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    I think anyone should have the right to ask about another entity’s wealth. However I equally believe one should have the right to not disclose it. Though publicly traded companies are required to report their “wealth”, I am referring to civilians.

    I am never offended when one asks me “how much I earn or am worth”. I hope they are not offended when I decline to tell them:D


    I agree that the freedom of not speaking or answering about details in one’s personal life is nearly absolute…up and to the point where your life begins to encroach on another’s.

    The problem is that our lives are so thoroughly entwined in this world economy that I have a hard time imagining wealth which could come absolutely unattached from the labors and suffering of the some other quarter of human society. The cheap gasoline I burn as I drive to the beach came at some considerable human expense somewhere else on the planet.

    This cheap petrol adds to my personal wealth. Does the Nigerian villager who has lost his modest wealth due to an oil company’s polluting of his farm land have a right to ask me how much wealth I have and how I got it? In my opinion, he has that right and some other more significant rights as well.

    When half of the world lives on less than $2 per day, and we still have rich asses sitting on gold plated toilet seats,
    ( have to wonder if this is just banal evil at work, or is our species insane?


    [quote=”2bncr”]that was you putting your spin on my reply. I never said any such thing. You putting words in my mouth. typical extremist behavior. paste and copy where I said women are excluded form doing anything else. You attack me personally and put words in my mouth because you know you have a weak position regarding my posts and you want to use it as a vehicle to promote your feminist anti male position.

    “many women think men are useless.” That is as anti male as it gets. You are the mysandrist. It is you who is saying men are useless, I never said anything like that about women. You are projecting your disdain for men on me as if I have the same kind of disdain you have for the opposite sex. read what you write – look in the mirror and tell me who is sexist here.[/quote]I’m with you 2bncr. Maravilla is the type of person you want to stay away from. And with the attitude he has inflicted on his girls — they might be smart professionals in their fields of work but will probably be quite dysfunctional relationship wise.


    you men are such a hoot!

    first of all, i am a woman, and my girls are well-adjusted, independent, good wives, mothers, free thinkers, and very happy. and they were smart enough not to get involved with men with your attitudes! jejejeje


    Oh me oh my, what a tired, old, ridiculous debate….. All women should be free to choose whatever life they desire. But this is all but impossible on most of the planet. Women first have to be able to be free to choose or not to choose to have children. They have to be free from the fear of rape (marital and otherwise) and violence.

    I began my work career in a time when any boss could feel free to chase me or touch me in any way he pleased and my ONLY choices were to put up with it or quit. Feminism changed laws, wrote laws and got laws enforced that allowed me to be a successful professional, a mother by choice and choose a powerful and delightful man to share my life. My daughter grew up with a terrific sense of power and is making her own choices. As women, we continue to support the free choices of all women.

    When I hear the work “feminazi” I hear the dulcimer tones of the ridiculous and poisonous Rush Limbaugh. I agree with Maravilla…the winds of change are sweeping through the ranks of young Costa Rican women….even those here in our little puebla. Their energy, hopes and dreams are an inspiration to me.

    I don’t think most women are waiting around to hear any pontificating from someone else about what choices they should be making as women. They are just moving ahead with education, parenting, nation and wealth-building and profound social change. This week above all showed the electrifying shift in the world…..thanks to the Nobel Peace prize.

    So yammer on.


    Nicely said. Nicely said, indeed.


    oh, sue, i think i love you!!! thank you for putting in sus dos granos de arena. i was beginning to think i was the only woman on this board who found those references to Feminazis, or the comment that “women want to be men” to be insulting, condescending, sexist and utterly BORING!!! I was never a women’s libber; i didn’t have to join a movement to assert my rights as a woman, and i see that happening here in Costa Rica as well. Women are coming into their OWN power, and that is a mighty thing to have to deal with, and it scares the average man who thought he was going to have control over women forever. Some men don’t like it; well, so WHAT??? We, as women, have a right to choose what we do, whom we marry, what we become, and how we construct our lives — with or without men, and that includes the decision to have or not have children. not every woman is suited to that role, and thankfully they can make choices now that they couldn’t before. 2bncr said I said that men are useless. i said i know women who feel that way — those are the women who had children on their own without a husband because they couldn’t find a man that was marriage material. for those friends, they DO think men pretty much aren’t a necessity as they were in the days when women needed a man to support them because women were discriminated against by MEN in the workplace and couldn’t earn enough to support themselves or a family. I am not against the family concept, but it has evolved over the last 4 decades and women really want to become their own person before they become subservient to a marriage. And hopefully, this next generation of Ticas will find their worth beyond being a brood mare!


    Radical feminists are anti-family by being anti-men, anti-husbands, anti-fathers, and anti-gender-roles that have been in place since God created man and woman and that have been practiced for 6000 years. They have a militant agenda, and in pursuit of it they want to eradicate the two-parent family. And the reason they want to destroy it is this: According to their Marxist view of things, the family is a “repository of gender-oppression.”

    A radical feminist named Catherine A. MacKinnon made the astounding claim that voluntary sexual intercourse could be compared with rape, because in a male-dominated, patriarchal, heterosexist society, the line between voluntary consent and coercion is blurred.

