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Santa Ana has gone through quite a transformation over the last ten years…

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It seems like only yesterday that the drive down the highway from the capital San Jose and turning off to take the main road from Santa Ana towards Belen used to take me just a few minutes…

Now I don’t dare try that route during rush hour when a zillion Moms are leaving their new Santa Ana condos, taking their kiddies to one of the many international schools and some of the country highest paid business executives are making their way to the office …

With the construction of the Forum I Office Park with tenants like Chiquita Brands, Hewlett Packard, Citi Business Services, Proctor & Gamble and Western Union and the 15 new buildings that comprise the massive new Forum II Office Park Santa Ana has seen explosive growth.

The old town part of Santa Ana retains it’s quaint Costa Rican village feel but the new part of town is more like an upscale suburb that you might find in Europe or in the USA.
However, you will be pleased to know that even though Santa Ana is booming it is still one of the best managed municipalities in the country.

The City Of Santa Ana

Santa Ana is located in the San Jose Province of Costa Rica, making it an ideal location, as it is close to the capital. The city of Santa Ana is home to about 12,000 people and located just west of the thriving city of Escazu, one of the most affluent regions in Costa Rica. Santa Ana has some of the best private schools in the country and those who are moving into Costa Rica with children should consider the advantages of calling Santa Ana home.

Santa Ana is located about a 10 minute drive from San Jose, allowing residents to access this international market with ease, while being far enough away to enjoy the nature this area has to offer. Santa Ana has an elevation of about 3,000 feet above sea level, making this area an ideal place to call home, as the overall temperature is mild. Many expats move into Santa Ana because it has high living standards when compared to the rest of the country. In fact, Santa Ana is ranked as one of the top three municipalities in Costa Rica.

How To Get To Santa Ana

The easiest way to get to Santa Ana is to fly into the San Juan Santamaria International Airport in Alajuela, and drive south. Those who want to take a taxi from the airport to Santa Ana should expect to pay about $45, the average going rate.

Moving To Santa Ana, Costa Rica

Costa Rica is one of the hottest destinations for expats who are looking for a higher quality of life. The reasons why many expats are moving into Santa Ana is because it offers modern conveniences with an ideal climate. Since there are plenty of like-minded expats in Santa Ana, anyone can find companionship here. Those who want to experience Santa Ana should choose to come here on vacation and rent property for a couple of months. Those who enjoy their stay here should then consider purchasing land, housing, or a condo in the city. Since there are both mansions and humble dwellings in Santa Ana, expats on any type of budget have the ability to call Costa Rica home. In the end, expats who move into Santa Ana, Costa Rica find that it is exactly what they have been looking for.

Expats In Santa Ana

There are many reasons why expats move into Santa Ana, Costa Rica. First, the location is ideal, as it is centralized, yet offers a small town feel. Second, there are plenty of other expats in Santa Ana, allowing those who live here to experience the companionship they are looking for. Third, real estate values are affordable and are in an uptrend. Fourth, the temperature is rather mild and many people choose to live in Santa Ana all year long. In addition, Santa Ana is located close to Valle del Sol, one of the golf courses located in Costa Rica. Those who enjoy playing golf can continue to experience their favorite activity when they move to Costa Rica. All in all, expats who live here are able to experience the paradise they have been dreaming about for so long.

Expats who live in Santa Ana do what they can maintain the high standard of living here in order to protect their investments and continue enjoying the life that this region offers. Those who check out Santa Ana on vacation will find out why so many expats are moving into this city. Since Santa Ana isn’t on the radar of most tourists, it is more relaxed than other regions in Costa Rica. This is also why the area is relatively affordable, offering expats with what they are looking for. Those who are interested in purchasing real estate in Santa Ana should take their time and find the absolute best property in order to meet their needs.

Santa Ana has both a rainy season and a dry season, with an average of 13 hours of sunshine daily. No matter what the season in Santa Ana, it is a paradise that allows people to fully understand what “pura vida” really means.

There are many supermarkets in the area including the new Mas por Menos & AutoMercado supermarkets, numerous new strip malls, the new Forum II Office Park, hundreds of restaurants, the new building for Citi Business Services and they have just started clearing the land to build the new Santa Ana Clinica Biblica hospital…

Having said that, I don’t want you to think that Santa Ana is all concrete and new buildings – it is not, you are literally minutes from the green hills above Santa Ana and only minutes from the new highway which leads to the Pacific Coast.

