic cameras, traffic tickets,and now COSTA RICA IRS…(suppose our IRS is going to show them how to collect and manage the taxes is a very effective way)…..Like they do in the USA..
    HAHA HA HA……

    WOW…GREEDy teaching a class in more Greed to the Greedy.
    They will say this is for the Drug Traffic….
    YA, that the Government is tied into. Where is all the money
    that they find in cars, houses, and the Big Bust a few months ago in the 10’s of MILLIONS?? IS the government TRANSPARENT??? Do they use this money to fight Drugs or the Officials go on vacation and take it to other bank accounts in other countries….

    to answer is it…
    How do the Ticos stop this right NOW in their country??
    We cant even do it in our own country.
    We know the problem, what is the solution?


    [quote=”smekuly”]these are scary times indeed.

    initially I would just shrugged this off as something that will never occur here. BUT

    like a drug addict.

    costa rica has already tasted blood (metaphorically speaking) with regards to some successful tax collections these past 2 years.

    now they will be gearing up with all sorts of ways to tax, tax and tax some more.

    and to all the people that feel paying taxes is a moral obligation… good for you..

    that is your own personal rationalization of being powerless of not being able to do anything. and you can continue to walk around in that bent over position allowing these idiots to keep milking our money and nothing to show for it.

    [b]here is an observation… and I would welcome different views on this just to tell me I am off base…. I want to be wrong here..[/b]

    costa rica

    1. has the most expensive fuel in central america.

    2. cars and car parts are the most expensive in central america

    3. appliances and electronics are the most expensive in central america.

    4. traffic tickets are the most expensive in the world

    5. now that the U.S. has gone thru alot of adjustments with pricing in real estate..

    you can buy a nice house in places like florida for less than buying a house here??

    [b]where is all this money????[/b]

    I can see why professionals that I have relationships with all say the same thing..

    and I would meet many in the business that I had before

    paying taxes here is like throwing money into the wind.. since there is NO accountability.

    don’t misunderstand me..

    taxes are indeed necessary .. but not in this way.

    like scott previously stated

    do not keep any large amounts of money here..

    and if you do.. the best way to protect this would be to buy small tico style homes under $100 grand..

    and then sell them financed. at the current interest rate.

    give them a 30 year mortgage with 10% down.. and just collect your monthly revenue. this keeps any large sums safer and out of the banks.



    PS. Being here for so long is like watching a movie that you watched before… as you see things unfold similar to the U.S. so its NOT that I am smart by all means I am a laymen…. but its not brain surgery to witness these repeating issues.[/quote]

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