    Radical feminists have even claimed that Beethoven composed his masterpiece, “Ode to Joy”, to induce men into a sexual frenzy. This is the kind of “academic contribution” the world can do without, being utterly insane; yet radical feminists take this garbage seriously, the chips on their shoulders are so huge. Truly, “feminism is a secular religion with its own high priestesses, dogmas, and initiation rituals. Its creation myth holds that on the first day Goddess created Eve, and all was right with the world. But that idyllic state was shattered when first patriarch Adam stumbled into the Garden, pounded on the table, and demanded his apple.” Yes, for these bitter and twisted women, men are the root of all evil. They constantly harp on and on about society being “male-dominated” and “patriarchal”. They hate this, and fight against it with all their might. And woe betide anyone who dares to disagree with them. In their extreme, hate-filled and militant radicalism, they have been dubbed “feminazis”.

    These are the same anti male radical feminist that partake in the slut walk in front of a Costa Rican church dressed like whores yelling obscenity at the priests.

    Feminazi? You decide. Where did all this insanity and hatred originate: Radical men hating Gringas.

    “brood mares” what a disgusting term for motherhood. You are obviously in support of radical change to gender roles. Lets throw the baby out with the bath water. Absurd and fashionable to the women that gave us Hollywood whore values where sluts and gays are seen as mainstream and women are constantly kicking men in the groin to a laugh track. Hollywood is run by gays and feminazi and the crap they creates incites people to run airplanes into buildings. You can thank Hollywood values every time an agent gropes you at the airport.

    The feminist movement has declared war on men. All manner of unpleasant things that happen to women are blamed on those linear-thinking, knuckle-dragging males. Men, who fight wars to protect women, who go out into the workplace and by the sweat of their brows earn money to feed their families, are now viewed as uncouth monsters, women-oppressors, holding women back from “achieving their full potential”

    For the most part feminist are hate mongers. The rhetoric is divisive and nauseating and disrespects marriage and traditional gender roles and is obviously anti men.


    “i said i know women who feel that way — those are the women who had children on their own without a husband because they couldn’t find a man that was marriage material.”

    Nice try… you have shown your colors when it comes to men.

    Mariage material. You nean in typical femanazi fashion they checked his teeth and they were not up to snuff? What constitute marriage material? You mean the little premadona who can’t find the perfect man that is part Brad Pit and part another rung up on the socioeconomic ladder decided to find a sperm doner because who needs fathers anyways? I happen to think fathers are integral to a healthy society. Oh that’s right they are men. Ok, well I guess they are useless. Pass the barf bag.


    I have to go with Sue on this one.

    I’m also not quite ‘getting’ why the subject of women attaining the basic human rights that they should be born with – no matter what particular culture in which they burst forth into the world – should invoke such rabid responses from people. It seems to me as if some people believe they should be allowed to dictate what rights and roles men and women should be awarded in this world.

    Well…all I can say is…who the heck made YOU all God? If you didn’t give birth to the boys and girls in question, then who are YOU to say ANYTHING about how their lives and activities fit into your own little idealized concepts of gender appropriateness?

    Homo Sapiens women are human beings. So are Homo Sapiens men. The only thing that REALLY separates them is plumbing – with the possible exception of map reading ability. The same could be said for houses. Some have copper plumbing, some have PVC. But they are still houses. As long as the toilets flush, I’m happy. Otherwise, I don’t give a whit.

    BTW – isn’t this thread supposed to be about socializing with the Gringos? Whatever happened to that little chat?


    sstarky – its called socializing with grigos/as. Isn’t funny how almost all the gringas I meet here have a problems with Ticas and how they live their lives. They are hell bent on brainwashing them that traditional roles are taboo and they need to compete with men. Take that screwed up line of thiinking back to where it came from. If they can’t understand traditional Tico society then leave it alone don’t start demeaning motherhood because they are insearch of more meaningful fulfillment. Like the right to dress like a whore in front of a church. Hey – give me a break – that is radical feminisim and I don’t think we need more extremist in this world.

    Oh and by the way it called opining and nobody needs to be appointed god to have an opinion and express it. We are free to say what we want. If you don’t like it then don’t read it.


    2bncr, sounds like you prefer your women to be servile, barefoot in the kitchen and pregnant..and woe to anyone who makes an attempt to free women from that traditional situation. I suppose we can consider you a conservative in that you would like to conserve and preserve the human condition exactly as it is in many backward cultures and how it used to be in more progressive cultures. You and the Pope and the rabbiis and the imans have your work cut out for you because since women started to wake up to their mistreatment, they have been unstoppable.
    I was happy to hear from one of my first conversations with a young Tica that these young ladies were well on their way out of a backwards culture of machoism. I wish them luck and I wish you and your religious allies failure in this matter.


    Once again, the new thinking on the part of women is perking up at warp speed from INSIDE these old patriarchal societies. These young Ticas (Arabs, Africans, Latinas) have no need whatsoever of my Gringa opinions or attitudes 2BNCR. And more importantly, they aren’t the LEAST interested in yours.


    Well the many if not most Ticas I know feel US women are not feminine and don’t want to be anything like them. Thank God. For the ones that value the family and are honorable enough to sacrifice and I did say sacrifice, and are unselfish enough to sacrifice and I did say sacrifice to make a home warm and loving I salute you. You wana be feminazi and card carrying femanazi I wish you “well whatever Sprite said is what I wish you!” jajaja

    I am sure vailed prostitutes and other less dedicated to family and home and God will never understand traditional families as they are too selfish to ever be a traditional loving mother and wife. Watch some more twisted television.

    Why are you three women so anti-motherhood?

    I guess I must consider the source eh?

    I did not know eunuchs could be femanazis! But I guess so? Learn something new everyday eh?

    No more times for mind that hate and think men are the evil oppressors. OAO


    2BNCR: Whatever……..

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