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    [quote=”Johnzane”]For a company called WeLoveCostaRica, you sure spread hate. What else do you mean by publishing this obvious attack on white Americans? In Hawaii, we call them f**king Haoles. But do you see this epithet published in trade publications and websites like this? Of course not. Hawaiians are not about to bite the hands that feed them, and dealing with a few annoying tourists is not going to change that. Paradise is not without it’s snakes, but I’d rather not read about them. Please stop running anymore of these hit pieces, they do nothing to build loyalty to your brand, much less Costa Rica.[/quote]

    Actually, Hawaii should be independant, it was stolen in a USA led coup, buy wealthy American industrialists (Dole fruit people I beleive for one).

    Now, that said, America, the nation I was born, raised and still, live in, does not feed me-actually, much food is imported these days, much like everything else not shipped to commuinist China.

    God does feed me, it is scriptural, look it up-who is in charge? Isaih ch. 30 echoes several psalms in that God, obediance to Him, equals wealth (and not, not some stock option). It equals sustanance.

    Another point, I am a white European-origin (EuroAMerican if you will :roll:) male. I am proud of my Scot and German forefathers. I am very euro-centric, but also, look openly at other cultures.

    I am a traditional (yup, pray the Divine Office, say rosary and go to a Latin Mass) Catholic, hence, much of Costa Rica, though a different flavor/history of Catholicism, I can relate to in many ways. Hence, that, coupled with great weather and nice Ticos, makes CR top on my lists of places to retire to or flee even to.

    America, for decades of neglect, factionalism, partyism,etc,etc is dying.large parts are a war zone in major cities. A nation founded on radical “dont tread on me” liberalism, do whatever you like was the motto basically. Through in Deists and Freemasons, and it was a pot ready to explode and decay…..and now it is….

    My forebearers, when they could not effect change any longer, left… too wish I. I served my country in the “war on crime”, crime won btw. I served 4 yrs as chairman of my states third party,etc,etc.

    It is not hate to point out the obvious and documentable fall of the USA economically and in standard of living. It is not hate to point out the arrogance that the USA, on its own and on behalf of Israel (our undeclared 51st state), in that we tell everyone what to do and by gosh, if they do not do it, we set up false flag operations, bombing churches, schools,etc to get the results we want (for our corporations too). Obviously, you do not really have your eyes open and certainly, do not live in the South, where people actually worhsip, nearly, the military and relish talking about bombing and turning people/nations into glass!.

    Ever see pictures of chidlren after a nuke affects them? or phospherous weapons?…something to cheer about? Bear in mind, most do this from the sfaty of their living rooms, 50-100 lbs over weight and never serving even-fine for your kid to go die for the NWO, or lose a limb, eyes or their minds. After Vietnam, plenty of people thrown like garbage out on the streets as the VA either did not have resources to help them or did not want to report them in the stats…..I had to deal with a few as a cop…..

    No, many of us do not want to play “pretend” or wear rose colored glasses any longer (now, one almsot has to wear blackened). We do not like Patriot Act I and II, and all the other garbage that has been passed since. Not really wanting to be brutalized while a gang of TSA thugs gang rape my wife.

    Yup, give it time and USA will happen.

    So, please, stay in hawaii under the protection of Uncle (TSA-molesting) Sam….for me, want to get the hell out now…..

    Thinking of looking into a neocon directed site, where flag wavers can get rid of me by donating…naw, they are too cheap and too busy reciting jingos and flag waving during their 2 minutes of hate……the real haters, BTW, are neocons and the 98% of AMericans stooging to them…give or take a %

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    [quote=”Lynda56″][quote=”maravilla”]the week of rotten wild weather was because of a storm in ALASKA — if you can imagine, and yes, it was nationwide, with bad weather everywhere.[/quote]

    My family visited Los Suenos last year for 4 weeks and absolutely love the country. We are from Dallas Texas area
    are fed up with the greed and BS in US. We are back for 6 weeks and are visiting different areas to find a place we fit in. Love the people, the clean air and the slow pace. There are a few culture shocks but we expected that. Our minds are open and embrassing the opportunity to live here. The one problem we have is our grown children want to come and they need a business of some kind. That seems to be our biggest challenge. I expect we will be here time and time until we work out something. thank all of you for your feedback. Lawrence Family[/quote]

    My issues similar, no children, but have no skills,etc to work nor to start a buiz (Espanol is little) and wife who could not relocate….but yes, tired too of BS and greed,etc….maybe someday soon, that is why I come here, to learn and share….

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    [quote=”DavidCMurray”][quote=”Camby”]that said, cannot a CR national with a CR passport come to the USA and spend a week or two without a visa? I spent a week not along ago in 2 EU nations, all I needed was my USA passport and one time, a pic ID too….[/quote]

    In words of one syllable or less, “No”.

    That’s the point of this entire thread.[/quote]
    well, thats why I am here [u]to learn[/u]……soooo, CR natives, do they not get passports or, are they only good for travel in C/S America? Europe?