Purchase Real Estate In Santa Ana Costa Rica While It Is Still Affordable

Santa Ana, Costa Rica is capturing the attention of expats who are looking to live in paradise. Santa Ana represents the ideal market for those who want to enjoy the relaxed lifestyle that Costa Rica offers. Those who are interested in purchasing real estate in Santa Ana should consider visiting the area first, renting property for a couple of months, and deciding on the best course of action. Santa Ana appeals to expats on a number of levels, as it has condos, homes for sale, and land ready for development. In addition, Santa Ana has luxury property that is priced attractively. Those who are looking to live in the comfort of a gated community or a mansion in the mountains should be able to find what they are looking for in Santa Ana. Expats from all walks of life, including those with families and retirees are moving into Santa Ana because this market has something for everyone.

Real Estate In Santa Ana

Those expats who are interested in experiencing what Costa Rica offers should ideally visit Santa Ana first. In most cases, those who are considering moving into Costa Rica come here on vacation before deciding to purchase real estate. Since there are short-term and long-term rental properties in Santa Ana, those who are here for a week or a couple of months can take advantage of a rental and get to know the area.

Since Santa Ana is a relatively new city, it offers modern development when compared to the rest of Costa Rica. Those who are looking for nice weather all year long, the conveniences of the modern world, and the laid-back lifestyle of Costa Rica will likely find what they are looking for in Santa Ana.

Santa Ana offers real estate for any type of budget including, rentals, development land, condos, affordable housing, gated communities, and of course, mansions. Those who want luxury at a fraction of the cost should consider the advantages that Santa Ana, Costa Rica provides.

Rental Property In Santa Ana

Expats who want to check out Santa Ana on a short-term basis should consider renting property here. Overall, rental rates are quite affordable and those who are looking to live here on a budget can do so.
Those who are looking for a rental property can expect to pay somewhere between $800 to $1,500 a month. On average, those who rent a two bedroom property in Santa Ana can expect to pay about $1,100 a month. This allows pensionados who receive a monthly government check to be able to afford to live in paradise, without having to pay extremely high prices that are typical in other parts of Costa Rica.

The Cost Of Housing In Santa Ana

Those who have decided that Costa Rica is the place for them and want to move into Santa Ana should take their time when selecting the absolute best property in the city. Property values in Santa Ana are priced anywhere between $200,000 and $350,000. Those who want an average house with three bedrooms and two bathrooms should be able to find what they are looking for for about $250,000. Those who are looking for a mansion in Santa Ana can expect to pay $1,000,000 or more.
Expats who want to move into Santa Ana should consider taking action as soon as possible, as this entire area is growing in population and overall demand. In other words, those who purchase property now should look at their real estate as an investment, as the probability of increasing median property values throughout the next 10 years is likely.

Land Values In Santa Ana

Expats who want to purchase land in Santa Ana should consider the area immediately outside the city, as these plots of land are beautiful. Those who want to purchase a property in the mountains can expect to pay somewhere between $100,000 and $250,000, depending on the location. In many cases, those who purchase mountain property build a mansion in order to enjoy the view over the Central Valley. In any case, those who own property in the mountains will be able to enjoy the privacy, fresh air, and still be in close proximity to Santa Ana in order to pick up necessary supplies.

Gated Communities In Santa Ana

Santa Ana has plenty of gated communities that offer a number of benefits to expats. First, those who purchase a property in a gated community will likely be able to connect with others who are in a similar situation. In addition, these communities offer a number of amenities including, 24 hour security, workout facilities, a clubhouse, and in many cases, a pool. Those who live in a gated community likely won’t have to go far to pick up supplies, while enjoying the companionship found in such neighborhoods.

Since there are plenty of different properties in gated communities throughout Santa Ana, expats should be able to find the real estate they are looking for on any type of budget. Those who are looking for a nice property in a gated community that has modern conveniences can expect to pay somewhere between $250,000 to $350,000.

Written by Scott Oliver, author of 1: How To Buy Costa Rica Real Estate Without Losing Your Camisa, 2: Costa Rica’s Guide To Making Money Offshore and 3. ¿Cómo Comprar Bienes Raíces en Costa Rica, Sin Perder Su Camisa?

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Scott Oliver’s Four Books.

Living in Santa Ana, Costa Rica – The modern new town of Santa Ana.



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