Evora is a new 31 two storey homes pre-construction project that is to be built by a proven developer in a great, very convenient location in Rio Oro, Santa Ana which is – depending on traffic – about 15 minutes West of San José

This new project is situated 5 minutes from the main highway which goes East to the capital city of San José and West to the Pacific Coast. You can be in the city in the ‘big city’ in 15-20 minutes or strolling on the beach in Jacó in an hour.

These new, two storey homes have 241m2 – 309m2 of construction on lots which measure 144m2 – 179m2.

The developer announced that the first ten buyers will be able to purchase their new Evora home for the unheard of pre-construction price of only $1,200m2.

Folks! You cannot buy a new, quality home or condo in Santa Ana for under US$1,700m2 so this pre-construction pricing is extremely attractive and one that you should consider carefully if you are a real estate investor, or if you want your ‘escape’ home in Costa Rica but don’t need it right now..

Fantastic Location, Excellent Quality and Unbeatable price

Yes it is possible to find modern, high quality homes – designed by the award winning Spanish architect Joan Puigcorbé – for sale in Santa Ana, Costa Rica at an unbeatable price in an incredibly convenient location.

Today in Rio Oro, Santa Ana you can not find a quality finished home or condo for less than $1,700m2 so when you can invest in a home built by a proven developer for only US$1,200 it’s definitely worth evaluating.

Regular prices for homes in Evora will be from $315,000 – $400,000 but the developer is offering the first ten homes only at US$1,200 per square meter. This means that while this special promotion is valid, the 241.2m2 (2,596 square feet) homes in the Evora project today costs US$289,440

So purely from an investor’s point of view, if you are able to invest in quality Costa Rica real estate in a great location at $1,200m2 and perhaps sell in 2 years time when the current market value will probably be around US$2,057 (it’s $1,700m2 today) you would be earning US$857 per square meter, right?

You claim I’m exaggerating?

OK. So let’s be real conservative and imagine you buy today at $1,200m2 and you sell in two years’ time at today’s price per square meter of US$1,700m2, that would mean you earn $500 per square meter before any expenses, right?

So what is US$500m2 x 241.2 square meters?

Your gross profit in two years would be US$120,600

Now you know why I like investing in pre-construction homes built by proven developers.

Evora 2 Storey Homes For Sale in Rio Oro, Santa Ana.

  • Two storeys.
  • 3 Bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms
  • The majority of the homes are 241.2m2 (2,596 square feet).
  • Living Room
  • White quartz kitchen counters and kitchen island
  • Family/TV Room
  • Covered Terrace
  • Porcelain floors
  • Internal garden area
  • Outside garden at rear of house.
  • Maid’s area
  • Parking for two cars
  • Evora will also have 2 Club Houses and swimming pools for adults and children
  • Gym
  • BBQ area and children’s play area
  • Walking paths through the green areas
  • Visitors’ parking area
  • Water treatment plant
  • Subterranean cabling
  • 24/7 Security

How do we know that this is a reputable and experienced developer with a proven track record of delivering quality homes in Costa Rica?

My wife Mayra and I know this real estate developer very well. We live in one of their NaturaPark homes (you can see our home here) and as real estate investors, we have also invested our own hard-earned money in a single storey home in their Dendera Lindora project as well as a home in the Bosques de la Caraña project.

The Easy Evora Ownership Plan.

The developer expects to begin construction on the Evora project in July 2016 and all homes should be completed by the end of July 2017.

To reserve your new Evora home today at these special $1,200m2 prices, you would need to deposit $5,000 with the developer and pay the 20% deposit over the next 13 months, here’s what the numbers look like:

  • Purchase price: US$289,440
  • 20% of the purchase price = $57,888
  • Reservation: $5,000 which we deduct from the 20% ($57,888-$5,000 = $52,888) so $52,888 would be paid to the developer ($4,068.30 per month) over the next 13 months.
  • The balance of the 80% ($231,552) would be paid when the finished home is delivered.

New Homes For Sale in Rio Oro, Santa Ana With Special $1,200m2 Pre-Construction Pricing

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