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    [quote=”johnr”]We offered our builder and his wife to come to the US to visit and conduct some business. Two years and three applications later it finally happened. For some reason, despite a thriving business and him being a respected community leader with four sons all involved in the business, going to school, one in university did not matter to the Embassy the first couple of times.

    I also know a friend that applied to visit her sister in Florida (married to a gringo) that was having her first baby. It took three applications for the visit. Of course by the time it happened the nephew was 2!

    It just makes no sense.

    Turban’s are a great fashion statement – I think I’ll run over to JC Penny and see if I can pick one up on winter clearance today!


    have a kilt, thought, might prove too hot in CR, depending….

    in reply to: Law Enforcement in CR #201533

    I recall reading that gun laws in regards to non-CR’s as more stringent now then in the past…….sad, but likely, some expat, resident, visitor,etc did something foolish, and as awlays, a cascade of laws and changes…..

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    [quote=”watchdog”]When it comes to Criminal Law, Costa Rica is a Country of laws and regulations just like any other democratically based country such as the U.S., or Canada. The thing that makes Costa Rica different, is that the policy of enforcement of these laws and regulations, is, for the most part, more lax than other similar democratically based jurisdictions and consequently there is less hassle. This is changing over time, with more strict enforcement measures being implemented as time goes along.[/quote]

    I would not mind enforcement in say, real estate,etc….one could lose their shirt selling or buying.
    I think the stringency likely 2nd to immigrants possibly that are not CR natives but also, the way the World Controllers pushing for……

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    [quote=”sueandchris”]This was a terrific article. I have found the most wonderful opportunities for personal change here BECAUSE of the difference in culture.

    I can’t imagine why anyone would move to a foreign country without [i]wanting[/i] to embark on a real life-changing journey.

    I am constantly “butting” up against big cultural differences both large and small. I would have to say that the best possible gift Costa Rica has to offer is [i]humility[/i]!! Sure not [u]my[/u] strong suit before we moved…so getting smacked around by the universe has been very, VERY good for me![/quote]

    well put, true, who would move w/o doing their homework first and then crab…..a world w/o rush rush, make a buck and go to ChinaMart would be a nice change..

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    [quote=”Scott”]The last time I flew into Heathrow, I was taken aside to be eye scanned – “for your protection” – remembering that I am, and always have been a British citizen.

    The UK is the model ‘police state’ and all those surveillance cameras have proven to be pretty much bloody useless in crime prevention…

    Talking about the police state and Big Brother… Here’s an hilarious little factoid for you …

    The Big Brother nightmare of George Orwell’s 1984 has become a reality – in the shadow of the author’s former London home.

    “On the wall outside his former residence – flat number 27B – where Orwell lived until his death in 1950, an historical plaque commemorates the anti-authoritarian author. And within 200 yards of the flat, there are 32 CCTV cameras, scanning every move.”

    [ ]

    It’s sickening and, it’s coming to a U.S. city near you if it’s not already there..


    Did not know you are a Brit, figured you for a “yank”:D
    Already coming, we had those Red light cameras shot down in state house, but plenty around used by Govt and media…a few yrs back, going to Jeffersons’ home in VA, those cameras were mounted everywhere, long before we got to the house! Every intersection, even rural ones……people read Orwell and dont comprehend or more and more, dont read at all. I hope the Ticos are more alert and awake….

    “We seek to preserve peace by fighting a war, or to advance freedom by subsidizing dictatorships, or to “win the hearts and minds of the people” by poisoning their crops and burning their villages and confining them in concentration camps; we seek to uphold the “truth” of our cause with lies, or to answer conscientious dissent with threats and slurs and intimidations. “–Wendell Berry

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    [quote=”Scott”]I agree with you 100%

    If the U.S. and the U.K. are incapable of controlling these kinds of people, how on earth can we expect Costa Rica to do so?


    Since the USA runs the world-so they try and think-they would not blame themselves at all.:shock:

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    [quote=”Ronny”]This has been going on all over the world for a few years now. Some say HAARP is messing with the ionosphere but who knows.

    Very possible……technology is there so I hear…

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    [quote=”barbaracjohnson”][quote=”Camby”]What are your impressions? are they easy going, hard nosed? both?
    Do you feel less hassled then in the States (or EU/Canada/UK,etc)??[/quote]
    Depends on whether you are discussing civil or criminal law.
    I reported to the Ministry of Salud that there is no septic tank for my home, which I’ve been renting for 2-1/2 years. They told me they’d come and inspect the following week or so. That was six months ago.
    When my landlady sued me because I complained, we went to court and the court ordered her to make certain corrections and repairs. She has not done so. My lawyer, who had given me a gringo price–which I paid because I had no choice–has done nothing.
    There is, apparently, no contempt in Costa Rica.

    Almost a year ago, a burglar cut my scren and got in. He didn’t take much– a few cans of tuna and two bottles of wine and an empty black bag. Was told he was a druggie. I was asleep. When he saw me in bed, he left. One of my neighbors saw him come empty-handed but go full-handed, so she called the police. I was unaware all this was happening until I woke and found people in my house. I said, had I known he was hungry, I would have fed him. At the court, where I was told to go immediately, the clerk said he’d get 2 yrs. A month ago, I was brought a notice b y the police to appear in court in February. I was asked whether I wanted to press charges or have him do community service. I said, community service would satisfy. I would press no charges. Mugging someone on the street is a misdemeanor. Breaking and entering a home is a felony.

