Santa Ana & Escazú Costa Rica Real Estate

My Experiences As A Landlord In Santa Ana, Costa Rica And Abroad.

It is often said that Costa Rica is the home of the wanted and the unwanted. The saying is still true, in my experience. The seasoned expat has learned to be more reserved when making new expat friends – probably because they too have been disappointed.

Alta Hotel. A unique, first class boutique hotel located between Escazu and Santa Ana only 15km from the international airport.

Strategically located at the Alto de Las Palomas, between Escazu and Santa Ana, in the Central Valley of capital city San José overlooking the beautiful Valle del Sol.

Luxury Home For Sale in Puerta de Hierro, Santa Ana US$550,000

This excellent Luxury House is located in Santa Ana, West San Jose in a prestigious and exclusive community.

Spacious Escazu Home in Bello Horizonte Escazu For Sale By Owner US$499,000

This beautifully remodelled luxury home has four bedrooms and four bathrooms and is located in Bello Horizonte, Escazu — an upscale area close to shopping and other great amenities.

Preparing For A New Movie With Matthew McConaughey?

In December 2013 my wife and I were deliriously happy after finally overcoming a serious medical problem which has caused me an enormous amount of severe physical pain over the last two years.

Africa And Our Family’s Shirley Temple Connection.

At one time, my parents became concerned because I was happily speaking with the local kids in their language more than I was speaking English. You can see a photo of a five year old Scott Oliver with his friends at school in Sierra Leone.

Lessons from Pair-o-Dice Village. How the gorgeous Ballena Coast called us on a rollercoaster ride of magic, sorrow, and hilarity.

And in late 2006, within the span of eighteen hours door-to-door, we went from subways and taxi cabs to crossing bridge-less rivers in 4x4s and saving hummingbirds caught in our screens.

The Light You See At The End Of The Tunnel Is The Front Of An Oncoming Train.

“If you think the “terrorist threat” in America
warrants a domestic armed force of this size,
you are out of your mind. This force has been
assembled to deal with starving and homeless
people in the streets of America.”

Why We Chose To Buy A Home in San Ramon Over Other Areas of Costa Rica.

When we first started looking at property we began looking at areas ranging from San Isidro de El General in the south to Manuel Antonio and Montezuma areas in the central and northwest, and Puriscal in the central area of Costa Rica.

When Building Your Dream Home in Costa Rica Find Someone With Experience to Handle The Details For You. Here’s how you can get your free spreadsheet to estimate the cost of your new home in Costa Rica!

We had overwhelming interest in an earlier article about estimating the cost to build a home in the Altos de Antigua development near the town of Santiago de Pursical. In this follow-up we are sharing some of the many details that must be taken care of if you are to have the home of your dreams.

Planning For Your Your Home in Costa Rica? There are at least 50 ways to save your money!

Planning and building your new home in Costa Rica will be a great adventure, one that you can thoroughly enjoy if you have the right people on your team. It can also consume a significant amount of your financial resources, both now and in the future.

Red Hot Demand For Rentals Can Help You Pay For Your New Home in Costa Rica Years Before You Retire.

A lot of the requests the developers at Altos de Antigua get are from people who would like to rent a home on a short or long term basis. These are typically people who are considering moving to Costa Rica and are taking time to explore different areas and to carefully consider where they want to locate.

Locate Your Home Base in Costa Rica in a Boutique Rural Community to Enhance Your Life in Paradise.

Why might you want to live in a boutique rural community rather than in a large development with many closely spaced houses or condos in high rise towers? First and foremost it will be to have excellent neighbours, and to contribute to and revel in a joyful community spirit.

Interviews with Altos de Antigua Owners. Learn from Roger and Sandy’s experience after buying land and building their new home in Puriscal, Costa Rica. Part I

You know of our intent to build a vibrant community at Altos de Antigua. In order to help future owners have the best possible experience when they join the community we are interviewing existing owners to learn from what they went through.

Screw Retirement and Seek Fulfilment! You could win three nights accommodation in Puriscal, Costa Rica with this proven developer’s competition!

There is a community being created at Altos de Antigua. Our desire is to attract people who want to make things happen, people in love with life, passionate entrepreneurs who might run their businesses from that location. That’s the reason for this ‘Screw Retirement’ article, and for an upcoming exploration of ‘Business Opportunities in Puriscal’.