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    What a DOPEY discussion.


    And the apology tour continues


    I myself am getting a little fed up with all the USA bashing. Nothing wrong with stimulating conversation. The USA sure had to be good to the expat’s from the USA now living in CR otherwise you wouldn’t be able to afford to live in Costa Rica. Bash away if you want but why not also state some of the good the USA does in other countries.
    My self i don’t enjoy being around pessimists at all. Why do you move to CR and then sit at your computer and bash your home country? Try Iran for awhile and then let’s hear you bad mouth the USA. I knew a man from Iran and they convicted him of having been to the USA and not telling them so they drained most of his blood and then shot him in the head as he was on his knees. I know a woman here in the USA that spent 6 months in prison because she was over educated and they also whipped her back with bamboo sticks.
    I kind of look at it like America(USA) is “Big Brother” and no matter how nice we are or how much good we do as a country; the USA will always be considered the Villan. No kid anywhere likes the older or the sibling in charge telling them what to do. Sure the USA does do things that other countries hate. Do you actually think they would do any better if they were in the same position? Yes and no!
    Hal somebody just dumped a load of crap on us about slavery coming back to the USA. Myself i am unsure about this bill. Might just be a good thing for our country overall. The USA seems to be wallowing in regards to maturity and quite a few other areas of human growth. I sure have known several people that went to the military and it made a man of them. Women too; i just haven’t met them. We have so many children of parents that don’t parent that it is silly.
    All in all i am not that good at putting my thoughts to word. I do have a question for some! You moved to Costa Rica from the USA and you tell us constantly how bad my(our) country is and it makes me wonder are you going to become a Costa Rica citizen and renounce you citizenship in the USA? i doubt anyone will. Why? Must be something worthwhile you still want from our country.
    Bash me if you want but i am proud to be a citizen of “THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA”


    [quote=”speedo5″][quote=”kimball”]I also agree with mike.

    And i thought it was strange that Scott removed a topic i started about the relationship of CR with China. It made me wonder if someone stood to lose something. Its his site so i didn’t want to step on anyone’s toes.

    One question to ponder for all the people who hate the US and its military…. If and when the day comes (and i pray that it does not) CR was invaded, would they let the US protect ?[/quote], I’m pretty sure we have all these little countries interest at heart with our 700+ military bases scattered around the world. Who do you think we are protecting now? They used to protect us from the Russians, Chinese, and now those Moslems who all want to kill us.When i was a young draftee, I was stopping those dirty commies in the rice fields, Now we are building Walmarts all over China. The ruling class must keep the peasants in fear so we will pay our taxes to finance the Military Industrial Complex. We have a long history of supporting corrupt governments in Latin America because it was good for busines. Like it or not, we are the “Ugly Americans”. A lot of countries have valid reasons to hate us and our military.[/quote]

    “Now we are building Walmarts all over China.”… No not “we”. The owners of Walmart are building them in China. Sounds pretty business savvy to me. Gotta love capitalism.

    “Like it or not, we are the “Ugly Americans”….There you go again with the WE. My great Grandpa was a legal Irish immigrant, and he used to say WE is pig shit in Ireland.

    “A lot of countries have valid reasons to hate us and our military.”…..Countries like:

    Every country in Europe except Britain, Ireland, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, Sweden, Finland, Turkey in Europe and Bulgaria was occupied by Nazi Germany.

    Italy was part of the Axis, but when Italy became an unwilling ally it was occupied. Finland, Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria were Axis allies. Of these countries, Hungary and parts of Romania were occupied.

    The Germans also occupied all of North Africa west of Egypt.

    Here is a list:




    Byelorussia (part of the USSR)

    Channel Islands (part of Britain)

    The Crimea (part of the USSR)

    Czechoslovakia (absorbed half, the other half forming the country of Slovakia)








    Netherlands (Holland)



    Russia (partially)

    The Sudentenland

    Parts of the Transcaucus region (part of the USSR)

    Ukraine (part of the USSR)

    In addition, a large part of Italy after the country changed sides in 1943, and Hungary in 1944-45.

    God Bless America even as screwed up as the anointed one has us.


    You forgot to thank Bush and Chain dog Chaney!


    The problem is not the Americans themselves. The problems is the massive goverment.

    Waht happpened to fiscal conservency.

    I got all the mail from my friends against O bama and the other guy.

    What I replied is – they are both the same – pick someone else to vote for.

    That is the only way to change the system – vote outside the system. Don’t vote democrat or republican anymore.

    The US has the mind, will and work ethic (too bad we have such an isolated culture) to lead the world.

    The problem is we are too cumbersome. We have become a lethargic giant. Its big goverment and by the way the same big goverment the gringo followers wants to build here by participating with Tico goverment.

    The Ticos have not paid 90% of their tickets (I bet the 10% represents grigo payments). Why? because the amount in punitive! Good for them. If thelaw is unjust then don’t follow it. Patriots don’t follow laws because they are laws. They follow laws because they are just.

    Where have all the patriots gone, lomg time passes.

    I think Scott does bash the US, and although I don’t buy into the conspiracy stuff, I applaud him for having the guts to post the things he posts.

    isn’t freedom what it is all about?

    Go Britt – exercise your freedom my lad even if at time I think you cross the line. But who am I to judge, I have crossed more lines in my life than anybody I know except well maybe Don Diego _ Go Z man too. BTW where the hell are you we miss you crumudgery!


    Does anyone else feel this way? He dont seem to bash any other country. Although he used the establishment on Wallstreet for many years for his gain. The U.S. did not force him to come to America for his monetary gain.[/quote]

    Are you kidding
    Lets see–US firms brought on this global depression–and got away nice taxpayer funded bonus to boot
    Legislation to control what people eat and what people say-there is a now law proposed in illinois making it illegal to roll your eyes http://www.inquisitr.com/79963/elmhurst-illinois-wants-to-make-eye-rolling-illegal/
    Illegal–immoral wars
    Even the soldiers are coming forward to state the truth
    And there are these still high and mighty people –like you who get upset because the guy speaking the truth happens to be born in brittain?

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