    But given my recent experience, the law doesn’t mean a damn thing civilly or criminally.[/quote]
    have heard stories that civil issues like you described are at times an issue in CR, somewhat either lax or behind in getting things done…….at least your neighbor called and the police came.increasingly in USA, people could care less to call (or fear reprisals) and police starting to not care either….some depts have laid off cops, others cutting back on services..or policing entire areas..

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    [quote=”Scott”]The regular street cops in Costa Rica are paid about $600 per month (including benefits) and have very, very little power or authority

    (I have a half-written article about this so will double check that salary number later… )


    I have NEVER been hassled by a Tico of any kind, I get “hassled” more in a two hour stopover in Miami airport by the immigration Nazis than I have ever been in Costa Rica in 12 years…

    I lived in New York for 11 years – admittedly that was before the country evolved into the United Police States of America – as well as nine other countries on three different continents, I have never felt more free, content and less hassled than I do living in Costa Rica.

    Hope that helps…


    Well put!!! TSA is terrible, though I met a fellow working at Heathrow that was worse, then again, Britain is even further along into police state then USA even…true, every day, I wish I had taken some other career path living in USA, one that would allow me to be able to pickup and move……would be nice to have a place just in case-well, when..martial law comes to USA-to possibly escape to-heck, just to get some fresh air out of USA would be nice…..again…..figured, if one stays out of trouble, most CR cops would stay out off your way as well…..

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    [quote=”Disabled Veteran”]The military taught me to always have a Plan B. My Plan B is, dividend paying stocks, treasury bonds, corporate bonds and international corporate bonds. If I get social security fine, if not, I can still maintain my standard of living.[/quote]
    what I told my wife, dont put eggs into one basket. Trying to convince her to let me take some money in savings and invest in CR.
    Would still leave $$ in for rainy day, plus investment in CR might yield earnings….a lot of people are old school thinking, wanting to put money into CD’s,etc….as if a bank run would allow for those to be taken out and used….

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    [quote=”sprite”]Tourists are welcomed by the government along with a short list of rules for behavior while in country. Resident applicants have a longer list. If you want happy, welcoming, inviting commercial web sites where a false picture of a paradise is painted for your consumption, there are plenty of those for Costa Rica prepared for you by sales people who have something to sell to you..

    Face it, as Americans, we are not going to be loved and honored everywhere we go. I look at moving to Costa Rica as a favor granted to me by Costa Rica, not the other way around. I don’t need to be welcomed. Just being accepted is quite enough. Perhaps this attitude is the difference between the Ugly American and the quiet expat who has managed to blend in and be accepted by his new home.[/quote]
    well put! too many Ugly Americans

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    [quote=”waggoner41″][quote=”maravilla”]when outsiders come to a country that has been hyped as paradise and a cheap place to live and buy up vast tracts of land to develop and sell at a very good profit, it changes the structure of the society, whether you like it or not. i have tried to make as small a footprint on this culture as i can; others didn’t care what happened after they built megamansions, and ran off with the money. i am here for the long haul. and i care what happens to society here and the disparaties that occur, and the crime that ensues. these are facts. not just my opinions. and anybody who comes here, or reads a newspaper, or watches local news will know about these things. i’m not letting any cat out of the bag, and just because i see the changes that have occurred and don’t particularly like all of them doesn’t mean i am bitter. THAT is your erroneous assumption.[/quote]

    I have to agree with Maravilla.

    There are those who came here to rape and pillage a poor country by buying the land dirt-cheap and taking advantage of cheap labor to make enough improvements to cheat Gringo buyers with outrageous prices and outlandish profits. Some of those developers had not intended to complete their projects and simply absconded with the cash in hand.

    There are those who live in their gated communities and take advantage of cheap labor to live a life they could never afford in the States. There was never any intention of enjoying the culture, the people and the country.
    We are here to enjoy the country, the people, the culture and the climate. If it were not so there would have been little reason to move here.

    We live apart from other Gringos and we certainly live differently than the locals in that we have no gates, do security doors and no bars on the windows but they are our friends and neighbors who look out for us and prevent others who work for us and sell us what we need from charging what many Gringos pay. They are part of our security system in knowing who the local thieves are and warning us against them. We are currently building a fence to prevent our dogs from harassing the neighbors walking down our street.

    This lifestyle is available in the vastly greater part of Costa Rica away from the enclaves of foreigners crouched behind their fences and gates waiting for the next crew of professional criminals to find the right time to strike.

    Jaco and other areas like it are becoming hellholes of drug users and “fun” seekers who are a part of the current drug problem in certain small areas of the country.

    All together Costa Rica is still by far the best place to be economic crisis or not.[/quote]

    Well put, for me, would like to get my foot in door before prices go up and either buy something to live in part of yr or invest to then fund said place down the road..either way, no pillaging by me intended…..

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